Economic Sinks

Fyrir Eyjo. Safn hugmynda fyrir þig.


  • Create a Standard for all stations to refine at a cap of 80%
  • Remove “Free Repairs” for stations
  • Reduce Insurance rates on Tech 1 ships
  • Reduce Insurance rates on Tech 2 ships


  • Creation of a trade distribution system. Adding increased tax to higher trade focused systems and region to distribute trade in eve would significantly stabilize the economy and its items through out eve.
  • You could simply raise the tax rates to unprofitable amounts in jita, and if to many systems in caldari had it, the entire region. this would force people to go trade else where. at first it would be strange as the items and wealth redistribute in eve but it would bring about a high demand in nullsec market trading and distribution. this can alter be used to alter the economy in more impactful ways.

Eccentric Idea’s
"Black Market Trader". A Type of NPC station that is free access to all which can be placed in various parts of eve (One in Feyth, Delve, Tribute, Drone Lands, High Sec, To start).
This market trader will provide a “package” for isk which will gamble something from the eve item list. (rng drop system)

"Casino" option on the in-station GUI that will provide the ability to increase isk. A slot based mini-game. Like casino’s this can actually be used to control player population distribution in eve by simply applying a algorithm that “pays more” when there is less activity, or higher “non-pay out” rates. You could go as far as to make ships that enable people to gamble while out in asteroid belts, or in pvp fleets (cuz why not? seeing a big holographic casino slot machine on top of a ship in a pvp fleet would be fun! (and hilarious to be that one pilot in fleet).

Step 1. Show that economic sinks are needed.
Step 2. show that they won’t end up hitting everyone hard except the super carrier ratters.

Fulfill those steps and you might have a case for any kind of sinks being added.

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