In space trading

i know we have trading in stations, contracts and all sorts, but i was thinking about how EVE compares to other MMOs if we take runescape for example you can trade player to player or you can interact with your bank

trading player to player can happen anywhere
trading with your bank is like interacting with your hanger

yet in eve player to player trading can only happen in stations if its outside a contract.

could we maybe have it so we can get player to player trading in space outside of jetcans and possibly having all those legal / mechanical issues in highsec?
I just think i would be kinda cool, when warclones come back, maybe people can then be transffered from one ship to another via the same means.

just think it would be pretty cool. we have a system similar to this with miners loading ore into ships we also have ways via fleet hanger for players to interact with certain ships.

maybe there is some way to mix the two together some how to allow ship to ship trading instead of running back to the station, it would in some cases build social interaction and also keep players engaged with their activities.

You literally just listed off a bunch of ways that you can do this.

doesn’t work for larger items though, why not just trade between players in space.

Because the use case seems very small compared to the work required to implement it?

why should i have to get a suspect timer for giving a buddy something he needs in space.

You don’t? If you abandon the jetcan it should be lootable freely.

would be less work for the players to just allow us to trade between ships

There are literally NPC stations everywhere in 90% of known space.

It’s THAT hard for you and your friend to dock in the same station?

And this will only apply to maybe… 1% of all players who have a niche use for this? This idea like DUST and WIS sounds pretty ok on paper but in reality, will only apply to 1% if that of everyone who may want to use it. CCP has learned from those two mistakes and has likely given up due to $$$ reasons.

This will not come back just like walking in stations will not come back. CCP has indicated this thought their development plans and such.

It literally takes less than 20 seconds to dock within a station in the same system. Gate jumping systems in this game is about 45 seconds— 1:30min (roughly…) depending on your ship and size of system.

If I want to trade loot to one of my fleet members, I’ll dock up and trade him.

If I want to give spare ammo or fuel to a fleet member while in space, I’ll jetcan it.

If I want to give anything to anyone while I’m not even near the thing, I’ll create a contract.

If I want to swap ships with a fleet member, I can eject from my ship and let them board it in space, if we’re not already trading or contracting it.

I don’t really see the point of what you’re suggesting, we’ve got plenty of options already.

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why should you have to disrupt the flow of game play by stopping what you’re doing and going to dock up, just to trade?

what if you’re in the middle of an activity
what if there are hostiles lurking near by and will pop your can?
what if the item is in your cargo hold and you’re buddy is on grid
why would you need to swap ships when they only need the item in question?

take mining for example, you’re out there in a barge, smashing rocks, your buddy turns up, oh no, they forget their crystals, you have spares and can can out, but there is a sus neut in the belt just lurking, might not pop your ship but could pop your can for sure.
why interupt the flow of game play and have 2 people go back to station to trade an item when you could just allow trading between ships.

one key fundamental aspects of RPGs is adventure.
the premise of an adventure is having some kind of problem to over come.
so instead of causing delays in game play, create an very minor mechanic which allows people to go “i got you bro” and resolve the problem, its a very small thing i admit, but it makes the problem and its solution (if applicable based on circumstantial factors) part of the game play experience where people don’t have to have a discounted drop trade system by jetcans, just trade ship to ship.

how many times have people been on mining fleets but forgotten crystals or ammo, or whatever else. maybe you’re in a JF and got in position and forgot your fuel or you forgot fighters for your capital?

you spend a crap ton of time doing lots of small tasks to go do something and sometimes things get over looked or forgotten, sometimes people have spares and can spot you right there, its a minor solution to a minor inconvenience, but consider that this also emphasises on team work and can keep people immersed, active and engaged instead of denying TWO players content (admittedly for a small amount of time) and thus causing them micro frustrations with the game.

its only a small thing, but the small things matter.
yes there are other ways to trade but contracts or station trading require you to stop what you’re doing, which depending on ship and activity can take longer to travel or move yourself, jet cans are viable however theres no way as far as I know to control where the can spawns moving a ship, again depending on what the ship is could take a long time, so why not just cut out the extra work and trade between ships and make an albeit small and neat little experience to improve the overall quality of the game?

Business decisions don’t like What Ifs I can’t go to CCP executives and present a bunch of what if scenarios and ask them to commit X amount of dollars and development time. Businesses make decisions based on the return on investment. In games it’s usually about what brings the biggest impact to the most players.

YAH! I am a single account player this is what I literally do every time I play this game. CCP is pushing the solution to this is to multibox multiple accounts. You continue missions/activity etc and your hauler quickly gets the item for you.

I am not sure if Walking In Stations is equal here but it has some parallels.

WIS was an idea that catered to a small number of players. Like this idea. Eventually WIS was shut down because barely anyone used it and brought little to no value than what base UI did.
This idea has its merits but likely requires tons of dev hrs and $$$ due to this fact it will be very low on CCPs list.

I appreciate the idea. I can’t really argue against your what ifs. You admit yourself this will impact such a SMALL number of players. Would you want to go to CCP executives and pitch this tiny QOL change that likely requires significant dev time? For it to MABYE retain a very small group of people? I would laugh you out of the room and show you the miles long list of development tasks.

Game development decisions are always backed up with hard business.

In the end this is a product we consume and CCP is a business. Balancing shareholder interests, artistic interests, and community interests. CCP would be out of business if they catered to every 1% minority sadly.

Then it is good that enemies can interfere with the trade.

But I’ll jetcan some ammo anyway, unless creating a warpin is not wanted at the moment.

Anyway, bigger ships like Orcas, Capitals and Deep Space transports can already safely trade mid-space, by dragging stuff in or out of the Fleet Hangar.

Any smaller ship shouldn’t have trouble moving over to a jetcan at a less intensive part of a fight.

Option 1.
You out the crystals in the fleet hangar of the Porpoise, Orca or Rorqual in your mining fleet, your buddy takes them out.

Safe trade, completed!

Option 2.
You move closer to your buddy because you are mining without boosts (lol why), and jetcan the crystals the moment your buddy picks them up. Surely your buddy --who knows what is about to happen and when to look for the can-- is faster than that neutral.

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