Lady Melisande Galena wants to insert a TCMC into a freedwoman

(Nauplius) #1

People of the IGS, a grave and sinister plot is afoot: under the false guise of a medical exam, Lady Melisande Galena has plotted to fit my girlfriend, Serena Shi, with a Transcranial Microcontroller (TCMC) intended to delete Serena’s love for me.

The evidence for this accusation is the following:

  • Lady Galena’s scheduling Serena for a medical examination even though Serena has already had her yearly exam.
  • Statements by Lady Galena to Serena stating that Serena is mentally ill and needs treatment.
  • Datapads belonging to Lady Galena discovered by Serena containing information on mind control.
  • Lady Galena’s overt hostility to the relationship between Serena and myself (hostility that included physical violence against Serena).

It should be noted that Lady Galena freed Serena from slavery some time ago (although Serena remains Lady Galena’s handmaiden), and thus her attempt to insert a TCMC into Serena under false pretenses is wrong for all sorts of reasons, at least by the moral standards she and other orthodox Amarr claim to uphold.

I request that Amarr loyalists, some of whom are on good terms with Lady Galena, intervene to divert her from this terrible course.

(Sinti Vailatti) #2

Sloppy, Galena. Real sloppy

Don’t try sneaky again ok? You lost all your sneaky privileges.

And Nauplius…just a question. Where is your moral high ground here? Just saying, but you’ve done worse. So why all the salt?

(Samira Kernher) #3

You are a criminal and heretic, Butcher. Those who willingly choose to associate with you are criminals and heretics. So, it sounds quite deserving to me. Maybe she should try stuffing her full of vitoc instead? Or killing her. Which of those would make you feel worse, I wonder?

(Arrendis) #4

Can we maybe just get her committed? I mean, if she’s involved with Napkins, she’s clearly insane.

(Nauplius) #5

I claim no moral high ground; rather, I am appealing to the moral standards that Lady Galena and the so-called Amarr Loyalists in order to obtain something that Serena and I want, namely, the cessation of the threat to have her stuffed with TCMCs.

(Sinjin Mokk) #6

You expect morals from the Amarr Bloc?

You, who are at best, a heretic?

You have a very strange sense of justice if you think any Amarr is going to play fair with you.

(Coulter Phelps) #7

Seems fine to me? If anything, Nauplius, you probably don’t want Galena digging around in Serena’s head because she might find your TCMC that you used to ensnare her in the first place.

After all, you did say ‘stuffed with TCMCs’, as in a plural.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #8

Yes, let’s start sinking to the levels of the clown and his like. That sounds like a fantastic idea. You guys might want to try keeping in mind that he was supposed to be your “oh look, at least we’re not this bad, okay?” excuse, not the example to follow. More importantly, the one time he actually protests something this inhumane and vile is not the time to go “Nuh uh, water is bone dry!” just to spite someone.

Then again, it’s not like he invented the malicious use of TCMCs and Vitoxin, is it? He’s yet to match the blighted grounds he spawned from, so I shouldn’t be surprised by this.

(Nana Skalski) #9

Somebody should put TCMC into you, Nauplius.

To make you a decent human being.

(Halcyon Ember) #10

I just hope Serena comes to her senses. She seemed like such a sweet girl. Perhaps an independent commission should investigate her to ascertain the level of tampering that has currently occurred.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #11

Now you see, I was interested by this thread until I noticed the TCMC part of the ‘insertion’ and ‘stuffing’…not quite the same now :frowning:

(Yarosara Ruil) #12

This is just like my Gallentean soap operas!

(Halcyon Ember) #13

I’m also pretty disappointed by everyone simply taking Nauplius at his word. This is a pretty big accusation, does mr Crazypants have any actual proof?
Otherwise I’d like everyone to censure Nauplius for the ice cream he stole from me when I was five.

(Che Biko) #14

To be honest, it would not be the first time I’ve recently heard about Amarr considering the use of a TCMC to correct undesired behavior in a free person.

It’s stuff like this, and comments like those of miss Skalski here that makes me wonder how far some people are really removed from using Kuvakei’s methods to build a “better” society.

Edit: I volunteer to be part of any commission to investigate this, if it comes to that. I think I’m neutral enough.

(Nauplius) #15

Serena is not some filthy Minmatar subhuman who would glorify God in having Vitoc and TCMCs stuffed into her.

Furthermore, although spite is a genuine emotion that God wants us to experience, God in his wisdom has given us Chosen those whom he has given over to destruction, that is, the Minmatar, to whom we are to direct our spite. Spite is not meant, however, to be targeted at the Chosen of God (such as myself) nor at the Achuran girlfriends of the Chosen People of God.

(Nauplius) #16

No TCMCs or Vitoc or any other slave control techniques were employed in my attraction of Serena Shi.

(Samira Kernher) #17

I have nothing but spite for you and your whore.

(Mizhir) #18

I wouldn’t be surprised if Serena Shi was already fitted with one. When all things considered, who would actually love a demon like Nauplius?

Edit: Just noticed that Ms. Phelps already mentioned it.

(Lasairiona Raske) #19


(Lady Melisande Galena) #20

As one of the few genuine people who seems to care for Serena, I lament your choice of language, MIss Kernher. However misguided Serena might be, she is certainly not a whore.

I suppose I must address the claims laid against me, as much as it pains me to do so.

Serena is like a daughter to me, perhaps the only one I will ever have. She was purchased as a slave, yes, for my late husband. Since his death, she has been free to choose what she wishes to do with her life. I will admit, she is not as worldly as I would have hoped, which probably explains how she has fallen into this situation.

My intention with the medical examination is to attend to various healing cuts on her body, as well as ascertain if she is of sound mental health, not to insert a TCMC into her brain. The very thought is abhorrent to me, and I have never used such devices in any slave under my ownership or care.

However, before I could even explain my concerns to Serena, she has fled, leaving only a note behind. I am understandably devastated by this turn of events.

It disgusts me to answer such charges publicly, and I only hope Serena reads this and knows how much she is loved and missed.