CCPlz, change regional market to global market

Almost all online MMO’s I play have their auction houses made global, which means you can buy/sell on anywhere in the game. Only in EVE online where the player has to actually haul the item to trade hub like JITA to sell their items and has to haul the item that you just bought from JITA to where you are from. This adds up unnecessary wasted game time to all players whether you or me.

I have spent hours to haul battleships (they warp effing slow) and ammo to null sec even with wormholes, then the actual fight (PVP) only lasts 1-2 minutes. IMO the market should be made global where you can buy/sell anything on all NPC stations so all players can participate in pvp all the time and start really “enjoying” EVE online.

I could have just played EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR if I really did enjoyed hauling. CCPlz


No, go away.


So hauling is not for you. Good thing there are other people willing to do that for you.

Small tribute to Red Frog and PushX.

Honestly, people creating services like the above for other people, are just one of the reasons why I think EvE is such an awesome game.


no shut up.

For now it would help if the markets worked at all. But thanks to #CCPQualityCoding, even that is mere wishful thinking. People are still striking, and range buy orders are not working properly on structures since introduction of structures years ago.

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+10 to that idea


Regional markets allow for inter-regional trade which adds a lot of interest (not to mention profit potential) to the game. You don’t have to buy/sell in Jita - there are other markets but you pay a little extra for convenience and people like me make a good living supplying the smaller markets and pocketing that little extra!


No regional markets, eh?..yeah…because space shouldn’t be big or anything…certainly no bigger than an unladen sparrow could fly before the ork festival of Grr’Hk’Slsh…

You’ll probably get your wish sooner or later though, OP.

Well, hauling would have to remain, it would be pretty crazy to ditch that.
But it would be great if buy and sell orders were visible in all regions. It is insane and illogical that I can see goods 10 jumps away but not in the next system, as that one belongs to another region.

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It might feel inconvenient, but it is precisely that inconvenience which makes it intriguing and fun, at least fun for those of us who find the commerce aspect of the game quite entertaining.

So to your suggestion… nay nay.

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ALL of the other games don’t have an economy as big, or sophisticated, as EVE’s.
Literally. There is no equal.

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use this


I was just about to post the same link. I use it all the time. Before I fire up the Eve client, I fire up this site, a couple of others and my MS Access database containing the SDE data.

The OP’s point still stands because clearly there is an overuse of external resources that could probably be integrated in-game.

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No. The local markets and the trading opportunities are something that is a positive in EVE. A singular global market is boring.

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No, worst idea possible, would kill a lot of people gameplay for your lazy convenience. Go away. Not even talking about the fact that the market will turn like jita local if you try to load all the orders of New Eden…

Buy a JF.

Do you want goons to crash the entire market? Cuz this is how you get goons to crash the market.

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I’d be happy with fixing the regional markets (Jita, etc.).

Oh yea. And also, I hate missions. They are a waste of my game time. I should not have to do missions to get money, loot and standings, CCP plz give it to me for free so I can play another game in the meantime.


This. This is annoying for sure