Bounty System

Has CCP made any recent announcements regarding bounty system overhauls? It’d be nice to see it have more of an effect on/in the game.


Soon™. Just kidding.




Hopefully they do not tinker about this. The bounty system work well enough as it is. The old system was not used because it could just be farmed with alts, the current system is used to keep track of deaths of people you have a particular interest in.

Any of the floated suggestions from players so far have either restricted the bounty system too much so that it becomes nonviable to use, or make it so blatantly prone to abuse that it could grind entire professions in EVE to a halt. There is no point in changes to the mechanics that make it worse however you look at it.

If you want to pay someone a bounty for killing someone, setup a bounty offer in the mercenary subforum and wait for takers. It is that simple.


Thanks for the input, I’ll have to check out the sub-forum. I think i understand the bounty system’s use a bit better now, thanks!

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Here’s the last time CCP changed it (and the last time they have really mentioned it):


CCP needs to make the bounties into a mission based endeavor where aspiring bounty hunters buy a time limited licence to be able to hunt players with bounties on them.

  • NPC bounty corp issues the target to prevents farming
  • licence fees are scaled based on the mission level
  • mission levels are based on target’s SP, target location and other difficulty modifiers

So lets say you ask for a level 1 bounty mission…you pay the 500k fee for a week long licence to hunt the target. The NPC gives you a target (apx) that’s near you and low SP…probably an Alpha.

Tossed this out last spring…wondering how it will be received this time…



Seeing as putting a bounty on someone is literally a case of right clicking them despite them never having actually done anything to earn said bounty and you having done nothing more than either seen them in local or searched for their name in people and places, why would CCP even remotely consider adding a feature for you to be able to hunt those people who have done nothing wrong other than being seen by someone who thinks its fun to just stick random bounties on peoples heads :stuck_out_tongue:

The bounty system has always been worthless they should probably just scrap it but that would take more effort than to just leave it here doing nothing


I should have mentioned that the current bounty system would not continue as it’s a worthless pile of poo.

Any criminal act would automatically incur a bounty in proportion to the crime. So using minerbear gankers, poping a Covator would net the attacker a 25-30M bounty (apx).

I should add that when you pay the admin fee to get bounty from the NPCs,it would be in proportion to the reward. So that 500k fee I mentioned before might only get you a target worth about 5M at best (or 10x).

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Where were will that ISK come from? You are just injecting more magic isk into the game then. And people are already complaining there isn’t enough isk sinks.

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By “that” I assume you mean the pay out for a successfully kill. If so, I did say that you had to buy a licence and there will be more licences sold than bounties…hardly a sink…

Plus the initial victim could add to the base bounty of a target boosting its “level”…again, paying into the system.


Bounties are fine how they work now

They don’t work at all…

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They work completely fine for me

Also it should be mentioned that that people paying fees to be awarded a bounty to hunt would have to total the actual bounty.

So for a simple Level I bounty worth apx 30M, 10 applications for level 1 bounties at 3M each would need to be issued by the NPC service before that target would be issued. This would make the system ISK neutral at worst and actually suck ISK out of the system when targets are not killed as the right to make a kill is time sensitive.

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Stop asking CCP to take a free form sandbox tool and make a stupid minigame. Nothing good will ever come from that.

Bounties work fine. I collect bounties all the time. Maybe you should just shoot more people.


thats a really nice guess … i like that … also this:

that would set that gankerfleets in HS on bounty lists and others could go hunt them … i hope you post that under

i really like that … if you blow up a frighter for 10 bill you get a higher bounty than blow up a mining barge for 100 mill … NPC bountys should run out with the time … so if none has killed this guy it should run out after a few months

if someone has a 100 mill bounty and you kill him in a rookieship you shouldnt get 100mill … so payout should be related to the kill value
maybe add a pod kill to get the full bounty …

really nice idea
i think headhunting is no thing in eve at all … you get a bounty payout if you kill someone … atm its more a mistake to get them isk then a plan to get it …



hi @Ima_Wreckyou
yea you collect bountys when you shoot people … but you have the plan to shoot as many as possible and hey by accident you get a bounty … little extra

i think or i understand that this change would lead to a active bounty hunting

i guess it would be interessting


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Probably lead to CODE. and miniluv totally gaming the bounty system.

I wouldn’t say accidental. I’m pretty sure CODE. occasionally whore on each other’s losses and collect bounties from each other.

It’s like a tip from all those people that hate ganking.

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