The Scarlet Devil held her Lithium Flower

Who is the Scarlet Devil and what is a Lithium Flower? - I hear you ask.

Well my dear love triangle hungry romantics, I want to tell you a story. A true story of two Caldari souls that have lived prestigious and righteous lives. Lives that they have done everything in their power and arsenal to ensure the future of their State, their Corporation and now, because they have found each other, Family. And a lovely looking test tube family they will make for sure! :heart:

I am speaking of none other that @Remilia_Malitia the (Scarlet Devil) and @Diana_Kim (Lithium Flower).

Oh how they have both blossomed together and it’s not me who thinks so. I have been receiving a few anonymise mails with fanart of the two together and would like to share them with the you.

I have a message for all those that have a crush on someone. Do not be afraid to open your heart! There are many out there who will turn you away, but there is someone out there is also holding back, waiting for YOU to reach out to them. Be the one to reach out! Lots of love

As natural as they come,

Julian ‘heart-struck’ Flavours
CEO and creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!


You know… my expectations were low, but this… come now Mr. Flavours, you can do better.


Love knows no bounds @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia

This is not me being better or worse, just humble me shilling the truth.

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Dont take the criticism too hard, Julian. Doubtless Laura just wishes there was a pornographic version.


Trying to hold some laughs desperately

Are you really trying to get deleted by the Templis?


One existed the moment this became a public tabloid throw, and you know it @Sahara_Jackal .

Some strange rule of the GalNet, and frankly one I don’t mind

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Oh dear.

This will end spectacularly, I’m sure.


Quite so dear Rusty.


What in the Maker’s name this bunch of ■■■■■■■■ is?!
Does anyone know if this guy has any structures somewhere? My finger is VERY itchy now.


Could think of a few ways you could scratch that itch. Heh.


What the ■■■■.


No, really.

What the actual ■■■■.

Where are you getting this from?

Who are you getting this from?

Whoever it is they are a liar.

This is why the Federation must be destroyed.


Wouldn’t you like to know! I don’t reveal my sources, that would be rude.

Your burning passion is showing Scarlet Devil :fire: :hearts: :fire:

Fixed it for you :wink:

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Some more fanart for you music loving romantics! (Also featuring yours truly this time.)

If only I could sing that well!


Oh, stellar, Remilia found it.

Wonder how long 'till this escalates to violence, hah.


I suppose Caspuleer conflicts have been started for less


They certainly have been, yes.

I will only be a little disappointed if nothing gets shot at.

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I won’t be. Honestly, if he’s doing this from a position where he has nothing they can attack, so he’s just winding them up and giving them blueballs, that just makes it even funnier.


Thank you very much.

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@Remilia_Malitia Alas, you have stolen the heart of my soulmate before I could heed Flavour’s advice! Take good care of it, lucky one.

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