Suggestion: Lets Change up the economys distribution

Hello Fellow Pilots,

The following suggestion is to help diversify the market in eve, namely, from the market powerhouse of 735 trillion isk a month in jita(forge). It would be great if we can break up the economy to distribute the trade a little more, especially in capital systems (like Rens, Amarr, Jita, etc.).

What we can do to help distribute the trade in eve is make it less worth the time to travel specifically to jita, by validating nearer locations.

A tax can be assigned to each system for the number of orders it exceeds, as the value increases from 100% of the orders, at 150% of the order value the tax increases, and again at 200%. To give an example of the order cap, we will set it at 100 for the purpose of this discussion which can be set by the development team as metrics (data) shows. So if the system has <= 100, then its free of this tax, if it has <= 150, it will increase to standard tax rate, if its <= 200, it will be double, and so forth.

These tax values can be set something like the way corp officers work with the amount of trade, increases the amount of tax ultimately making a loss if you choose to post an item less then the value.

As the system progresses, if the region itself has to many systems over tax, the region itself will gain a region wide tax, effecting all systems in that region. this mechanic will prevent people from for example, selling 1 jump out of jita, forcing them to distribute their trade in another region all together.

In addition to the above, we can label specific capital systems as such “capital systems” which will have a higher then normal cap allowing for more trade to be conducted in these systems with out reaching the trade tax increase rate.

This will give people a general “go to location” for trade, and with time and the new tax system will be the center of trade for a few jumps around that location.

In addition to this, it also helps distribute the trade putting the high sec gankers on their toes to find people rather then capping the usual 2-3 places in high sec. Lastly, and probably the biggest benefit to the trade based players is more looking for those chances to buy high and sell low, rather then the forced rates that are applied by the 735 trillion isk power house we know as jita.

Join me in this fellow players and lets put trade back into all of high sec.

Lastly, we can set up the tax so that it will be harder to reach in low and nullsec.

This is bovine waste. Have you ever tried to get things bought from different locations? It is utterly annoying having to fly to 10 different systems to buy something. The point of Amarr and Jita is that you can buy everything there without hassle, not to accommodate gankers.

If you want to put trade back in all of high sec, I have a better suggestion: Start seeding stations/citadels outside of Jita with things. Make a fortune doing so and when you are successful, other people will follow. You can start breaking Jita up on your own, other people will follow if you put some thought and muscle behind your effort. There is absolutely no tax necessary to facilitate this.

You call yourself a Tripple [sic] A developer? EA or Activision, I guess? Only those would introduce something that makes the game a whole lot more tedious for no good reason.

Distributing all items across regions does not make the game tedious. It makes the game more simple and easier, actually.

These changes cause players to have alternatives to go to places to find stuff, namely and intentionally the market centers. All this is really doing is helping to encourage the distribution of trade into other trade hubs.

It does not mean that players will never sell armor repair II because they are not in jita. It just means that some of those armor repair II will be in rens and amarr.

having locations all over eve in this case the four capitals, provides easier access to items, not less.

I think you don’t understand EVE properly. If I have to go to Domain, Sinq Laison, Lonetrek and Metropolis just to piece together 1 ship, the game got a lot more tedious and definitely not easier. Even if I just have to visit 5 systems in The Forge and Lonetrek to piece together just one ship, the game didn’t get easier or not more tedious.

Players already have alternative places to find items and things they want to sell/buy. All sorts of items are already available all over the place because players noticed a gap in the market in some place and filled it. If you notice a gap in the market and want to fill it, you should go ahead and do so. Not demand some outlandishly horrible tax plan to force people into walking through fire just to get one ship fitted.

Your plan will not achieve that. What you suggestions achieves is introducing more tedium and removing items from one place because taxes got to high and moving them to another. Plus, your plan also removes items altogether from places because the transport can get intercepted on the way.

lets not try to pretend like you need to go to those regions to build a ship. we all know this is not a legit excuse, considering you can build them in one station.

If you dont like the idea because you have to move around to manipulate the market, its only a validation to the system being changed, not amount of pretend legit excuses will get you out of
a legitimate break up of the trade locations, so start looking for more legitimate argumentation against the idea.

