[CMC] Issuance of Censure

Greetings Summit,

I was elected Vice President of the Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC) several weeks ago during a vote held by the CMC Board of Directors. It is my duty amongst others to ensure that compliance with the CMC Charter, our founding constitution, is met by all the signatories and directors that are part of the Coalition. This is especially important regarding the latter, as the officers administering the CMC are compelled to uphold the standards that are expected of every man and woman currently serving as part of the CMC and its associated corporations, alliances and subsidiary operations. Individuals within the CMC and other pilots have brought to my attention that Commander Diana Kim, a CMC director, is in violation of the CMC Charter’s Article IV, Section One over the period of her service within the Coalition. This accusation is supported by her conduct on this public forum over several years, making personal attacks on other individuals that are unwarranted or without reasonable evidence beyond her own opinion and general harassment. For reference, the relevant part of the CMC Charter has been uploaded below for the benefit of the general public.


As we can see, the Charter explicitly states that communication with other pilots must be conducted in a reasonable manner, primarily within the Coalition itself but also to foreign parties. ‘Foreign parties’ can be interpreted as any non-CMC individual pilot, DUSTer, corporation or alliance. From this interpretation of the charter, it can be said that Commander Kim has violated this aspect of the CMC Charter with her conduct that would not be expected of any officer or enlisted of the Caldari Navy, the Caldari State Protectorate, the CMC or indeed any rational human being. Therefore, I am compelled to act by my obligations as Vice President to ensure that the integrity of the CMC Charter is maintained by all signatories.

Acting in my capacity as Vice President of the Caldari Militia Coalition, I am hereby issuing an order for censure towards Commander Diana Kim for violation of the CMC Charter’s Article IV, Section One. You will immediately cease and desist from harassing or otherwise continuing your activities on this forum and elsewhere that would be seen as a breach of charter obligations. This order will remain in effect until the next meeting of the CMC Board of Directors in which your offences will be brought to their attention for review, as well as your suitability as a continued board member determined. Failure to comply with this directive will be perceived as a refusal of a direct order from a superior officer within the chain of command and will be taken into consideration by the Board of Directors.

I would strongly advise that you cease your malicious activities within these forums and public channels, and comply with this directive, Commander.


Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


This is cruel, getting my hopes up like this.




And what exactly is the failure state of this venture? Enforcement mechanics?

I get the impression this isn’t going to actually affect anyone.


Nice to see the system works. Wouldn’t think it would be as severe a punishment (I would imagine transgressions against your own would be much more severe obviously) but its nice to see some form of censure. Thank you.

@Mizhara_Del_thul Its a start isn’t it?


It might end up not affecting anyone, but the principle must be upheld. If we cannot be seen to police our own people when their actions bring ourselves, our organisations or society into disrepute, then we lose any standards we claim to have and the CMC Charter may as well be forfeit.

I would have thought you of all people would understand that.


I do, I just question what kind of power you guys have to actually police these principles. Will you hound her out of the militia if they are not upheld? Is there a blacklist for fleets? Is there something that could actually affect someone, or is it merely words for the sake of them?

Action following words is a pretty vital part of policing anything.

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Oh wow. I didn’t even realize the CMC could do this.


Ah, I understand. This will be taken before the CMC Board of Directors for review, and in light of the evidence presented a vote will be held on her continued status as a director within the CMC. In addition, we do have multiple options for dealing with rogue elements within the State Protectorate, such as blacklisting individuals, as the CMC was designed with the goal of preventing discord and to promote unity to prevent the civil wars that have wracked STPRO in the past.

I agree wholeheartedly with actions matching one’s words. However, whilst I can issue a censure motion if I find a violation of the CMC Charter, I cannot pass or confirm a punitive sentence (i.e. demotion, blacklisting) on a fellow director without the authority and agreement of the CMC Board of Directors. Hence why I stated that it would remain in effect until the next meeting of the Board, at which a review will be held to determine the Commander’s sentence.

I personally don’t want individuals representing this organisation that act in the manner that Commander Kim has seen fit to do so. If I cannot get her actions disavowed by State authorities, then I must take action in what form I can, even if it is as symbolic as getting her CMC membership revoked.


Thank you Commander Adams. This is exactly the level of professionalism I would expect from a Caldari Officer.


General Adams,

I have not recieved any notification about breach of conduct neither by mail, nor by official CMC sources yet. And I believe such issues are to be resolved internally, however you brought this into the public forum.

I expect full information about the incident, including:

  • date,
  • time,
  • exact quote,
  • and reference (link)

To be on my table not late than noon.

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State


Pretty sure he’s official…


Hey Kim-baka has your mouth finally written a check your bony ass can’t cover?

It would appear so.


Kim is right that this probably should have been conducted internally, rather than via the forum. Especially if she was not informed about the censure through normal channels.


This does seem like a breach of protocol. I think censure is meant to correct errant behaviour, not public shaming.


Ms. Kernher;

I suspect the point is two-fold. The first, of course, is to initiate proceedings regarding Ms. Kim’s behavior. The second is to demonstrate that such is occurring, as a step to establish to the public that the CMC does not approve of Ms. Kim’s public behavior.

Given the number of feuds that Ms. Kim prosecutes on these very forums, and the abuse heaped on those she has disagreements with (including, in some cases, Caldari stalwarts such as Adams-haan and Tuulinen-haan), this is likely partially intended as redress for those who have been harassed.

In either case, I will refrain from further commentary, out of respect for the involved.


I think bringing this forward publicly was exactly the right move.

The Gallery has a quota to fill you know, and peanuts don’t throw themselves!


I hope that justice is served, not for my sake, but for others.


Here, here!


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