[CMC] YC119 Caldari Art (Propaganda) Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Directorate of Caldari Militia Coalition I would like to present you a Caldari Propaganda Art Contest.

It is widely known that Gallente Federation uses extensive propaganda to cover their crimes and to lure young naive pilots into their ranks by promises of their false ideals. They deny atrocities they have committed, and when confronted they claim like we do “the same”, where we don’t. They represent degrading ideals of sexuality, democracy, freedom, individualism and hedonism as positive. And they just slander us and spread lies about us at any occasion they have, and that hostility on IGS was a perfect example of that lately when I was bringing debunks to Gallente propaganda machine. This time it’s our turn to strike them with our own propaganda!

And as everything Caldari can do better, we can do Art better than Gallente as well! It’s time to remind them once again about Caldari professionalism in quality, whenever it would be, in ship construction, in building, in piloting, and even in the Art.

The Caldari Militia Coalition offers a Chimera class carrier (or Minokawa force auxilary) for the best capsuleer artist to raise Caldari flag over the New Eden. The deadline for submissions is 21.12.YC119, and if you will prove your merit as the most professional Caldari propaganda capsuleer artist, you will have a shiny new ship in your hangar as a New Year present.

Full list or rules and the place to submit your works can be found here.

Good luck to all the participants!

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State.


I will match this prize for the best artistic rendering of the Kimling engaging in and perpetuating the ‘degrading ideals of sexuality, democracy, freedom, individualism and hedonism’. A carrier, force auxiliary or dreadnaught of choice to the winner, second and third place gets a navy battleship and navy cruiser respectively.

Rules and considerations are as follows:

  1. Entries must be publicly displayed here on the IGS. Change: Or other public venue of choice!
  2. IGS rules of conduct does of course apply due to the above, if published here on the IGS.
  3. Entries must be submitted before 21.12, but particularly good ones coming in later will be considered for bonus prizes.
  4. The quality of the rendering does not necessarily refer to artist skills, stick figures are sufficient if the content is hilarious enough.

Mizhara of the Isle of Thule, Talon Commander,
Of the Shifting Snows
Heavy Core
Spirit Vegetable
Annoyer of Fleet Command
Scrub Queen Supreme
Mistress of the Dumpsterfire
Bearer of the Divine Posterior
Scholar of the Accords
I forget what else I’ve been named and labeled over the years.
And I think “Freedom’s Fire” is a bit wank, really. I mean… right?
Seriously, you accrue a lot of these things as you age as a capsuleer.
There was something about a Hound I think?
Wiggler of things that ordinarily can’t wiggle.
Oh, and I’m skipping the usual derogatory nicknames, they’re too common.
Athen’s Anathema was a good one, though.


You forgot ‘Taser of Annoying Jerks’.


Let’s see.

Things that amuse me:

  • The Ishukone Corporation is mentioned in the same breath as the Templis Dragonaur.
  • Diana Kim continues to believe that the widespread antipathy toward her is a product of a Gallente propaganda machine.
  • Mika Firestorm appears from nowhere to meme badly at one of Kim’s detractors.

Suppose that’s all for now.


They are both members of Caldari State, and they both have questionable reputation.

Pretty much my belief is not concern for such a dishonorable liar as yourself, Priano.
There are many enemies of the State, and my known successes make them quite mad. Yet I try to address the most numerous of the groups.

Her submission doesn’t fit the rules and will be disqualified.
As for her quarrel with that tribal, you’d better ask herself and not in here. I highly doubt though she will be interested in conversing with such uncouth person as yourself.

I am pretty sure that’s not because of me, but well… that’s our Makoto for us who is jumping into conclusions just to attack Caldari people without even bothering to check what is what.

The Templis Dragonaur are a known terrorist organization, responsible for the deaths of millions of State citizens.

Ishukone, on the other hand, saved lives with its Caldari Prime demilitarization deal, and is a megacorporation in good standing in the Caldari State.

Or have you forgotten Mens Reppola remains a member of the CEP?


As for the first part - I’ve answered it already https://forums.eveonline.com/t/about-absurdity-of-declaration-of-criminality/22077, and exactly to you. Stop making drama whenever possible.

They aren’t “known terrorist organization”, they only were named so. On the other hand, you are a known liar and dishonorable woman, because you did commit a slander, and you didn’t have honor to answer for it. I am not “declaring” you liar or dishonorable one, I am just stating it as a fact.

As for that alleged responsibility for deaths of millions of State citizens - while these claims stand, they will be on this exclusion list.

And betrayed everything the Caldari are, not speaking about deliberately turning themselves from the leading Caldari corporation into Black Sheep of Caldari State since previous CEO death in YC110, and openly working with people that every other State Corporation considers an enemy.

It deserves to be on the exclusion list way more than Dragonaurs.

By a miracle. If he would be proper Caldari, he would take the tea already.

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Ah! Slander! So, you, who so fondly champion rule of law and that charges do not establish criminality even when the criminal acts were in plain view, still haven’t brought civil suit on that. Please do, so that I can get it laughed out of court. In the meantime, you can say I’ve slandered you all you like, but it’s not a proven charge, isn’t it? I mean, I could very easily claim that you’re constantly slandering me, after all.

As for the Templis Dragonaur, we have data that indicates they were a major component of the Kyonoke Crisis. A Templis Dragonaur plot is responsible for the death of millions of Caldari. This is not guesswork. This is known. We have intelligence predating the crisis that indicates the Dragonaur plot. We have State-released information then confirming the presence of one of these terrorists at Myrskaa, where fourteen million State citizens died.

So, sure, they haven’t been put to trial. However, the CEP’s statement continues to stand. The organization is on a State list of terrorist organizations.

How difficult is that to understand?

Edit: oh, and I must add. Even Kaalakiota has stations in Federation space. The State trades with the Federation daily, and has open borders with the Federation.

Edit of edit: actually, just checked. Kaalakiota, Wiyrkomi, CBD, Ishukone and Nugoeihuvi all have considerable assets in Federation space. Evidently the majority of the Big Eight don’t merely trade across the border, they’ve actively invested in developing assets in Federation space, and this cuts across political lines.


Those ideals are most definitely not degrading, but I’m sure you’ve already heard this so I would like to know, why you think sexuality, democracy, freedom, individualism and hedonism are degrading ideals?

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You have not been convicted, but the fact of slander is known already for several years:

How difficult is it to understand that these discussions do not belong here?

A reminder to all Gallente pilots, concerning the official mental health policy of Galmil:

  1. We do NOT mock subnormal folks, even if they hold rank in Caldari militia.
  2. We offer earnest feelings of non violent revulsion and sympathy to those afflicted by the burden of caring for sub-normals. Do not pod them unless they speak in local.
  3. Diana Kim has been touched by a lessor god. Let it play out for the greater glory of the righteous.
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That’s what I meant by typical gallente propaganda and slander.

Don’t be like them, show that Caldari are better.

Not unlike Heth-guri’s various crimes, or the various crimes of the Templis Dragonaur, or your various crimes.

And yet, somehow, you insist on the rule of law in their case, and proclaim the honor of a uniform falsely claimed in your case, and insist on self-evident fact in the case of anyone you actually disagree with.



I am pretty much clean before the law of the State, about the rest I don’t care, thank you and bye.

Stop trolling the treads, Priano. This is a wrong topic for this discussion.

Supplies Kim with more shovels


My entry. Do I win?


Damn it Lasa now I am going to start playing this…


Hehe, mission accomplished! I don’t have prizes…yet.


There are a couple of these she never actually does, though?

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Stop being a stick in the mud, Aria. :slight_smile: