An apology and truce offer to Grasten Auritus

Yesterday in “Intergalactic Summit” NeoCom channel we had a bit heated discussion, and I would like to bring my apologies for that. I am fast on returning fire, even if it is, unfortunately, on the words, and thus making the channel clogged with unrelated fights.

Please excuse me for that.

And together with this, I would like to offer a truce in NeoCom channels. I believe you are a smart man, Mr. Auritus, and thus I hope for your understanding.

I myself dislike strongly fashion, food and art talks and I am bored from them. But I don’t jump on your neck when you discuss what you like and don’t make claims like you don’t know nothing about that, right? On the other hand, I do like philosophy, math, intellectual talks. I get it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s what interests me and what I am professional with.

You see, I have been a marine, I fought on the dirt, I saw the death as it is and lost my friends on my arms. I am grateful that now, as a pilot, I don’t see death as it is, but I still know how it looks like, and how it feels like. It is disgusting, truly. And it’s dark reality where we do live in, the War rages on, people lose friends and relatives, and we can’t do anything about it except staying Humans, keeping our face and Honor. Philosophical and intellectual talks is what helps me escape the reality and submerge into the world of cold logic and rational conclusions. It is what keeps me sane all this time, it is what keeps my mind sharp and ready to quickly switch to combat planning without any emotional stress.

I do not consider you an enemy, Mr. Auritus. You neither wear Federal insignia, nor fly under Pirate flag. We are just humans, humans with different history and different interests. And I don’t think that a difference in our interests should be a basis for any conflict. And we can stay as respectful humans and discuss what interests us without jumping on each other neck with snarky and unnecessary hostile remarks.

I hope for your understanding and I really want to avoid us goading each other for conflict and hostile replies to each other.

However, if you by any reason would like to still consider me your enemy, I can understand that as well. I am only asking for truce in the NeoCom channels and forum media and do not turn them into battlegrounds, but if you would like to fight me by any other means, I will be at your service.

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State


Hmm, guess your CMC higher ups got through to you. Nice change of pace…


You are highly incorrect in your conclusion, Ms. Vess. Please avoid of making unreasonable comments.

Please excuse me. My intentions weren’t aimed at offense.


Your comment has implied that I was reprimanded for the offense that I clearly haven’t committed, and thus it was quite offensive and simply wrong, Ms. Vess. The case is closed now.

With due respect, Kim, you have a tendency to vendetta and feud, and have demonstrated so publicly. While I respect that the matter is closed insofar as CMC command is concerned, your behavior in public has not been beyond reproach.

It is my hope that these recent episodes will at least prompt some self-examination.

The world does not necessarily need to be your enemy.


With lack of respect, Priano, you have a tendency of insulting Caldari officers and troll treads with unrelated comments just to attack our honor. It is highly hypocritical of you from all the people after all what you have done to point to my public behavior, especially while you yourself break rules of civilized public behavior the moment you compose that comment.

I repeat one more time that that case has been closed, and it is unrelated to the current discussion. Cease and desist.

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State.

This thread is, itself, a perfect demonstration of why the censure occurred, and thus is absolutely related.

What’s more, insofar as Caldari officers are concerned, the only one with which I have had any conflict of remotely this scale is you. You are a singular example, and when I point out the damage you do to your own reputation, this is not targeted at any officer but you.

That you are taking a step to apologize publicly for your behavior to a person is notable and laudable. Many of us would not expect an apology from you. However, let’s be clear. You have a great many people who deserve an apology from you if you are to repair the considerable damage to your reputation: damage your own behavior caused.


My reputation is good, thank you. And if I have any problems with it, I’d prefer to hear it from people, who don’t stain their own reputation by slanders and dishonorable cowardice.

Let this be clear: if I do something wrong, or wrong someone by mistake, I do bring apology. Because I do value my honor, and I do value it more than my life. I am not a coward. I admit my mistakes, and I can defend my honor with weapons in hands.

And I despise those, who can’t do that.


Well, Mr. Auritus, you’ve now seen Kim in full form. Consider this, consider her attacking you in a channel, and judge as you will.


Priano, I have seen you trying to start conflict between me and Mr. Tuulinen, between me and Gen. Adams. And now you are trying to disrupt negotiations between me and Mr. Auritus.

