Idea and possible isk sink

Ok I am a PVE player sometimes miner…I know nasty words to some of you however even though I am that I do support the pvpers in my own way. We all know the bounty system is broken and a joke so why don’t we just ditch that. Instead put a system in place where we can buy Hunting licences via the New Eden store. Not to hunt everyone only to hunt those with Negative standings in whatever space they are in from -2.0 and above. It would in my opinion add something to the game. I am not against the high sec criminal sect or those that purport to be hunting criminals. However it might just create a new kind of player or give those of us who are strictly PVE a way to occasionally step out of pvp. It would also create an isk sink and since the licenses would be purchased via the store it would also create a need to purchase plex. So yeah Hunting licence. Can sell weekly bi weekly and monthly.

not sure which part of your post explains isk sink. Ships blowing up is isk faucet.

oh brother

Not sure why there’s this obsession with “isk sinks” for some. There are very few ways isk leaves the game, like market broker fees, npc Corp taxes, and players perma-quitting game with full wallets, as some examples. But in the end there’s not really anything any of us can do about how isk circulates about the game. CCP is the only real expert on EVE’s economy and the only one that has the means for any possible corrections, so why worry about it? Just post your ideas, and if CCP actually adopts the idea, they’ll figure out how to balance things if it affects the economy, and just go with the flow.

As for your hunting idea, it’s just something that has been requested for years, and that’s for CCP to fix the bounty system in a way that’s fun for criminals and hunters. But if they ever do figure out something, I’m sure you can trust that CCP will have the economy in mind as well, they have been doing this for quite some time.

An isk sink would be an elaborate connection to hard to get too. systems. Outside of the known EVE universe. the systems, could in fact be named The road to Earth. And should only be able to even attempt them if the char. has been in game for atleast 5 yrs. And have the skills, and exp. to back this up. It shouldn’t be anywhere near easy.

Unless you stay eternally docked, no one is immune to pvp. And generally speaking, is your OP talking about Kill rights (google it)?

That sounsd fun.

But here’s a question: does anyone know why we don’t get bounty money the usual way if you kill a player with a bounty on his head? Is that just too fun?

Was it ever like this in Eve? I’ve only been playing for 3 years so I don’t know the history.


You get a percentage of the bounty based on the ship the pilot’s flying at the time of the kill. I belive the higher the value of the ship, the greater percentage reward.

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they had it strung out, because it was very successful. And this is EVE anything that is good for the community is going to get shut down

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