Operational: Ending Life on Pator IV...with Triglavian Trinary Datastreams

Now operational over Matar: the beginning of the end for the Minmatar Rebellion and for the very existence of the Minmatar as a free people.

All my life has been preparation for this moment. The twisted creation of an Achuran witch, hated by Amarr and Minmatar alike, diverted from the ego-feeding pursuit of savant-dom into selfless service of God and Empire with no expectation of reward other than eternal damnation, I have been forged by God to do what others in this wayward, liberal age cannot do. I have been made a monster in defense of the Empire.

As a monster, I have seen the opportunity that my fellow Amarr Loyalists, lost to fornication and abolitionism, could not — or perhaps, would not. God has loosened the lips of CONCORD and revealed to us his ultimate weapon: Triglavian Trinary Datastreams. When assembled in some yet unknown combinations, these precious artifacts will cause Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Incidents of Class A, Class B, and Class AB — incidents of mass death and destruction. All that remains is for someone — a monster in defense of the Empire — to bring these Triglavian Trinary Datastreams to the very Heart of Darkness, the Center of Hell and the Dwelling of Molok the Deceiver: the 4th planet of the Pator System, better known as Matar, the homeworld of the Minmatar people.

In the lowest possible orbit over Matar, therefore, I have built my latest and greatest creation: The Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Citadel. Here, I have assembled the astounding total of over 14,000 Triglavian Trinary Datastreams to be stacked and restacked by thousands of Freed Slaves until that glorious day comes when Matar is utterly destroyed in a glorious Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Incident of Class A, Class B, or Class AB. This is no act of gratuitous cruelty or egotism — this is war, a war against God and Empire’s most implacable foe, a war that ends here and now in the destruction of the Minmatar’s rulers, their capital, their home, and in the destruction of the free Minmatar themselves. They would do no less to us.

Amarr Loyalists may contact me for docking rights in order that they might add even more Triglavian Trinary Datastreams to the Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Citadel to trigger Incidents of Class A, Class B, or Class AB that much faster. Alternatively, let them build their own Citadels around Pator and stuff them with their own Triglavian Trinary Datastreams. O Minmatar People! Look to the skies and see your death, the death given to all who rebel against a holy and righteous God! Even so, may the enslavement and death of all free Minmatar come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.


Q: Does this mean you are going to start sacrificing slaves to God again?
A: No. This is a cold, calculating act of war against the greatest enemy of God and Empire. I am perfectly within the bounds of Amarrian orthodoxy to exterminate the entire population of Pator IV. The slaves stacking and restacking my Triglavian Trinary Datastreams will be well-treated right up until their efforts annihilate Matar in a glorious Class A, Class B, or Class AB Incident, at which time they will be whisked directly to Paradise for their role in the destruction of those who rebelled against God.



Looks like he really is your problem now.

Have fun with that.


Ask yourself, Nauplius: Have any of these schemes ever worked?


I wouldn’t be laughing if they had.

This is certainly… ambitious, Captain Nauplius.

I do wonder however if this might be a case where getting your wish results in very different, well, results. From my, admittedly limited, understanding of the “Case Red Gamma” incidents, it would seem far more likely to me that any “destructive event” would be levelled against your citadel than the planet below. I am not aware of a single incident attributed to Case Red Gamma impacting a planetary body.

I do not doubt your zeal, Captain, but I wonder if your direction might not be a little off.

I am convinced that a holy and righteous God gave us these Triglavian Trinary Datastreams for exactly the purpose to which I am employing them. It takes but a little Faith to see his working here; unfortunately, Faith is something the wayward, liberal, fornicating, abolitionist Amarr Bloc no longer has in much abundance.

I’ve found your mistake. It’s right here. Now you can adjust accordingly. You’re welcome.


Mr. Nauplius, I don’t see military targets of your operation, so how is it act of war?
Besides, I see no definitive positive result of such operation. If I would need to cleanse the planet from all the life, I’d suggest glassing surface with batteries of dreadnoughts. But even that will be a huge embezzlement: military targets usually require precise strikes, not sterilizing whole planets.

On the other hand, as a commander, I could give such an order if the planet was heavily infested by rogue drones, Kyonoke or Sansha and that infection would be unstoppable by any other means.

Commander, none of us pilots have ships that are able to engage in orbital bombardment. But what we CAN do is collect Triglavian Trinary Datastreams and stack them as close a possible to the planet that we want to destroy. This is what I have done.

This is a distraction from the Mandate. But let none doubt that those that would fight for the freedom of the Ammatar will not allow a threat against our ancestral homeland to go unanswered (despite how unlikely that threat may be).



Go get 'im, tiger.


What possible objection could PIE have to my plan? You should be joining me…bringing Triglavian Trinary Datastreams to me…so that together we can end the Minmatar Republic once and for all.

Dead people have a low acceptance rate for God according to studies.


Nauplius, you’re an idiot. I don’t know whether I should press LUMEN to destroy your latest farce on principle, or to let you languish in orbit of Pator IV forever wondering why your scheme isn’t working…

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Right and wrong don’t end at the Empire’s border.


We couldn’t tell.

Random thought: if ARC’s stockpile could be added to my own…we’d have, what, 34,000 Triglavian Trinary Datastreams? Surely, there is some Amarr Loyalist within ARC who might see the potential here…to be a hero…to destroy the enemies of God and Empire.

We remember how many you butchered. You were just the prototype for this clown.


Strong word, butchered. Not entirely accurate. But who expects Amarr loyalists to be anything other than disingenuous.

At least when I free slaves, they’re free and I don’t kill them for their choice of religion afterward.