Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Please. You’d probably wonder whether something was wrong with me if that was what I was censoring.

Cora, I assure you, I wonder if something is wrong with you regardless of what you may have been censoring in your post.

I suppose that might explain why you only seem willing to reply to me when it’s to poke fun at me in public.

I’m not obligated to answer each and every piece of fanmail that I get, Cora.

Maybe you’ll get a response some day.


Pffft. Arrendis always speaks truth! Except when I’m ■■■■■■■ with someone. Or full of crap. The trick is to know the difference! :smirk:

Ashes now you sound like Drust.

You know, for a moment I took compunction to that but… Y’got me, I think thats actually very cogent.

Yeah. Like. Thats the point right? He’s thesis, I’m antithesis. I like that, I think you’re onto something. Not saying that Drust has a point, but I detect a bit of synthesis going on here. If I’m starting to sound like Drust then maybe Drust will start sounding like me, Galm.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful parasocial relationship, he and I.

Didn’t figure him for your type hon… though not quite sure you’re his. Always was very particular

You don’t know what I’m into. Fully.

But no, this is about folding, rubbing, mashing ideas to reproduce dialectics. Its pure ideology.

Rubbing in public is generally frowned upon in most societies.

And here we see why dialectical materialism is something intelligent people flirt with in college, and quickly get over once they’ve got a smidgen of experience dealing with reality. Shouldn’t you be failing to grow a whispy goatee and wearing an ascot by now?

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You be brutal!

Dialectical materialism sounds like a load of tosh.

Can you explain to me, in detail please, why basing decisions in material concerns rather than pseudo-intellectual platitudes like whatever you’re on about is discredited by a “smidgen of experience” because its served me pretty well compared to the usual pedantic, insufferable garbage people like you hitch their wagon to.

You have nothing of substance to add here, other than project the fact that someone has clearly had this argument with you before and you haven’t gotten over it. I wonder why that is.

Dialectical materialism is self evident. It can’t be disproven as tosh it can only be willfully ignored or abandoned because its inconvenient when you need to lie to yourself to justify compromising your own interests. And you call me the boot licker.

Dude, looks like she hit a nerve.

To you? No. That would require the listener have a functioning brain.

Yeah, not doing this. The summit has rules against this sort of thing and I’m going to leave it to them to handle since nothing productive will come from this.


It costs nothing to be nice.


This is A Price that many Capsuleers are Unwilling to Pay.


Too steep of a price.

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