People still want walking in stations

If stations had interesting things to do, like negotiate with agents(based on trained skills), play minigames with other players to bet isk like a card game, set up ads on in game billboards within the station for corps etc, discover collectible appearance items like emblems/clothing/skins by talking to people in stations or opening chests in obscure null and low sec stations, engage with each other via emotes and more, setting up personal shop stalls that sell items geared towards perhaps a card game(could make the game collectible like hearthstone), a hacking minigame geared towards stealing blueprints from the npc factions in the station or even the customization of our own quarters, THEN people would use the system(these were all just random ideas to make a pont). It is undeniable that eve needs to innovate and I do think that this is something that people would enjoy, regardless of the angry old vets claiming its trash because of the salt in their mouths from incarna. I absolute guarantee people will write in this that it is trash, because they just cannot see what it could be instead of what it was in the past.

Upwell provides a fantastic opportunity to tune this feature into something genuinely enjoyable. Social hubs like those present in destiny 2 and warframe and many other games are PROVEN to be something people like to engage with in the mmo community and eve is no different, again, despite what some vets may tell you. With upwell and its emphasis on stations and aesthetics, we have a perfect opportunity to dive in to interior customization of stations, captain quarters, and more.

Vanguard provides another fantastic opportunity to blend with this system, it is almost begging for it to become a reality. So many collectible assets could enter the economy and no matter the vocal minority says regarding skins and other appearance related items, people like them, it is an undeniable fact. When they actually enter eves economy they provide valuable economic engagement as well.

I understand that the primary issue is the fear that CCP cannot develop this feature WELL, hence peoples desire to just write it off forever, but I do not believe that is because it is impossible to do, simply that peoples faith in CCP has been shaken. I on the other feel like it absolutely could be done, and lately CCP has actually impressed me with their feature decision making. The truth is that eve NEEDS to grow and expand and innovate in creative ways beyond what they have done. With risk can come great reward. Many many players agree that they want this feature as I mention it almost daily in public channels I am in and the sentiment is there. At one time during incarna we were so so excited for this feature, it was only after its failure that people lost hope, and that failure most certainly did not have to occur, the feature was just never even updated after release, nothing new came of it ever and there was nothing to do, if there would have been, I am entirely convinced it would be a staple of eve today. I know for a fact that null alliances pride themselves greatly on their presence with SKINR and the aesthetic value of their networks of stations, this could be extended to the interior customization of their stations and would without a doubt be a sight to behold.

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Edit: Something someone mentioned in the comments I really liked, a battle planning room for corps/alliances. I wanted to expand this a bit further and say, what if eve had a 3d powerpoint suite inside the client and corps/alliances could use this suite to create a battle plan and then brief their players with it. It could appear as a holographic 3d map above the table as well as be clickable to take you into a solar system map like screen that let you 3d explore each slide of the battle plan. Sounds rad af.


My 2 cents is most social aspects of this game happen when during the luls in gameplay. When people are doing the repetitive low engagement parts of the game mining, sitting in fleets, running missions. Why are people going to socialize in a station when they can socialize in fleet chat or something else while making isk.

Just my 2 cents

Because doing so in the station would provide reward while doing so in the forms of those features I discussed above. The card game in particular could be a very engaging thing if done well. I know for a fact I would play it as I do so in other games quite often.

I also think that having something like hacking a terminal with the potential of receiving data in the form of blueprints etc could be interesting and gameplay related. It could cost money to engage with through the form of some sort of hacking tool that is consumed on use, with potential reward based on security status of space etc. Theres absolutely creative ways to do this without making it boring or unrewarding.

Walking in stations takes away too much development time away from my Internet space game. I prefer that WiS stays a thing of the past. I would rather resources go towards more spaceships.


Walking in stations is not going to happen. Ever. CCP was simply using the Captain’s Quarters as a technology testbed for a different game they were working on at the time. Personally, I say good riddance. All it would have ended up being is a bunch of morbidly obese, half-naked toons with rainbow hair walking around anyway.

As a side note, why is it that whenever someone brings up the subject of walking in stations, 99% of the time it has something to do with gambling? You people need serious, professional help. If you want to gamble, play the Hypernet.

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Walking in Stations was the prototype used to support all of the new in-engine cinematic tools that were showed off with the pirate incursion / FW rework trailers and such.

Walking In Stations could very easily be done – main issues would be 500 people in the same tiny room in Jita.

Perhaps solved by fleet-only rooms or corp-only areas.

It would be less of an issue if the player avatars load properly and reliably, instead of black ?-box and failing to load full-body models of folks you see in local.

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Public walking in stations would be a nightmare, especially in Jita. Would be nothing but 37,000 toons with chat bubbles over their head advertising hypernet and scams. No thanks.


Long story short, players are why we can’t have nice things. If CCP implemented walking in stations, there would be a never-ending list of needs and wants. Give 'em an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Next they would want companions, or pets, or the ability to have a fashion show or some bullsh*t.

I agree with this.

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It could simply have layers like many other games have, it would be fine.

Yo fashion is a very viable mmo gameplay loop that is the backbone of countless successful games. Not saying I want it to be the backbone of eve, but still

I posted this exact thing on reddit and I think it is pretty clear people want it.

EVE Reddit is pure stage 4 cancer. That doesn’t exactly help your case…

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And these forums aren’t? Lmao. They absolutely are, my point was that the playerbase in general agrees that this system is appealing.

…Meaning that your impression is that the majority of people who’ve expressed an opinion on your idea within your sphere of attention agree with you that what you propose is ‘appealing’.

I’m sure you will recognise, Cpt Shinji, the fragility of the edifice you’ve constructed here. Random posters to this Forum and Reddit cannot represent ‘the playerbase in general’, but only a more or less vocal sub-set of the available pool.

The actual opinions of ‘the playerbase in general’ can never be known, and you commit a basic error in relying upon the unknowable in order to claim support for your proposed new feature.

I suspect that you were fully aware of the weakness of your proposal, and that you sought to shore it up by invoking the support of a non-existent majority of like-minded individuals - a ploy which has been proven to work well with ignorant and impulsive persons, but less so with some of the wise old owls haunting this Forum, who’ve heard it all before.

As my son used to declaim, when a stripling, ‘Sussed to dust!’


I’ve been playing EVE for 18 years now. I’ve seen the request for Walking In Stations on this forum ten million times over the years. It is simply never going to happen.


I would already be happy with interactable agents narrating the mission briefings. But even that proved not within the realm of possibilities without assigning far more resources. We’re stuck with a red and blue Aura - who lost all her charm and cheekiness imo - and that’s about it.

Asking for EvE Online meets SC meets fps meets TheSims in Mos Eisly is not a realistic thing to do now, and likely not even 20 years from now.

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That’s what we need. A sarcastic Aura. If you skip the tutorial, and you lose a ship, she pops up out of nowhere and says something like “So, how did that work out for you?”


Oh man, I’d love to rework the NPE and put some spine into it via Aura comments, lmao. And imagine an FC hearing “So, how did that work out for you” if he lost his fleet. Priceless !

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