Hello. I will give 10Mil credits to anyone who destroys Fottoen Elles Thiesant ship, kill him and destroy his pod. He wast lat seen last seen between Mifrata and Podion.
Make sure you have proof

Why not just use People would be able to tell you mean it.

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I ain’t messing with that guy, he means business.

10 mil credits seem a bit low.

You will probably have better luck with 100-500 mil isk bounty.

Please tell me more about it, I just like to fly alone and do missions, I don’t know much about ,"

So what, we just supposed to fold and loose just because he’s good at what he does? There must be others that “mean business”, hunters of gangsters (even entire groups of hunters). I want him DEAD (in the game, the clone), his expensive ship and expensive weapons destroyed.

I barely managed to raise some 79 mil (by doing missions and loot) to buy a battlecruiser. Seems a little too much

I once saw Thiesant cut down a CONCORD Marshal-class battleship using nothing but a low-tech destroyer fitted with a single small disintegrator beam, without even blinking. That man…that…creature…has no soul; just two beady pupils glistening like black pearls whose gaze pierces your very heart.

No one is reckless enough to tempt fate by staring into the eyes of death itself; not for 10 million Kredits, at least. You will have to offer a lot more than that to the person foolish enough, and desperate enough, to stake their life on this foolhardy venture. Someone crazy enough to seek out the name uttered only in hushed whispers in the darkest corners of the seediest cantinas…does such a person even exist?

I would be amazed if you have not already caught the attention of the reaper himself just by posting this bounty. I have said enough. Too much, even. I do not intend to be a bunk-mate in your shallow grave, and do not desire to be anywhere near you when you reap this whirlwind. I bid you good day.


No one is untouchable.
A good day to you :wink:

medium rails on a Talos?
What did that poor battlecruiser do to you that you should treat her so bad?

How would you know that? You’re the f0cker I put bounty on?

Once it’s on zKillboard everyone knows it. :wink:

I see.

I found them. Thank you :smiley:

please watch this before buying another Talos.
it’s a good ship, when fit properly.

They have a 69K ISK bounty on me. I am now terrified that passing corvettes might decide to claim this. I’m not sure anyone would waste even a Catalyst for such an insultingly low bounty.

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I don’t know I can do some lv 4 missions for 10mil.

Alot easier, faster, and I don’t have to work to find some random guy who is docked up.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah…
I bought it to keep doing my Level 3 missions, spinning in space until I get bored or decide to join a group (which is unlikely, because I don’t like to take orders - that’s why I fly alone). As I have an Alpha account and Alpha options (let’s call them restrictions), I have reached the max number of skill points that can be trained the usual way. So I can’t use Large guns skill because I didn’t train my character for it (and the gear prices are pretty high, so I haven’t aimed for that).

I just put 40 mil bounty on that guy. Let’s see if that’s enough. If is not… well, I’ll grind some more ISK, day after day, until someone will do the job :wink:
I’m not the forgive&forget type.

I don’t want to crush your world view. But Incursions makes 200mil every 1 hr. I breathe and make more than 5-10mil.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. I was just like you. 'stares at his EVE online kill list

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