Dishonor of Caldari Soldier

I never was good at managing human resources, and I always thought my crew were the elite of Caldari soldiers, who can give their life for the State. Of course, there were minor offenses and fights, but now their numbers grew to even match a small city, and in this number happened something that I would never have imagined to happen among my own subordinates.

I don’t tend to report small offenses, but what happened now is so extraordinary and so disgusting, that it shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

A couple days ago when I returned to the active duty I found out that one of my soldiers, using lack of flights, has got himself into unspeakable: into romantic relations with Federal Navy employee. I have immediately put him under arrest, and tomorrow he will be court-martialled with the following charges:

  1. Treason
  2. Collaboration with the enemy (Assisting the enemy by:
  • Communicating without authority with an enemy
  • Harbouring or protecting an enemy)
  1. Shameful to armed forces conduct
  2. Indecent behavior

In the interest of the investigation, the names and ranks will be withheld until the hearing concludes. The court-martial will be executed in strict accordance with Caldari Navy military code. The results will be announced here.

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You can’t stop their love!


Sod off Kimmy, you aren’t even in the Caldari Navy. You’re militia. Also, let the lovebirds be, my mom and dad were Caldari and Gallente as well and nothing bad came from that relationship.


On one hand, ya it’s a rather obvious security risk. On the other you could have used it as an opportunity to seed false information if you didn’t expose such a thing and played along. I wouldn’t call it treason until the soldier was actually found guilty but… Well missed opportunities I guess…


I assume Edward will be being shot at first light?


tell the sad sonxafux hes a shortshot n i wouldn do etagainn but sorry bout getting murdered foor it i guess

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I don’t know whether to feel pride or concern about the other end of this security compromise.

Oh well, here’s to hoping they are safe from angry Calmil members looking to right this unspeakable wrong.

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I was born on Caldari Prime and shipped to Kisago military academy shortly after maturity. I now live in Minmatar space (wouldn’t you like to know). I am of both Caldari and Minmatar blood. My father was a capsuleer in the Caldary Navy and my mother a slave in hiding on Prime. Don’t be so blind as to allow yourself to be taken by the Caldary mandate. I learn strength from Caldary harshness, but I learned true war from flying with the thukkers. What he is done is as natural as the systems themselves. The only travesty would be to put down Caldary blood for the sake of the elitist mentality. Leave it alone, captain. There is much we can learn from each other if we put racial threat behind us and allow all our races to prosper.


With respect, Strike Commander Kim was referring to a Gallante, not a Matari. If they were Matari I would share your sentiment but as they are directly at war, well I wouldn’t be all too accepting of members of my crew associating with 24IC when I was enlisted for the TLF, nor would I with FDU now while enlisted in the StaPro.

It’s an issue of operational security.


Touch a Gallente boob,
Get fired out a missile tube.

It’s the Caldari Way.


Love can be a more formidable weapon if persuaded. Why waste Caldary blood on the courts, they won’t see reason. They never have. It’s all just black and white to them…

Operational security? psssht more like cover your own ass. If he makes it out I’ll hire him on, and according to Valerie there will be boobs and missiles…sounds like a good time…

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Annnnnd that got my attention.

More seriously I am more thahn happy for this couple to be handed into my care. If they are serious in their relationship they should be allowed to leave their posts and join my corp in WH space. We don’t care who you are and where you are from there.


I dated a GalMil pilot while serving in CalMil. Good times.

We shot each other with the same enthusiasm we shot everyone else.


You swingers are weird.


Why? This sounds like an internal affairs matter, and these two sentences seem contradictory to me.


The possibility is still there, the possibility is still serious. Consider it “more like covering your own ass” in the same way your fleet mates or logi cover you in an engagement, only preemptively.


At the least I hope they covered “something” preemptively.


Today, 13.07.YC120 a court of the jury, consisting of Col. Vionatsu Okagi, Col. Katzuroshi Korola and Lt. Col. Mikas Soinirths has heard the case of Major Kyoma Raikkanen in regarding charges presented by Strike Cmdr. Diana Kim. The Defendant was found to be:

NOT GUILTY in charge of Treason for the lack of the element of the crime;
GUILTY in charge of Collaboration with the enemy;
GUILTY in charge of Shameful to armed forces conduct;
NOT GUILTY in charge of Indecent behavior.

As a result Major Kyoma Raikkanen is sentenced to Life imprisonment.
He will be Discharged from the service with Dishonor.
His rank will be stripped.
His privelege to own a weapon or wear military uniform will be revoked.
He will be sent planetside and transferred to the Navy penal facility where he will serve his sentence.

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Any word on the conjugal visit policy?


Why are you telling us this, Diana? Why tell us about any of this? Completely setting aside the question of ‘do you think we care?’, why would you go making announcements of a man’s conviction and sentencing. According to the list you’re putting out here, ‘Humiliation and shame being heaped on him, his closest family, and any friends of his who didn’t stop this’ isn’t part of the sentence. But that’s exactly what you’re opening them up to.

Why would you abuse the trust of your crew like that?