A message to the Triglavians from Raravoss

We are “on record”, are we? How interesting, given that we have made no such statement.

The Chapter as a whole actively supports Paladin Kley’s anti-Triglavian campaign on Raravoss, and will continue to do so, but we have made no statement either way on her claim. We also fully expect that she will drop her claim if a properly appointed Sarum Holder to replace the traitor arrives in system, or if Raravoss is successfully brought back under Imperial control.

As for the rest, the logic you display here is reductionist garbage. There is no comparison between the empty Holdership created by the Coward of Raravoss’s disgraceful defection and the glorious Sacred Throne of the Holy Amarr Empire, which has been filled by a rightful Emperor for millenia.

The problem with the Heretic’s nonsense is not the claim that an empty throne can be filled, but rather their utterly evil and absurd claim that the Sacred Throne has been empty since the reign of the Blessed Heideran.

Cutting it pretty fine, aren’t you? You said it in this very thread:

You gave a lecture on the meaning of Holdership and immediately followed it with an unreserved statement of hope for her success. Only a barrister parsing participles would argue otherwise.

No Gavin dear, it was goading. And it worked–because you know the hypocrisy just as well as I do. The knife only draw blood where the weak flesh is exposed.

I do not envy you. You set yourself an impossible standard–unquestioning subservience to a corrupted empire. But neither do I have any pity for you.

I am amused that none of the key words you failed to parse were participles.


True, but you know how Ni-Kunni feel about alliteration. It’s irresistable! :slight_smile:

Scrolling through this thread a bit too quickly, I initially misread this as “pasties”. You know, the things that exotic dancers use to cover their protuberances.

And then I had a rather unwelcome mental image of Zorya Triglav wearing little Galms as pasties to cover her bazongas.

So I decided to post and mention this, because why should I be the only one to suffer ?


Fight well, brave paladin.



This ■■■■ will be happening again endlessly until the occupied stars are invader free.


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