My first question on the new forums!

ATTENTION READERS! if you want bounty hunting to actually get changed so its an actual profession speak up. lets get their attention. try to come up with ideas and make a petition for ccp to hear us out and hash this out with their community. it needs to be done and its been a long time coming. Bounty hunting needs a win folks. lets do this.

Okay so i tagged this as a crime and punishment topic because it entails the bounty hunting system? I know this has been beat to death countless number of times but to be clear this is not going to be my suggestion on,what it should be. My question is simple.

CCplease inform us, tell us whats going on. I (as well as hundreds of EvE players) would love to know what your thoughts on this are, what have you done so far? Is there any chance for it to be improved? I say this because to be honest ive taken a sebatical and i can,honestly say that bounty hunting would bring me back in the long run 100% and start subscribing again. I have put alot of hours into this game and everything ive done eventually makes me feel empty. Especially when my original career choice was bounty hunting. Then to my dismay find out its a system that is not beneficial on amy capacity. Due to this topic label of crime and punishment what better way to fullfill those two things then with bounty hunting? Not much that i can muster in my mind.

Ccpls end my (and many others) suffering, give us something. a timeline, an assurance, closure if its going to be taken out completely. Just. Something.

It currently works. People put a bounty on someone. You kill that someone, you get 10% of the value of the kill taken from the bounty pool on that character.

The trick is finding people with a bounty and who can be killed by you legally.

As for any other changes or updates… I would suggest trying to plan out a system and get ample feedback then presenting it. CCP’s tried and their options can be exploited or do not meet everyone’s expectations. So why not try to figure this out and maybe CCP will like and use your system. In the least, you see how difficult it is to craft a bounty/bounty hunter system that works, is not game breaking, and can’t be exploited.

Why doesn’t bounty-hunting appeal to you as-is? Not rewarding enough? If rewards increase, the system returns to its original state, where people have their alts cash in.

I, personally, don’t see a way for this system to improve (sadly).

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Bounties as a whole are simply useless
Unless they’re player-made bounties (those where a player gives a reward for a killmail of someone you dearly hate), they’re better off removing them altogether.

I have no other solution (at least not right now lol)

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Open contract for player x’s frozen corpse. Fun idea, stupidly exploitable.

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self place bounties
but a solution nonetheless

Currently it does not work. It may be the best solution they could come up with, but as alot of people have pointed out it is outstandingly hindered by high sec and low sec (if you try to kill on a gate, which is prob where youll do most the killing) so there for it is practically impossible to get a bounty in high or low sec without getting a sec status hit. (Which is the main reason people arent doing it.

As for the rewarding comment, thats not the issue either but this problem is derived from my comment above. So money aside the reward is outweight by lower security status and no longer allowed in highsec. Which alot of people coughcodecoughcough* are harder to claim bounties on and they mostly run unchecked but a bounty hunting system would bring balance to problems like that all the while code keeping their “freedom” to do what they will but not without risk if bounty hunters are involved.

Things of that nature are what would bring a little more balance to this game, no more gankers hanging out in highsec where its supposed to be safe for carebears, (yes they may be disliked but they’re people too).

Well i guess its inevitable i got the question out on the forums for CCP to see. Lets discuss it. I tend to keep my ideas out of the original post telling ccp what they should do and leave the comments open to next post will be about my idea.

Not sure how this works but what if Concord implemented a “kill right certificate” just like the “security tags”?
You find someone in Highsec you really like the bounty on, so you go to a Concord Office and buy a kill right certificate for that 1 person (could also be done from a bounty office).
The certificate give you the right to kill that person without a sec status penalty.

The certificate will of course cost something, either in Isk or in LP (loyalty points).
A kill right in low sec maybe 1000LPs
In a 0.5 system maybe 2000LPs
In a 0.8 system maybe 5000LPs and so forth

If you happen to by a certificate going up to 0.7 you can kill your victim in any sec status lower than that but not in any higher. If you happens to find him in a 0.5 system, then you just paid to much for the kill right (you did not do your homework good enough).

You could also implement a time restriction on them.
You want a certificate that last a day, its one price. You want a certificate that last for a week, its a completely other price.

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i havent really thought about the idea much but when i say self place bounties
what i mean is
instead of your enemies placing bounties on you
you pay a sum to place a bounty on yourself to make yourself a target
i haven’t given it much thought but maybe build a system of rewards based around players paying a sum to mark themselves as bounties
maybe some kind of cat and mouse gameplay
as i said
i haven’t thought about it
but the only solution i can see to the bounty system is to create a system where a player can be rewarded for placing a bounty on themselves and making themselves an open target

like a self activated kill right
i havent thought about it enough im just throwing out nuggets
work with it

Okay so here it is.

My idea makes bounty hunting a two parter and similar to FW.

  1. Its a career which means it should have NPC’s that you can talk to and given missions to take out high value npcs for cash and maybe Loyalty points (see part 2)

  2. Make it a faction. Alot like faction warfare. And in order to join this faction you have to have to have a sec status of x amount (well say 5) and a good standing with all main factions (Gallente, Caldari, Ammar, & Minmatar) and cannot join if these pre requisits are not met. This way not just anyone can join and claim a bounty thus exploitation virtually cannot happen since the bounty can only be claimed if you are a member of the bounty hunter faction with good sec status and standings. Now of course you can have an alt in BHF but theres no benefit on trying to raise your pirate alts bounties and just killing yourself because acruing bounty from people takes alot of time so much time that just killing your pirate character or your friend wont put bread on the table.

