Shouldn't be able to loot / trade while in a duel

My argument is then ccp should remove the mechanic called “duel” and call it something else, cuz it is so easily abusable. I fully expect that in the rest of the game by the way

then CCP need to remove so many other things because its “abusable”
you just didnt know a mechanic, and you though that honor is a big thing in eve but no! if someone can get a kill ther´s no honor

New to duels? Get ready to discover whole world of unfair mechanics that the pros are using to ensure they win (or not lose). :wink:

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Then it isn’t a duel, and therefore should not be called a duel.

pretty straight forward. I mean look at this cap chugging POS with a DST multibox, it’s the epitome of cowardice

Yes there is.

YOU have no honor. Stop projecting.

just the obvius parts of your “honor”

Related Kills | 6Q-R50 | 2023-10-15 02:00 | zKillboard where is the honor ?

Hecate | Pappy Boyingtone | Killmail | zKillboard where is the honor ?

Vargur | Tyber Zhann | Killmail | zKillboard WHERE IS THE HONOR ?

now you come up with, thats eve, they were in low sec / Nullsec and got catched ! YES ! but why only blobbing or kill the weaker dudes ?
its just because YOU CAN ! and this means “no honor” in eve

yes i´m sure and i know there is a lot of help and a lot of good ppl who want to rais their own group and inside their group they mostly respect each other but if your not in this group anymore you get sloughtered if anybody can ! even if they would blob you with a whole fleet just to get some kills …

there is absolutly no honor in eve´s PvP ! ( i just specified this )
and you lose because you were wrong !

its still a limitid engangement timer only between you and your duelist… nobody else can shot at you ( still can but this would be a gank )

Not sure what I’m looking at.
That Praxis died to triglav gate guns it would seem.

Not sure why you’re upset.

It’s also a terrible fit with medium acs.

he´s mad because this crazy fittet praxis killed him a day before :wink:

Oh the kill is irrelevant it’s the way he’s fit. I assure you that fit is lethal with access to 62.5km3 of cap booster 3200s

The first BR you linked is quite hilarious, it’s also missing their 5 faxes on grid

and they could have a super fleet on standby … does not change the question behind it → “Wher ie the honor”

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Oh Highsec you so Silly


did you not understand the mechanics and that it was possible to use a dst this way ?
then you should not have accepted .
did you expect the other player to act with honor and tradition ?
then you should not have accepted .
‘duel’ does not mean what you think it should mean , that’s a you problem …

Maybe there should be a list of circunstances that will end the duel, for example looting, docking, putting your ship in a bowhead and launching another ship, etc

You are right and the community is just bunch of bottom feeders using every low blow they can because they are risk averse

Anyway, duels are not important for the EVE Universe so I don’t think CCP will ever make duels become real duels

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Yes, the word duel means exactly what i think it should mean.

Agree with this, it’s just one of those things i suppose. Too bad because it could be an interesting mechanic if it facilitated legitimate duels

It is exaxtly what younwant … you and another dude agree to fight until death ! the game rules still apply !

Maybe there should be an Honorable Space Bushido Duel option which would teleport the two participants into an abyssal deadspace pocket with a 15 or 30 minutes timer and if neither side dies by then then they both die, otherwise the surviving party can leave through a gate that spawns, granting the winner 5 minutes time to grab the loot and corpse then leave.


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