[WANTED] Gallente sockpuppet for questioning

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #21

These are not contradictory.

(Octavech Raholan) #22

I only know her by the reputation and this is the first time I have seen her speak.
It is laughable indeed.

(Diana Kim) #23

No accusation of false identity has been made. What I do accuse you in is acting on behalf of Gallentean oppressors.

(Octavech Raholan) #24

Tell me, in what ways Gallente are oppressive?
I admit that they are malleable to corporate interests to perform unethical acts and must not be trusted in its fullest.
However they are the only empire upholding individual liberty, a concept directly opposed to oppression of people, as its core value.

Please give me your best argument.

(Aria Jenneth) #25

Consider the position of a permanent minority within a democratic system, Mr. Raholan, especially one whose culture is in tension with the dominant majority, and you’ll have some idea of how the Caldari came to view the Gallente as “oppressive.”

There’s a lot more to it, of course, but a certain amount of the resentment comes from having been continually outvoted-- not because they were wrong, but because they were few.

(There’s also the usual, “Oppression’s fine as long as we’re doing it to each other instead of having it imposed on us from outside.”)

(Constantin Baracca) #26

I should point out that I don’t think Aria is necessarily calling the Gallente ‘especially’ oppressive then, but only that oppression is the end result of any system of governance, and what can be said about the Gallente is that the perpetrators of said oppression are the majority of voters (ostensibly, the practical effects of who holds power in a democracy are certainly more open to interpretation).

There is no denying, though that such is what is happening, it’s simply an attempt to minimize the effect while consequently maximizing the culpable party.

(Diana Kim) #27

Gallentes are most oppressive in our cluster because they enforce their ideals on others. Back in the day they would rival Amarr Empire for this, but since Heideran reign the Empire’s Reclamation was turned into a peaceful policy, and now it’s the Federation who takes the flag of oppression and enforcing their ideals on others - with weapons and propaganda alike.

Gallente are trying intervenes into affair of different nations, can declare war on a neighbor just because “they have slavery”, “they don’t have democracy” or whatever else Federal minds consider incorrect… for themselves, yet they invade, conquer and suppress other cultures just because they don’t accept their way of life.

They are the bullies of our Galactic.

And yes, thank you, Ms. Jenneth. Caldari, unlike Gallente, don’t have oppressive tendencies, we don’t enforce anyone into our ideals and way of life.

Gallente, instead… they bring Freedom - one of the greatest Evil in our cluster, which they worship as fanatics.
And they enforce Democracy - one of the most archaic and inefficient managemenent doctrines, trying to control and subjugate those, who get more progressive management forms to prevent them from developing faster. Speaking about democracy itself - it’s also one of their oppression mechanisms, it works that way that majority can dictate whatever they want to minority.

And that’s just ideological part!
Lets not forget that we are fighting this war to prevent gallentean occupants and agressors from invading Caldari Prime and Black Rise! Other regions involved in the war are just auxiliary - the CEWMPA conflict started with Gallente plans on oppressing our Black Rise, which we colonized way before them.

(Deitra Vess) #28

With respect, while they may not on the surface be violent as doctrine they still exert pressure on our people (note: I did not say our Republic). I feel even you would agree that the Republic would have reason to look for the well being of those bloodlines comprising it in general. No? Do you not agree with " I feel even you would agree that the State would have reason to look for the well being of those bloodlines comprising it in general." also? Don’t kid yourself, they still are violent, they just hide it well. At least the Gallante make their intentions clear.

To sum up what I’m saying: “Same beast, different pelt.”

(Diana Kim) #29

I don’t really see the Empire exerting pressure on the Republic, on the other hand, I see the Republic declaring WAR on the Empire just because they don’t share views on internal Imperial culture and legal norms (e.g. slavery). So what other people if not Republic you’re talking about? You certainly aren’t Caldari, and clearly not Imperian since speaking about them… I hope not a Gallentean?..

