A message to the Triglavians from Raravoss

A figure appears on various screens around Port Sarum, as well as those in smaller settlements around Raravoss. She is standing, dressed in an archaic appearing suit of Khanid armour, a pair of Triglavian helmets resting on one hip, the rope holding them to her going through two holes through the visors. A golden light appears where her left eye should be.

People of Raravoss.

I am Arline Oniseki-Kley, Paladin of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order.

I stand here, broadcast into your homes, into squares and into temples. I am here to tell you that the Empire has NOT forgotten you. As of 5 hours ago, 3 antimatter devices detonated within Triglavian storage silos. The result of this attack was the total annihilation of the silos and their contents. This attack was planned in advance and supported by the resistance forces, assisted by Lady Crow, we are actively fighting back against the invaders.

This will be a long and difficult time for us in Raravoss. The Holder of this planet fled, as have so many others and abandoned their lands and their duties to save their own skin, to live forever as destitute holders and cowards. Those that have remained and fought against are to be commended, and I salute them. Those Holders that have cowered in their palaces and homes, hoping to ride out the storm with no repercussions, you shall face my wrath as much as any traitor that has sided with the Triglavians.

This leaves us with a decision that I have thought long and hard over.

As of today, I am proclaiming myself, pro-tempore, Holder of Raravoss. I know that I am only of common birth, but as no other of the remaining nobles have stood up to take that mantle on as their own in these trying times, I have risen to that challenge. My holdership shall be surrendered once the Triglavian invaders have been eradicated and this system returned to the majesty that is the Amarr Empire and a true Holder can be proclaimed to run this planet. I refuse the promises of True Holdership, but during this trying time a singular leader is needed.

To those outside of Raravoss, this message is a simple one. I plan to bring this planet back into the light, even with those that sit with folded hands and become blind. To Lord Sarum, I apologise for the actions that I have taken today, but the lack of effort by the Holders on this planet to formulate a unified front against the invaders has forced my hand.

The footage of her standing is replaced with combat footage of the resistance fighting on, with the casualties of the Triglavians being covered, whilst losses from the resistance fighters are minimised. The footage then flicks to what appears to be an upload from Arline’s own point of view, her combat stylings a cross between Khanid historical movements crossed with the physical movements used by those that practise Kutuoto Miru. Her voice continues as a voiceover

My loyalties are to God, Empress and Empire. The actions I have taken are solely my own, and I seek no retributive actions against the Order. Upon my return, I shall accept any and all punishments that Lord Sarum directs of me.

To all the Triglavian forces on Raravoss, be they direct combatants or those that have spat upon their oaths of loyalty - I shall pile your corpses high, a bloody testament to your misgivings that I would stand by and let this place be ravaged… I am Imud Habrau, the one that your forces have no hope against. If needed, I will see this planet burn brightly from pole to pole to deny you a place of refuge.

Amarr Victor.

the transmission cuts out


Hah! Outsiders perspective, no notes from me on the proclamation as pro-tempore claimant to Holder of Raravoss. The mantle sits unclaimed once the craven abandoned it so by all means, let the lowborn usurp the title with no means of enforcement. I think thats so incredibly, cynically funny.

But really, what are you Holding per say eh? To my understanding the principle task of which is the management of the expansive imperial slave network, isn’t it? I’m very curious what Integuirre’s estimates are of previous slaves that greeted even the extremely militarist Svarog forces as liberators and joined the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization solely for the opportunity to free themselves and fight against their slavemasters.

This is, without a doubt, the funniest example I’ve seen of a “resistance” movement just being a blatant counter-revolution to reestablish imperial dominion.

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Galm, I thought you were pretending to be one of the good ones. What are you doing in that silly little capsuleer clade?


He is definitely a snappy dresser, darling, though I am also confused (nothing new there, I suppose) about who is wearing which white hats in this whole Triangulum Imperium Regium thing. I don’t begrudge a new Holder their Holdings, but… it seems like a bit of a futile cause if Dr. Valate is correct about the ultimate fate of these purple yellow star systems.

Tangentially, darling, I enjoyed your archive of Nation documents tremendously. It’s refreshing to see material on the original invasive cybernetic abomination existential threat.

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Holdership is a claim on land. The people who live on that land are included as subjects of the Holder, but it is first, and foremost, a claim on territory. Paladin Oneski-Kley is effectively claiming both the right to command every loyal Amarr still in Raravoss and the right to enslave or kill all rebels and invaders that exist in said Amarr territory.

I pray for the success of Paladin Oniseki-Kley’s efforts to liberate the Holding of Raravoss from the vile invaders.


I don’t want to keep things to the topic of the little lordling at hand as things are. But if you’re talking about Varyazi, and I mention this because its relevant, its two things actually that brought me here.

One. I discovered a delightful thing called dialectical materialism. Life changing stuff, really, and so far as I can tell the Collective emphasis it far above specific ideology for good reason. Preservation of our way of life and our right to self-determination as warclones in the face of the old world empires necessitates active acts of anti-imperialism that weakens the monopoly on violence held by CONCORD. Everyone understands that CONCORD is antithetical to our existence, until its time to actually get to work dismantling its institutions. I couldn’t do that by taking half measures not committing fully to utilizing connections with the collective to safeguard our existence.

Two. Branding. It took some time, but we found a title we reasonable believe conveys what we’re all about to the Triglavians. Yes, we have our own pro bono objectives in Skarkon building our base of support and our subversion efforts to undermine our enemies. First and foremost though, we are mercenaries not foot soldiers.

How is this relevant? The insurgency on Raravoss led by Oniseki-Kley poses no material risk or threat to our position in Skarkon and our goals. Unlike Red Troop, AEGIS, or the Khumatariate government of Skarkon, the Amarr resistance isn’t our problem or has ever entangled themselves with our affairs. It’s entertaining enough to see a lowborn mantle the role of Holder from craven Amarr nobility. And knowning Svarog, its just as likely they are being evaluated in Proving as a prospective warrior to recruit. Lord knows they were hoping Kril Efrit would end up another feather in their cap. Anyway, I don’t see any reason for us to get involved and open up yet another front to manage at this time when everyone is having so much fun.

Not for free, that is. Business line is open if Integuirre feels they require our services.

And who toils the land in the Empire’s feudal system, sir?

You don’t have to answer that, I won’t make anyone suffer that conversation. No use in beating a dead horse and shitting up the thread. Look, I’m not pearl clutching here. I’ve come to terms with the Amarr system and made my peace with it some time ago. I understand that in many ways, Holder is no different in this context than Efrit’s title of Khumatar in this case. Suffice to say, my skepticism isn’t out of ignorance on the topic but an understanding of the institutional power structures of the Empire and how and why these titles exist. If the intention of their conter-revolution is “liberation” then I’m not so certain that using the same language and titles of many Raravoss citizen’s former oppressors is the best method to add legitimacy to your crusade. It makes it obvious how its inescapably linked to the Amarr system, and its objective of reasserting those mechanisms of oppression.

Imperialism has its own gravity that those caught in its orbit seldom escape, and things like this demonstrate that even the supposed best of intentions can be inescapable from imperial ambitions. Not unless those ambitions are actively opposed, which isn’t going to happen when your liberation front is being led by a “Holder.”

There are no citizens of Raravoss. Only faithful Amarr subjects, unfaithful rebels, and vile invaders.


See now, I’ll give you this. Thats the sort of purity of intent and materialist assessment I respect.

Its honest, y’know? It’s a matter of fact, these are the imperfect systems that need to be endorsed to keep the mechanisms of the Empire going. And subscribing to them requires submitting yourself as a subject to the system to earn its benifits. I can’t argue with that, I can only oppose it through Proving because the interests of the Empire aren’t my interests.

We’ll make Pochven residents out of all of you yet, trust me. You’ll all come around eventually.

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You are boot-lickers, sucking up to invaders who have even less interest in allowing you to preserve your way of life than CONCORD does. They are, however, happy to follow in CONCORD’s footsteps and let you get your murderboners off until you’re no longer convenient and useful.

The only thing most of us will come around to is the idea that we shouldn’t shoot you in the head, because having all of your clones torn apart by feral weasels, one by one, for as long as we can make you suffer is much more fun for us, and entirely fitting for traitors like you.

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I see that PIE has learned that Thrones can be Vacant and that Vacant Thrones can be filled.


As I mentioned in passing elsewhere, the first two interstellar corporations I began running errands for were the Emperor and Tash-Murkon Families. Our mutual fondness is quite nearly at the very limit of fondness, and therefore I think highly of Her Majesty. As president of the Federation, I shall look forward to working with her on a range of pressing galactic issues.

However… that was well-played, darling.

They can only be filled when the throne is, in fact, vacant. The Sacred Throne of the Holy Amarr Empire is quite effectively occupied.


Raravoss invictus.

Demonstrably untrue given that CONCORD has actively sent deathsquads against us to commit purges so anything past this isn’t worth reading.

You really need to stop just making things up, while you still have some credibility left.


I see my message got through to them.


Once you were no longer useful patsies, yes.

Tell me, what do you think the Trigs will do when they feel the same way about you? If you’re lucky, it’ll be a death squad. If not, it’ll be forced bio-adaptation and enslavement, just like the regular residents of Raravoss. Either way, your way of life? Gone. You’ll conform to theirs, or you’ll be ‘extirpated’.


Arrendis I do wish you’d stop skipping to the end of the story and spoiling it for everyone like this. You’re robbing us of the buildup of suspension surrounding the inevitable betrayal and the subsequent look on Galm’s face.


Oh dear Gaven–it’s too late to be prescriptive with your interpretations now!

PIE is on record actively supporting Ms. Kley’s unauthorized, self-appointed status as “Holder” of Raravoss! @Nauplius is exactly right Gavie darling–if you’re in for a penny of unsanctioned self-aggrandizement, you’re in for the whole isk. Or, as we say in my part of Mishi, you can’t have your harira and eat it, too.

Ahh, the bleating sounds of tiny little souls shaking their tiny little fists ineffectually in the air, “Waah! You’ll be sorry someday! Just you wait!”

Mmmmmkay, cupcakes. Keep telling yourself whatever you need to sleep at night.

Sorry to break it to you, Galm darling. . . that heqat ran dry a long, long time ago.


Lmao, have fun letting me live in your head rent free while you sit there imagining a universe where you happen to be right and justified being consistently off the mark. You’re just lashing out and saying this things to inflate your own ego as the self proclaimed professional explainer with without adding anything or acquiescing a single moment when you’re caught in a lie.

Cope and seethe.

There is absolutely no justified reason to believe or claim this other than wishful thinking from a certain sector of the galactic community. But here’s the thing you people don’t seem to get and shows your hand; dialectical analysis demands changing based on material conditions.

If and that’s a big if the conditions of our relationship with the Collective changes, so too will our policy toward them. That should be obvious, if any of you have been paying attention. Because I’m not bleating about ideology and parroting propaganda to indicate that this has anything to do with the “ideology” espoused by the old world to justify its monopoly on violence. But right now its objectively to our benefit, which is what breaks your brains and makes you insist that we act against our own protection and self interests rather than yours.

Active threat of death squads or “someday you’ll be sorry!” Hmmm. Which would you pick, which do you think will get you to tomorrow easier?


As President of the Federation, I would never deny an individual their right to self-aggrandizement. Or aggrandisement. Or aggrandizay. Whatever an individual wants to make bigger is fine with me.

But I have to agree that the harira is being eaten while simultaneously kept on display.

It is claimed the “throne” of Raravroomvroom waits for a new bottom. This is because the Holder whose bottom previously sat upon it abandoned that claim due to unforgivable cowardice. I don’t disagree.

Still, this is a “constructive abdication” proposition convenient to the one making the claim.

The Sedevacantist creed, to the extent I understand it, maintains that Old Man Heider doo Ran Ran committed an unforgivable act of cowardice by declaring peace. This is also a “constructive abdication” proposition convenient to the one making the claim.

Both claims are terribly similar, only differing in the people who find them convenient.

With respect to whether or not the Triglavians are going to betray capsuleers presently loyal to them, I have no opinion.

However, I would advise keeping exit filaments handy. It is entirely possible the Triglavians have trapped themselves in a ruinous resource cycle. They change the physics of stars to extract resources. But in doing so, render the surrounding space progressively more uninhabitable. This eventually forces the Triglavians to move on to new space or perish.

It may seem foolish for an advanced civilization to render the terrain in which it lives uninhabitable, but this would hardly be the first time, darlings.

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