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After reading a bunch of bring bounties back posts. I’ve decided I’m going to make a website where people can post bounties on players for isk but as this is my first website, I need advice on everything but I have an idea on how it might work


It worked fine the way it was.

I know but the devs have showed no interest in bringing it back

Problem was is that a person had like a 100bil + bounty and pretty much was impossible to cash in as it is based on like ship/pod value.

Ended up being a badge of honor. Rather than people actually hunting person X down for that 100bil bounty.

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@CCP_Dopamine promised it was only being removed temporarily and would return in November of 2020. I am sure he hasn’t decided to just ghost us, and wouldn’t want people to put time and effort into recreating a game mechanic that CCP intends to enable soon!

You can’t collect a bounty on someone who doesn’t play the game.

That’s not a flaw in the bounty system.

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True that

Fair point

You should know that “temporary” is measured in CCP Time Units, which can range from “instantly” (if you are having fun that can be ruined) to “eternity” (if a broken CCP thing ruins your fun). Proven by empiric evidence.


When I get podded, I am tempted to “add a bounty” but everyone knows salt is what the griefers are looking for. The only thing to do is give them nothing by saying nothing.

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Well I have some suggestions how to make this viable, however without game support, this won’t work because of the trust issues.

There would have to be a mediator to who the requester gives the money. Which will be problematic and also quite time demanding for such person to calculate % and redistrubute the money to the hunter or back to requester after some time the bounty wasn’t claimed.

And if a mediator is required, then it is too risky a smells with a scam. Without mediator you cannot guarantee the hunter he gets his money so I doubt anyone would do it when he can then be scammed by the whoever put up the request…



It’s early days yet, and could be a scam just as much as anything else in this game lol.

The only thing that’s going to keep a Bounty Hunting organization reputable is the people that work through it, and most importantly, a brokerage.

Time will tell.

So it already exists. I didn’t know. very nice.

But it works exactly as I explained - you need to trust them and give them ISK. Which is a risk of getting scammed…

The whole website idea is great and all but how about focusing the efforts here on the forum in the right place like the wonderful @Uriel_the_Flame is doing?

There is nothing wrong with going offsite though ingame channel titled Bounties would be most useful and Capsuleers could all share intel etc, Location Agent data.

Contracts could be created using again the ingame method for the return of the Criminal Frozen Corpse to claim the bounty listed.


Aye, If you check my post at the bottom of the thread, you’ll notice the same identified requirement of success.

Also what happens when you piss off the wrong person.

This is true, an in game channel would be very useful. But such things have increasingly gone off-site over the years. Merc Net is probably the best example of that, as well as the success of such things. Not to mention the necessity of reputable brokers.

Perhaps this is why CONCORD dropped the system entirely. I argued for the idea many years ago that the best way to avoid scamming the bounty system would be to have a player driven Bounty Hunter network. For a sandbox game such as EVE, it’s sensible for such things to be handled by players.

You have to start building reputation somewhere. If this outfit has the intention of being reputable, then it could be something good. One thing is for sure… Reputation -WILL- follow you. That being said… the moment someone puts a Billion ISK bounty on me… I’ll be undocking an Ibis in LowSec and letting someone’s “alt” find me. To split the bounty.

Yes, I recall reading some lengthy thread article on it, were you that person?

(would save time searching that is all)

Oh this was back like 2014-2015 ish?

It wasn’t a thread though. Just a discussion between like minded individuals at the time talking about how easy it was to “game” the bounty system mechanics.

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Okay I happened to only read the one on [Bounty Hunting 2.0] [Player Features & Ideas] back in Y123

A bounty system is no longer necessary because there’s very little conflict left in this game due to the various PvP nerfs that have reduced the ecosystem to:

  • Conventional null-sec combat/warfare (that rarely happens these days)
  • Low-sec pirate camping in a total of half a dozen systems or so
  • High-sec structure bashes by a total of 3 groups
  • Suicide-ganking of expensive targets in a total of 2 systems

Bounties don’t affect the last few couple of hundred players who engage in these activities. Back when you could do things that truly pissed someone off, like stealing from them, awoxing them, scamming them, etc., bounties actually made sense. But today, when most of those mechanics have been long-removed from the game, and all conflict comes down to a hot-drop or a much bigger group coming by and blowing up your space hut, the most rational response is to not engage and wait for the problem to go away, as opposed to finding an avenue for escalation.

EVE no longer needs bounties, because there are very few scenarios in which they’d actually be utilized.

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