What is it now? Buying from the market or building them? You should make up your mind.

Firstly: Please tell me where I was talking about market manipulation. Can you show me a quote? As far as I recall I talked about fitting ships and how your system would make this harder and more tedious. :thinking:
Secondly, I don’t like it because I do alliance level logistics to support my group with items and material for PVP and PVE. Under your system I would have to spend a lot more time and effort to achieve the same goals for no added benefits, but with a lot more expenses.
What you suggest, furthermore, makes it easier to manipulate markets because you can just throw your heavy ISK weight into a location to wreck margins and taxes for everyone else. Currently, it is hardly possible to monopolize the entirety of Jita or Amarr. Under your system, you can just throw huge amounts of items on that market that you want to sell and remove any would-be competition because their taxes would be forbiddingly high.

Are all Triple A Developers as clueless as you are?

Actually your wrong.

Dispersion of assets through high sec provide more security, which is a major benefit to all high sec traders, being those who provide nullsec assets or just buy and resell.

So you do gain a benefit, But if you actually spent time reading what i said you would of seen that point.

Second, as mentioned multiple times above, you’d obtain the benfit of not having to go to a specific system (jita) Which means your costs to get said items would drop, and would be faster (because of access to closer trade hubs).

So actually, you get a lot of benefts. Eves economy gets benefits, professions in eve get benefits and all the newbie players and corporations who are camped by high sec pvpers all from this single system.

You really need to work on your arguments, they are not very well though out. Perhaps you dont have the intelligence to debate a triple a developer.

I read everything you wrote several time and wasted my money doing so because nothing what you describe is how things work. Instead of having to go to Jita to get all the things I need, I would have to go to Perimeter, Niyabainen, New Caldari, Ansila and other places (example systems are popular systems for alternative market citadels that have some items in stock but not everything people need) and a lot of stations, systems and regions to get what I need. This does not provide more safety, it reduces safety. It does not make my activity cheaper, it makes it more expensive in terms of ISK expenses and time expenses.

All the benefits that you “see” are already possible to achieve: You can already create market hubs outside of Jita. This is how Agil, Stacmon, Orvolle, Ichoriya, Nennamaila, Vlillirier, Huola, Hek, Sasta, Osmon or Motsu, for instance, came to be. You should really try that before you set out to wreck the entire system for no good reason.

Where is your proof its like this?

I gave the clear example. People will always stock an area with what it needs in high sec. There for, your argument with this is not only narrow sighted, it is completely unfounded.

Like i said. Think about your arguments better, cuz they really suck.

The first months of market citadels around Jita is one proof. Back then, people tried to stock these citadels cheaper than Jita. As someone fueling markets in null sec, you had to go to these places to get the cheapest possible price for items in order to not lose out on money when you sell them.

Not in the amount I need, for instance. But if they do that already, what is your suggestion going to achieve? :thinking: People already stock certain systems in certain areas as lesser hubs because people need things in 1 place so that they can restock or reship quickly and easily. Your suggestion is not going to improve that because your system will force people out of hubs and lesser hubs because of taxes, and it will make it harder to keep a system seeded because of those taxes.

As said: Try it before you talk about it.

So all of your argument is depending on the position of “im lazy”. Sounds like you need to go play wow, or hello kitty island adventures. Maybe you should collect rocks, or pick flowers. If you can handle it.

I have been in eve since 2003. How about you?
I made a large amount of isk off of trading. So i think i am inclined to say and have the positions i have. The jita market needs to be broken up, and sad little excuses like “im lazy and dont wanna fly around” Really do not sway me from this position.

There is money to be made by building up 4+ jita markets.

Then break it up. How about you do this with your alleged considerable wealth instead of making CCP do it for you. How about you setup a new tradehub somewhere reasonable and keep it stocked with what people need? How about you do the work that players are supposed to do in EVE instead of relying on CCP to do it? How about you stock Perimeter or New Caldari, for instance, with goods at prices that make people want to buy your things instead of things in Jita?

Please don’t call me lazy when you can’t do a bit of work yourself to achieve something you want to see happening in EVE.

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CCP = Big government

minor correction

Then why aren’t you doing this right now?

We cant change anything until we learn the very fine art of…


Next dumb idea.

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