And I understand that criminals from both sides of conflict make raids into each other territory, ones - to free Imperial criminals, others - to capture illegal targets in Republic for slavery. But, again, the Empire does admit both of these activities are illegal, while Republic… even puts one of criminals who did such raids as a head of the State. Really?..

While the Empire has declared the war to be a “Crusade”, they’re still the defenders, only protecting their way of life from foreigners. While Republic is the aggressor. It’s the Republic who shows its violent and criminal side, not Empire. Hiding they it or not - I can see only what they do. And I pretty much see the Republic doesn’t hide its evil and violent side against its neighboring Empire.

And, really, you know, blaming others in being “violent, but hiding it well”, while being openly violent against them is like seeing a splinter in someone’s eye while not noticing a whole log in your own.

(Tyrel Toov) #30

Back at ya’, sweetheart.

(Deitra Vess) #31

Well, for starters this war we started, as you put it was defensive in nature. It really comes from the fact that nonviolent actions doesn’t inherently make them good actions. Unless such concepts as financial warfare is not an attack. “I didn’t fire a shot, I simply stopped them from eating.” Probably not the best of examples but still. Culturally they attack(ed) us, much like the Gallante try on your people as well.

Lets ignore the criminal aspect here as it appears on both sides (arguably worse on the Amarr side but I admittedly am biased). Majority, if not all of Amarr’s past emperors/empresses have owned slaves, it would not be a stretch to say they mistreated them somewhere in their spirits existence (not exactly sure what they would call it but since their slaves are suffering for their ancestors misdeeds lets turn it to their side in this). These are things that even their own teachings are against. Criminal. Pick and choose all you want, but if my kin in chains are to be judged by their ancestors’ actions in their logic, I can judge theirs too. Neither side is exempt.

In war, the only just side is your own. Its very easy to fall into this idea that its a defensive war when they are reacting to the counter to their own actions. Obviously they are going to have their own interpretation of the events. There’s a reason the victors write history. It puts them in a better light. Why highlight your own misdeeds for all to see?

Honestly I don’t believe I am blaming anyone or anything. Its an observation, one that I know my side is not immune to either. I was under the impression the Caldari respected honesty, honor and the like. What displays more honesty? Hiding your misdeeds, or being open about your intentions and making them known?

They wish to subjugate us, they wish to subjugate the Gallante, they wish to subjugate you.

We are very proud to oppose that and our intentions are very clear. Are theirs?

(Diana Kim) #32

I strongly disagree, since it was invasion into foreign territory to slaughter and kidnap foreigners. And how about attack on Yulai? Of course, it sort of facilitated our own operation on liberating the Homeworld, but still it was an aggression on all peaceful nations! Again, compare our actions with yours. We just liberated Caldari Prime. With that fleet we could with ease occupy even Gallente Prime, or just destroy it altogether… but we didn’t, because it wasn’t our planet. Elder’s fleet, on the other hand, invaded Core Amarr worlds and was wreaking havoc in there. That’s anything but defensive.

I didn’t get it, did you want to ignore criminal aspect or emphasize on it? Since, after all, mistreatment is exactly such topic, and completely unrelated to slavery. Anyone can mistreat any other person. Take for example, same Gallenteans and see what they do to PoWs, I doubt even worst holder doesn’t do same thing to the slaves! (Well, Nauplius aside…) Putting them into exploding cells, starving almost to death and constant beating, and… other things…

EXCEPT! They don’t judge you for ancestors’ actions. As I understand the mechanics of slavery, they judge directly the ancestor, enslaving them - thus causing punitive social status lowering, while their children keep living in such low social status. Nobody enslaves these children, they are just born in this status, nobody “punishes” them in that regard.
And as a second proof - there are words of MIO officer who was instructing me on enslaving practices. The only allowed category for enslaving are criminals and prisoners of war. Children of criminals and prisoners of war do not fit into that category.
Probably there are some punitive actions, for example, for a whole family of some sort of a holder or highly reputable landlord if they committed something criminal or heretical - but I really don’t know, ask Amarr.

