Shouldn't be able to loot / trade while in a duel

So, if I accept a duel and the opponent has an alt trade him cap boosters during the duel…

It’s not much a duel now is it?


Edit: For clarity, the opponent in the duel has access to the alt’s fleet hangar bay in the DST. So they can trade ~60km3 cap boosters, and if you engage the DST you are destroyed by CONCORD.

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That’s not the way it should be,

and it doesn’t have to be,

so why should it be?

you can’t “trade” in space except maybe for ships with hangar bays that wouldnt be dueling. if you’re talking about the alt dropping jetcans its limited to 1 per 3 minutes. i’d personally pop it and take the suspect flag and hopefully the 2v1 in this situation then set both to orange contacts

With a DST you have access to the fleet hangar.

So yes, you can trade 62,500 m3 of cap boosters (if i remember correctly).

Thanks, that situation should absolutely cause the DST pilot to be limited engagement flagged against the duel opponent IMO, but since you can steal a jetcan I don’t mind that mechanic remaining as is

It’s called a duel, which even in the criminal underworld would likely be honored.

It should be between two ships. Looting, trade, remote reps, all of it should be impossible while the duel is in effect. Anything else is silly, and bad game design.

there’s plenty of pilots who agree with you, if you duel them you’ll get what you’re looking for. try Hek Fight Club ingame channel

thanks, maybe.

But that’s not the point

it’s also not that i really care that i lost the ship - it’s just terrible game design and should be changed for the good of the game

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why ? eve isnt a fair game and you always can du such things. its nothig wrong about looting while you are infight and this is good ! as i remember a duel its a limited engagement like you have in low sec, if you change this mechanic you kill some mechanics in low sec and you wouldnt be able to loot your oponent or any 3rd party in a fight you could easy do that.

next time do the same… there is no such thing like honor in this game which is all about kill ech other ! always remember this !

Dominix | Phaade | Killmail | zKillboard doesnt know his fit but if he just had kill your drones he had killed you aswell.


This is stupid.

It’s called a duel.

If the game supports a mechanic called a duel, then it should be honored. If it isn’t honored, then no one will duel. I certainly won’t again, it’s a waste of time.

Further, I stated clearly that it wasn’t looting, the guy was trading from his multi boxed alts DST fleet hangar.

So it’s WORSE. It’s garbage game mechanics AND it’s pay to win.

This shouldn’t be the case. If you think it should, you are wrong.

LOL you think a praxis killed my domi’s drones.

thank you for illustrating you know literally nothing about pvp.

See, it’s been a positive learning exercise for you!

“If you find yourself in a fair fight in EVE, you went in underprepared” ~ Some Wise Player Many Years Ago.

there’s always been ways to cheat , and cheating , in duels .

please don’t throw out any bs about ‘space honour’ … ;p

you invite the challenger to fleet , then fleet warp you both to a safe .

eve is not a game about “honore” and this game mechanic still uses the limited engagement like in Low Sec !

sure :wink: i know nothing :slight_smile: → btw who´s the one crying in forum because he doesnt know the mechanics ? xD

and only dudes who KNOW they win will start a duel :wink: and ppl who dont know eve will accept this and then they die and come to forum and cry :wink:

then tell everybody why it´s a bad game mechanic and NO! only your answer “it should be honored” is not an answer !

you cant trade in space ! if you take something … hmm… maybe its called looting xD

so… you said to me i dont know anything … i simply ask you now, if you know the meaning of “pay to win” oO

who´s cheating oO
WTF … its called game mechanic and as i said a post before… there is no honor in eve Oo

This would be wrong. There should always be ways that you can give yourself an edge in a fight by compromising your e-bushido.

The original developers of EVE understood that player antagonists create a much more compelling sense of story than NPC antagonists ever could. But you can’t have player antagonists unless you allow players to do things that make other players mad. Like cheating in a duel, for example.

The fact that you are mad at this guy proves that duel mechanics are good game design. It’s your own fault that you are misdirecting your anger at the game design instead of at the dirtbag who killed you.

That’s the whole point - the mechanics are fair, you could have cheated too if you had wanted to, but your e-honour didn’t permit you to. Your adversary had no such reservations. So now you should know you have beef with that person, not with the game design. I think it’s probably coming from cowardice on your part. You are afraid to take up the issue with the guy who screwed you, so you whine about game design instead.

Go forth, my young one, let the hate flow through you. Find this griefer again and challenge them, and this time be ready to do what it takes to win.