New Potential Isk Sink

Remove CPU/Power grid skills from eve.
Create a “Ship upgrade” option to expand the two for isk, with 3 levels progressively costing more isk. the amounts can be something like 100k, 200, 300 for t1 frigates, and like 5,10,15m for t2 cruisers etc.
Base it on ship hull/tech level.
This should provide a one way isk sink

lol, no.



For an isk sink, could always pay mission runner agents isk to have the priveldge of running their missions I think Lvl 1/2/3/4 1mil/20mil/50mil/110b should be fine.

Yea or let players pay a fee for docking at any NPC or player-owned station, that would also be an ISK sink.
Also a bad idea, but a potential ISK sink nonetheless.

Iv actually considered removing all the free options from upwell structures, and just swapping them to better rates.

for example refine rates on null buildings do 70%, low 60%, and high 50%.
Same with repair
Null - 20% Cost, -10% low, 0% High
I bet a lot of isk would be recouped there, most of the isk comes from null anyways, so it makes sense to nerf that area more to balance what they put into the economy.

Let’s introduce a fee for ship spinning in station. 1 ISK per spin and the fee doubles every 10 spins. Every milestone of 10 spins after 100 will be announced in local.

I dare you to get 300+ spins!

swap ISK mentions with Plex in all the suggestions above to make them complete!

So… Pay to Win then?
[/sarcasm]Great Idea[sarcasm]

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