Gen. Adams actually was very smart man and we have no conflict anymore. I hope we don’t have conflict with Mr. Tuulinen as well, despite your attempts. And I really hope that Mr. Auritus is smart enough to not fall for your ill and malicious propaganda and conflict mongering.

I hope that Mr. Auritus will take the correct course of action and disregarding his intentions of making peace or war with me, won’t go your steps, Priano, and won’t turn otherwise polite media into clogged and unreadable battlegrounds.

Sadly … Ms. Kim, it isn’t. Not among your peers.


I am not sure I could agree with you on that, Ms. Jenneth. But if you have any concerns, you can send them to my mail so I can review them privately, and I will really appreciate if in the future you won’t breach civil behavior so blatantly like this one your comment.

Thanks in advance.
D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

Taking your own advice from time to time wouldn’t do you harm.


I pretty much do. Thank you and bye.

Hmm, here I thought simply complementing CMC and their ability to handle internal affairs without heavy handed punishments and such wouldn’t start an out cry. Oh well, live and learn I guess…


Well…I suppose I should be honored to get a whole forum thread named after me!

I suppose I appreciate the gesture, Strike Commander. I am glad to see there is some shred of honor in your soul. Not sure there is much to forgive though, other then some rather rude things you might have said. You and I merely have beliefs that are on the far opposite ends of the political spectrum. I happen to love the Gallente Federation and think that it is the greatest nation to ever travel the stars. I am sure you do not think like this, as you have noted many…many…many times.

I appreciate the apology, but do not feel at this time that I can agree to any kind of ‘truce.’ as I am sure conflict will arise between us again.

Have a good day Strike Commander

G. Auritus
Owner and Proprietor of the Sapphire Star


There’s this little heart icon under other peoples posts which is called the “like” button. What it does is gives people a way to express liking a post, this can be for any number of reasons but usually means they agree with what the person said.

I’ve gone ahead and liked one of your posts so that you’ll know what it’s like to be “liked”. Typically if someone has a good reputation, that happens to them a lot and not for demonstration purposes.

IGS popularity contests aren’t everything of course, but don’t try and delude yourself into thinking that you have something even close to a good reputation.


Luckily you can open that “like” button and see who exactly have liked that. And when you see there faces like kul_Shaishi or Raske… you really can’t say anything else than BWA-HA-HA-HA.

Yes, these like buttons give typical lists of “usual suspects”.

kul Shaishi “Likes” pretty nearly everyone she doesn’t actively dislike, Ms. Kim. I guess she really enjoys the IGS. If you’re not receiving those … I guess you must have offended her somehow.

Ms. Raske … actually is pretty well-respected. I don’t agree with her about everything, of course, but, she’s a solid fixture in the community at this point, even if she has maybe a little taste for drama and snark. (Really, probably a lot of us do.) Ms. Priano’s likewise well-regarded, though she has maybe a kind of an unfortunate fondness for sharpening her tongue where you’re concerned.

… I wish she wouldn’t do that.

Thal Vadam is widely respected. So’s Ms. Vess. Arrendis is respected for intelligence and wit, though she sometimes argues stuff she doesn’t really believe just for the fun of it and tends to sharpen her tongue on, well, everybody. Mr. Tuulinen is sort of everybody’s model of the concept, “Civire.”

Miz only ever says what she really believes. … Not sure that’s as much of a merit as she holds it up as.

I try to build a reputation a little like that one myself, though: I try to speak plainly, and not to lie, to myself or others.

In the spirit of speaking truth: your own reputation is for meaningless aggression and pointless confrontation. Ms. Priano makes a sport out of driving you into corners, which seems cruel to me.

You’re a broken person, and have been as long as I’ve been aware of you. It seems like something happened to you, in the past, and you’ve been reacting to it, viscerally, ever since. Even those closest to you are aware of it. They might defend you against Ms. Priano, or another attacker, but … they do understand.

… And I think, when you let yourself actually think, instead of just reacting … you know it, yourself.

It makes me sad. But I don’t know how to help you, besides highlighting these things for you and hoping you’ll see and act on them.

A vain hope, probably. … Please be well.

Better, even.