Then be honest and don’t call that war defensive when you’re the aggressor. For example, when I am saying we are fighting defensive war - that means that we both defending ourselves against Gallente aggression and don’t have per se interest in Gallente territories, property, lives, etc. After we won the warzone, there was a Silent Auction with Megacorporations winning developing rights on the occupied systems. But what happened next? Nobody wants them - except Ishukone that somehow wanted to cling to Intaki, they only system they managed to ‘win’ in that auction. Gallente colinies are SOO underdeveloped and backward, that it’s enormous moneysink for Corporations instead of a profit source.

On the other hand, Gallente interest is in OUR Black Rise. And your interest is in Imperial subjects (kidnap criminals, murder others (calling them ‘slavers’ even if they’re unrelated to slavery) because of hatred)… And, again, because YOU want to change THEIR internal ways (e.g. slavery question) - that’s again, pure aggression against your neighbor.

I wish to do many things and subjugate somebody for sure - yet I don’t do that. The State doesn’t subjugate anyone either. And the Modern Empire, while they might want to subjugate anyone - they just aren’t doing that.

While you’re trying to subjugate the Empire to your will…
Intentions of Amarr people are quite clear to me: to protect their Empire from foreign aggressors.

(Trii Seo) #33

This post was flagged, however, as it is crucial to understanding the ensuing exhange below, it will remain unaltered - insult included. Reviewing personnel i remind that the insult utilized is actually milder that racist, derogatory rhetoric often employed by OP.

Stop feeding the troll, Deitra. There’s really no point in trying to spark change in those few starved neurons she so proudly calls her brain.

(Deitra Vess) #34

I’ll concede to that point, somewhat. All of these things you mentioned are parts of the greater war that has raged since the Day of Darkness. The war has ebbed and flowed, but would you really consider it actually ended at any time? Personally I wouldn’t.

I don’t believe I was clear on this part, sorry. I was referring to not focusing on the criminals running illegal raids, and then transitioned towards The leaders of our people’s criminality. I don’t see much of a difference since under their own justifications for generational slavery just about every Emperor/Empress is criminal. I don’t see any examples of commoners rising to the throne but would love to hear about any honestly.

So its ok to enslave them due to being born under a bad sign? I’m not trying to dispute you on this I really don’t understand their logic half the time when it comes to these parts of their culture. The only thing I can rationalize from this is “you were enslaved due to being the child of a slave, whose reason for being a slave is for being the child of a slave.” Generational slavery. The punishment or lessons instilled will never actually be utilized, thus how exactly are they bringing them closer to god? Thats more for the audience than directly asking you.

The events you see today are a direct result of our home worlds being invaded by the Amarr. If that never happened none of this would be. There has really never been peace made. The Caldari and Gallante have atleast known some fleeting peace at some point. We have not.

I would say that was slander but I honestly don’t think you know what our goals entail.

A smile and kind words hide the knife behind their backs.

(Deitra Vess) #35

Is it sad I’m actually enjoying the discussion?


(Trii Seo) #36

It is, dear, though most of us have been there - convincing ourselves that an actual, productive discussion can be had.

Alas, it’s like arguing with a propaganda bot. You will just get it to spout more drivel.

(Deitra Vess) #37

It’s more less hearing the counters to the points, ya know? I guess patience is as much curse as virtue.

(Trii Seo) #38

Eh, starts to loop after a while.

(Deitra Vess) #39

Ya, I suppose that’s true.

(Diana Kim) #40

I guess it’s true then that I simply wasted my precious time on someone like you, after you agree with such anti-intellectual as Trii.

That’s not a topic for discussion about the Empire, slavery, etc. Start your own discussion and stop derailing threads, Vess. And meanwhile, I’d better find someone more worthy to discuss things with.