Capsuleer Bounties: Private Brokerage

Fellow capsuleers,

For the past two and a half years, whenever someone said something that you found despicable, or conducted themselves in an egregious manner, or whose appearance was simply offensive you have had one less option to turn to. CONCORD has shut its doors to accepting your hard-earned ISK to pay specialist capsuleers for their hard work delivering the lead-or-light ship-disassembling message you wish to send. Their bureaucratic offices became too overwhelmed with their officiating paperwork.

Furthermore, if you are a capsuleer possessing these specialist skills then the business has completely evaporated. No more cold ISK delivered into a wallet for services rendered.

I now work for the young corporation which runs a private brokerage for the placing and earning of bounties placed on capsuleers. We have been ironing out our efficient practices in the Jita IV-4 offices and wish to expand our satisfied clientele. Our corporation’s leadership does not wish to achieve the same scale as CONCORD’s operation, but believes strongly in having the choice available to those who most wish to turn to bounty hunting – whether customer or freelance service provider.

We strive to have our computations for services rendered transparent. Due to the novel nature of the private enterprise and the limitations of the kinds of fluid routing we use to coordinate with our… Thukker Division, our business tends to operate on an hourly cadence.

Even if you do not wish to use our services, I would be greatly pleased if you learn about our offerings. I also have used private feedback from other capsuleers to improve those services and update our FAQ accordingly, where they fall short.

Thank you.


It has taken time to slowly cultivate awareness and begin planting the seeds to grow a demonstrable, transparent track record.

I am pleased to report we have just had our first payout to a bounty hunter for their services rendered.

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Only to one of the six, though? Shouldn’t it at least be going out proportionately to the four who actually hit him?

Excellent observation! To keep operational complexity low, we currently only pay out to the capsuleer with the final blow.

I recognize when it comes to the bounty business, there is no perfect solution. There are multiple competing ideas of how to run it. The choices cbounty has reflect our initial business decisions, but are not entirely set in stone depending on the needs of the market and on balance of resources, time, and energy of all parties involved.

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Good to see someone has finally taken up the mantle of Bounty Hunting that CONCORD couldn’t be bothered with.

Don’t much matter to me what the person did. If someone is willing to pay, someone else is willing to hunt. Such is the way of things.

I do find it interesting that there seem to bounties posted between the same group of “hunters” and “cbounty” managers. It just seems rather odd to see what appear to be cross posting bounties on one another.

I do hope you wish to produce a solid reputation with this system. Its survival will be equally dependent on an established trust between Bounty Placer and Broker, as well as between Broker and Hunter.

To expand the reach of your new service, perhaps you should put a posting up on Merc Net. There’s an influx of both people looking for work, and looking for someone to hire.

That being said, should you go that route and at some point choose to become less… reputable… for some reason, rest assured there are people there with far more money willing to make your existence miserable simply for doing them wrong.

Great points Srajin!

Indeed, the system still relies on capsuleer trust. I hope our FAQ makes clear why our business is built with reputable intentions. Crossing our own customers is not in our interest.

For one, we have a financial incentive to provide a service. Secondly, and more severely, no one has ever succeeded by harming their own customers. As you mentioned, no matter the amount a customer trusted us with, betraying trust leads to dire consequences. However, that’s not even the most severe. Those customers would not have opportunities for revenge because thirdly: using the fluid routing integration with New Eden for deceptive purposes results in myself and my associates being forced-Doomheim’d and capsuleer status completely stripped. To have the capsuleers of New Eden hostile is one thing – but the threat of having the capsuleer program revoked is on a completely different level.

Additionally, you noticed how our Thukker associates and some early peers were willing to be early adopters of our services. They did so with the understanding they might have had a bumpy experience as we smoothened out our business operations. This does mean a lack of diversity in our early clientele. Hopefully this no longer strikes you as odd.

I do hope this lack of diversity will be remedied in time: we are not aggressively advertising and preferring to grow and scale the business cautiously, so that it is sustainable.

There is nothing stopping yourself – nor other interested potential customers – from placing small, token bounties on those you despise to test becoming a customer.

Finally, I do want to reiterate that we do accept feedback on our services. I cannot promise cbounty will act on any of it, but even up to this point our early adopters provided us their insights which are reflected in our services offered today. We do have ideas in mind to improve our services, in particular to address the current up-to-1-hour delay between new bounty placement and our service advertising it.

Thank you for stopping by.

The thought had crossed my mind. As it likely has others, I’m sure.

