To Lady Melisande Galena, regarding destroyed flowerbeds

(Diana Kim) #1

As Serena Shi has mentioned in the chat version of this media, a NeoCom channel named “Intergalactic Summit”, my “soldiers ruined her flowerbeds.”

I find such behavior of my soldiers unacceptable. They all have been instructed to stay on the pavement, and if they have ruined any of the flowerbed, it is a violation of a direct order, that will bear heavy consequences. Especially for such high ranked and trusted members of our corporation.

However, it defintely wasn’t done by the whole squad, and those who actually did this crime must be found out punished accordingly. Blaming the whole squad of loyal Caldari State soldiers for misbehavior of a single person among them is not acceptable.

Since the accusation was made public by Serena Shi in “Intergalactic Summit” NeoCom channel, the results of the investigation shall be made public as well.

In order to conclude said investigation and punish those, who were indeed guilty in a deed, Lady Melisande Galena is obliged to present evidences of this crime, so the perpetrator can be properly identified, and the rest of the squad should be rehabilitated.

They are honorable and loyal Caldari soldiers. Accusing them in such grave violation without evidences is not allowed.

Of course, after the perpetrator will be identified and punished, I will compensate all damages he has caused, provided he will indeed be from my squad.

(Jason Galente) #2

This is why nobody reads this forum anymore.

(Deitra Vess) #3

The other one is still up, thats probably part of the reason.

(Diana Kim) #4

You don’t really need to try to teach trolls and open their eyes. Just ignore Jason and don’t bring discussion of that into this topic, please, he is a quite usual suspect already.

Laught at him and move on. Some statements are so foolish they don’t really even need commenting.

(Diana Kim) #5

After the talk with Lady Galena, we have agreed that it is Serena Shi’s obligation to bring proof to her words, since Lady Galena has no relation to the claims that were made by Serena Shi.

She has 24 hours to publish them since the time of this announcement.

(Serena Shi) #6

I formally retract any statements I might have made regarding Commander Kim’s troops and Lady Galena’s flowerbeds.

(Diana Kim) #7

Well, then the case is closed. Thank you, Ms. Shi.

(Jason Galente) #8

Seriously, this is the height of trivial IGS pedantry. Here it is, right now. I don’t think it’ll ever get more pedantic than this.

Feel free to remind me of this statement when it’s no longer up to date in a week…

(Halcyon Ember) #9

I don’t even know why you’d be so foolish to set people such a challenge.

(Blade Darth) #10

I have slight suspicion this whole topic is a metaphor to whatever Lady Galena and Ms Kim did in private.

(Lady Melisande Galena) #11

Please, sir, I do have standards.

(Blade Darth) #12

My apologies milady.

I hope Serena Shi’s “flowerbed” will recover.

(Lady Melisande Galena) #13

Mayhap you should ask her directly? Or better yet, her partner? I’m sure he will have an interesting answer for you.

Now, if you are done with the low-brow humor, I shall get back to my business.

(Ordrean McKarion) #14

Ah my fellow travelers let us not come to blows over the passing of the plants we tend. For you see it is the destiny of all plant life to wither and pass its material to a new life that will spring forth from it. All existence is a constant battle against entropy. All the well planned lines of carefully arranged flowers can come to wither if so many factors are not constantly maintained. But crushed under by a few misplaced foot falls.

Instead of methodical origination of garden. Seek you to replicate the natural progression of a system that has developed long before humans judged the flower or blade of grass. Gods beauty can be seen in the weaving of the intricate bonds of cells in a single blade of grass.

As for subordinates that do not follow orders. Proper punishment fitting the offense is only fair and just. I believe a few people will find time to reflect on their commitments and duty with some time with a pair of pruning sheers and a garden hoe.

(Diana Kim) #15

As it was stated above, no flowers were damaged, no soldiers disobeyed orders, and no feet were misplaced to crush anything, Mr. McKarion, and thus nobody will be punished.

Ms. Serena Shi has retracted the accusation.

Nothing happened. Move along.

(Lady Melisande Galena) #16

As much as it pains me to even continue this charade, yes, there was a crushed flowerbed. No, I did not see who did it, aside from the fact it was found crushed after Miss Kim’s soldiers had crossed onto my property. Said flowers have now been replaced, and I have no further wish to revisit the matter.

Miss Kim may return to her defense of the State, and I to my own charitable dealings and meditations. I do hope the matter is now FIRMLY closed.

(Halcyon Ember) #17

I’d ask why ms Kim was visiting with soldiers but…some questions are best left unanswered…

(Ordrean McKarion) #18


We would like you to have this flour. We are with the church of lunar consciousness. Would you like to make a donation?

(Valerie Valate) #19

Oh that one’s easy.

For the greater glory of the State, of course.

(yellow parasol) #20

I wish for the poor flowers, who obviously were victims of a cowardish attack, to be avenged in the most gruesome manner possible. The owner should not attempt to de-escalate this horrible situation, simply to save the lives of what are obvious killers.

It’s disgusting. Plant lives matter!