Now we have a few more things to think about,
kill rights (obtaining them and activating them)
Finding bounties
And NPC involvement

Kill rights should be bought by the bounty pool. And can only be activated by the Hunter. And obviously not getting a sec status hit when attacking them but combat timer still applies so they can fight back but of course the bounty still gets a sec status hit but yet highsec police and low sec turrets do not intervene. Why? It adds an interesting mechanic to it, take the status hit or surrender if the hunter has you tackled. Because lets face it if they have been an ass enough to get the bounty they shouldnt be let off easy, and this opens a chance for people to put bounties on people or Corps like code and give them a run for their money. Code exploits the system with what they’re doing so this would give players a chance to fight back. With bounty hunters!

Next up, finding bounties. We have a ton of options and i would rather leave that up to CCP but New Eden is a big place so there should be something to help with the search no matter how small that help is, NPCs might help with that. (See next option)

And now NPC involvement.
Basically as i mentioned before you would be able to get npc missions where your given bounties on npc bad guys, basically the secondary factions that all the main factions dislike (blood raiders as an example) and they would funcion like all other npc fighting missions with dungeons and your bounty at the end i would def say the bounty payout should be higher depending on noc level.
Second and i would hope this wouldnt be too difficult. Tie an NPC to the bounty list where you can search people with bounties and see the top 10 bounties and bounty hunters. Now when you search for bounties on this list a little more info can be given. (Like general locations “last seen in region in high sec”) just so you dont have to scour all of new eden to find someone but doesnt give you so much that its easy. Also you could add a bounty search paramiter like im looking for bounties in this region in high sec for example. And you could talk to people about your bounty as if anyones seen him talk to some of the players they have killed. You know bounty hunter work. And on the other side of things players with bounties can bribe people to warn them if there is a bounty hunter after them.
When you select a bounty or multiple bounties for example the npc hands you the kill rights (purchased from the bounties pool when selected for the first time, and id say limit active bounties to 5) and given an allotted time to claim the bounty say a week or two weeks or even a month until the kill right expires (and could be repurchased from pocket if more time is needed) this way kill rights are not handled by any one except npc agents.

Now who knows what the payout should be it would have to be tested first. But maybe it can be affected by your charisma, and npc skills involving pay and negotiations. Just to tie some more skills in aside from combat skills. But like real life it should always be a % of the bounty. And maybe a higher % payout if you involve more people with all the players skills influencing the payout and it being split amongst the players in the fleet when bounty is claimed and the bounty destroyed. NOTE: I DO NOT THINK COST OF SHIP DESTROYED SHOULD EFFECT PAYOUT AT ALL. Make them feel the rage as they get destroyed in a rattle and the payout is only 80 mil compared to their 200 mil rattlesnake. Oh the sweet salty tears :yum:.
Now this is important after you get whatever payout the entire pool of the bounty is depleted and sinked into the bounty hunting npc faction. Which means one hit wonder bounties this is why i will not even suggest pay out because that can only be determined after the economy is settled and CCP makes the necessary changes. And will most likely effect how much people put into that bounty so it can go anywhere in the ball park.

Due to my limited knowledge of programming i can only assume all of this would not be more extensive then some of the updates and programming that has been done lately. Its mostly additions, a few tweeks, and little to no complete overhauls.

What do you guys think?

I’m sorry i didnt read your probably well thought out post
i just saw the two words NPC and dismissed immediately
im sure your idea is great and i feel really bad for not even reading it
but as soon as npc pops up
its an instant dismissal for me

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Then you’re a fool. Like a lot of EVE players.

you gotta ask yourself how do you take the power of exploit from the player? a medium. which is NPC’s.

and if you read the post you’d know the NPC’s would not do anything besides 2 things. provide a Bounty hunting profession mission pack. and provide information about players with bounties on them. But since you insist on being Narrow minded and just dismiss something just because of one thing, then you have no interest in fixing a problem. which you obviously have thinking NPC’s can’t be the solution.

Stay open minded and be able to listen or your thoughts will fade away into nothing as people will never give you the same courtesy.

they already do that
its called a locator agent

Read the post before you keep talking i stated the locator agent for bounties would have a few tweeks to make it a little more beneficial

well i apologise for not reading your post before talking
why do i need an npc to tell me everything i already know about the people i dislike

Bounty hunting is just that. Hunting. And i would expect no one is willing to look for a needle in the huge haystack that is new eden the npc for the bounty hunting faction will give you npc missions to collect bounties on npc goons and provide information on the last known region of your bounty. Just so you can,narrow down the haystack.

[quote]i would expect no one is willing to look for a needle in the huge haystack that is new eden
[/quote] the needles arent that small and the haystack isnt that big

ah my mistake
i thought this was a mechanic to use against real players

idk why the forum quotes broke
idgaf either

NPCs will be receiving constant information from players with bounties on them so they will be able to narrow down your search. a benefit to this system for players getting this info from an NPC is that Bounty hunters can travel anywhere in New eden. and obtain bounties from NPC’s and get a region of where your bounty is located at that time. and maybe even be able to purchase information to narrow it down even more. right now the bounty browsing doesn’t give you info about said bounty just the bounty amount. trust me i really believe this system could work if CCP could impliment it.

well when i say hay stack i mean this if your looking for someone would you really want to have ALL of new Eden as a possible location of where your bounty might be? The NPC agent would narrow down your bounties location to a region, and maybe be able to purchase a more narrower location down to a constellation. just to keep your search from being “all of new eden”