Player Bounties: The Private Player Bounty Brokerage

:white_check_mark: Place Bounties On Any Capsuleer :white_check_mark:
:white_check_mark: Earn Bounties Placed By Other Capsuleers :white_check_mark:
:white_check_mark: Transparent And Refundable :white_check_mark:
:white_check_mark: Most Wanted / Top Hunter Leaderboards :white_check_mark:

We beat our competition

:x: CONCORD Gave Up Their Bounty Services :x:
:x: CONCORD Silent Since Oct 13, 2020 :x:
:x: CONCORD Did Not Refund Capsuleers :x:
:x: CONCORD Has No Leaderboards :x:

Learn How To Place And Earn Bounties

:warning: Please do not attempt to place a bounty on yourself :warning:
:warning: It will generate an automatic refund (with fee applied) :warning:

We have bare-minimum restrictions in place so that Corporate and Alliance leadership of New Eden is not annoyed by believing awoxing is financially incentivized. If you want a bounty on your head please follow the time-honored tradition of making someone else angry enough, or using an alt. is a private bounty brokerage fundamentally built on transparency and replicates the services originally offerd by CONCORD – complete with Eve Mail integration, accurate refunds via detailed accounting, honest market-based evaluations, and now with “Most Wanted” and “Top Hunter” leaderboards.

No fees apply when you place a bounty! Let your foes know freely how much you value their demise. Fees only apply when a bounty is satisfied by a killmail, or when a bounty is refunded. No harm as a first-time customer trying out the system for a few thousand ISK.

*Some terms and conditions apply. To prevent abuse, we prevent placing bounties on yourself, on corporation mates, or alliance mates. Please see the FAQ for details.


It takes time to slowly cultivate awareness and begin planting the seeds to grow a demonstrable, transparent track record.

I am pleased to report we have just had our first payout to a bounty hunter for their services rendered.

I have updated the OP to reflect that placing a bounty on yourself is not permitted with our services, and automatically generates a refund with our standard refund fee applied. Please, for your own ISK’s sake, do not attempt to do it.

We do not wish our platform to become a place where corporate and alliance members are overtly placing bounties on each other or themselves. Nor awoxing each other for the bounty. Please feel free to circumnavigate this bare-minimal restriction via use of an out-of-corp alt.

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