[WANTED] Gallente sockpuppet for questioning

Name of the culprit: Octavech Raholan
Threat level: unknown

On successful capture 50 millions isk will be paid upon transfer instantly with 50m isk more for delivery of the target to State Protectorate Testing Facilities station in Asakai solar system, Black Rise.
On a failure to capture the target alive, 1m bonus will be paid for the corpse.

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Capturing a capsuleer is a monumental task for a multitude of different reasons. From a pragmatic standpoint, I would recommend significantly raising that bounty, or, more reasonably, simply withdrawing this, as the number of people who can capture a capsuleer alive and prevent them from simply terminating themselves while in captivity is vanishingly small due to the various logistical difficulties.


I’d recommend my services…for 50 billion
Yah know since you want his ass ALIVE and how I will have to get off my SHIP.

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Now I wonder, do you really believe you cost that much, or you think he’s worth that?


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Taking capsuleers alive isn’t easy. You have to wait and hang around wasting time waiting for them. You have to do all kinds of crazy crap to get to them etc. All the while you are exposed in the open with no real protection.

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Not only that but you are asking me to go to asakai…so…yeah

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Didn’t know we are THAT scary.

I’m sure 50mil is about all Mika Firestorm… Oh wait, it’s another sockpuppet.

Mea culpa.


I doubt they are worth that much. I have put bounties on pilots during conflicts. I think I offered 300m for the dead corpse of the PL leader. It was only 300m because she wasn’t worth more than that. (pun intended)

I know Rogue Consortium put a 100 Mil bounty on my body. Which I take careful plans never to allow them to get. Even going back into warzones to destroy my body before the pirate scum can put their heretic hands on it for lord knows what.

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While live captures of capsuleers are not impossible (I could tell you a sad story, only I’d have to kill you afterwards so you’d lose all memory of it), they are very, very hard. They tend to require either an uninformed target (which you botched already), CONCORD involvement (I doubt you’ll get that) or ways to put heavy pressure on kin or other dear assets of the target (usually requiring significant amount of work and time investment).

50M sounds very low, compared.


So in addition to Kim-baka being dumb she’s also a cheapskate.

I also find it extremely rich that the master of sockpuppets is placing a bounty on an alleged sockpuppet.

*Waves to Mika


It is amusing how certain gallentean bootlickers jump into threads of Caldari pilots just to spread random crap about them and make groundless assumptions like that especially when it is totally unrelated to the discussion.

I guess we gave them hard time in space since they resort to such anabellingly low tactics.

Come and find me Baka. I’ll be waiting.


Gallente typically are naked.
A naked sock puppet is a hand.
Therefore, you should question any hands you encounter.


Oh this is just rich… Kimmie asking for a bounty on a sockpuppet. I guess the 'verse didn’t pay much attention to you recently?

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Does anyone? We come to her threads to laugh at her rants. That all the attention she gets.


Quite amusing how gallente bootlickers rant in announcement threads, calling them ranting.
It’s IGS, not a circus, @Tyrel_Toov and @Trii_Seo, go back into that hole you crawled from and stop spamming threads with your nonsence.

[Encrypted transmission, it is suggested it is the simillar kind used by Minmatar Freedom fighters.]
Very Amusing.
You seem to be the embodyment of Caldarian justification of oppression.
It intrigues me, by the term ‘sockpuppet’ I must assume you are accusing me of using false identity to decieve others.
On what grounds do you claim so, I may be relatively new but I am still very active you see.