I would still recommend advertising your services on Merc Net. You’ll get a good bit of visibility there among those interested in your services.


Occasionally our corporate team or employee base has group offsites, which means a longer-than-usual delay in some of our services. We like to be transparent for the dates affected.

We find this generally helps with our employee wellbeing and retention in addition to their continuing education which – while The State has not made mandatory – we have found in practice it is necessary to remain competitive with the other megacorporations operating within the Caldari State.

A previous continuing education program our staff attended was The Ninth Annual Conference On A More Dangerous Cluster in Jita IV-4. It was mentioned using that same banner, and future notifications will also continue to use it.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

I hope the team building exercises of the Pedigree Fedo Showcase have made for a more -productive- administration team.

Bounty Hunting companion Fedo when?

Today is the final day of the Fedo showcase, and it will be back to normal business soon.

It seems unfortunate timing that one of the baseliner interns has, tasked to keep the lights on while the rest of us were away, had a few too many drinks of Sarpati Reserve while coked up on Crash. While our enthusiastic customers were waiting to have their bounties processed, they apparently passed out and :poop: themselves in our offices.

Once I’ve returned later today I will get it sorted out and it will be back to business as usual. I sincerely apologize for the service disruption in the meantime. We will be reviewing our operations to make sure it does not happen again.

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@Hatsu_Okeshimata Will there be collaboration between this and the recently funded bounty project from Oz Tank?

Greetings Melany! Excellent question. The short summary:

At this time, there are no plans to change our operations as part of a collaboration with Faruzen en Divalone. While we are aware of each others’ projects, no private dialog has begun. However, please do not mistake this lack-of-an-answer for a “no”. Regardless of whether there will be a collaboration, our corporation views Oz’s investment in this space positively for the ecosystem of the whole for general free-market reasons – yes, even when not invested into us.

For those who wish to know more:

We have not initiated outreach to Faruzen for the simple reasons of time and energy. Our corporation’s efforts have been aggressive in focusing on internally improving the quality of our launched, live services. Many of these improvements in robustness are invisible to our customers and bounty hunter clients. That is the ideal outcome of our investments because the alternative could only have been worse: a dissatisfactory experience. As a result of reinvesting in ourselves, we are constrained by our remaining time and energy to initiate outreach for new efforts.

Our organization is generally open to collaboration. However, each and every potential partnership would be evaluated on its own merit. Our openness means we are willing to entertain discussions, but it does not guarantee the outcome of a successful business arrangement.

To set expectations for you and other readers, our organization generally holds these values:

  • Offering transparent, open, and dependable services of the highest quality for our customers and bounty hunters
  • Always operate the service in a manner that builds a verifiable track record that inspires confidence and trust – this is a long road and there are absolutely no shortcuts: merely saying this is not enough, we have to do it
  • Minimizing operational costs – and thus our fees – for our customers and bounty hunters

This does mean we have made business tradeoffs that other entrepreneurial capsuleers would not make. There is no “correct” way to run a bounty system, merely different approaches. We are confident in our business approach: it involves heavily integrating with and optimizing the fluid routing in Jita IV-4 to alleviate much of the day-to-day burden on our organization’s capsuleers, but compared to alternatives it has very low marginal costs and allows no-barrier-to-entry scaling up to the whole of the cluster – and we can pass on these cost savings to consumers/bounty-hunters who can come and go as they please.

Other business ideas make different tradeoffs. For example NEPF’s former bounty hunting scheme circa 2019 relied heavily on capsuleer-in-the-loop operational processes and closed-participation-system via a licensing scheme to specific bounty hunting capsuleers. We welcome more competition and different ideas in the bounty hunting business. It gives capsuleers more choices in their bounty placing and bounty hunting experiences. And our organization is a firm believer that having more choices uplifts all bounty hunting businesses. When customers go to decide which service to use for their bounties – or a hunter chooses which bounties to pursue – they will naturally gain awareness of all services in the space. And then each service is financially incentivized to do the best they can in the free market.

In summary: there are currently no concrete collaborations, but that is an absent-answer (not a “no” answer). We have no initiated discussions due to aggressive investment of our limited resources in ourselves at this time. And even if the answer would become a “no” – by the accident of time passing, or by a deliberate decision – we view the development of additional bounty hunting services positively, as it is an opportunity for us to differentiate ourselves in the free and open market.

No matter our future and regardless whether we have a joint partnership, we wish Faruzen en Divalone the best in his ventures and Oz an excellent ROI.

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