WIN A CARRIER WITH YOUR ART - Caldari Militia Coalition YC119 Propaganda Contest

Caldari Militia Coalition proudly presents:

YC119 Caldari Propaganda Contest!

Unsheathe your pen, mouse or brush, and with your skills you can win a ship that Adm. Tovil-Toba piloted as a New Year present!


  1. Chimera class carrier (or Minokawa class force auxilary by choice of the winner).
  2. Raven Navy Issue battleship (or Scorpion Navy Issue battleship by choice of the winner).
  3. Drake Navy Issue.
  4. Osprey Navy Issue cruiser (or Caracal Navy Issue cruiser by choice of the winner).

Submission deadline: 21 December 2017 (YC119)

Caldari Militia Coalition makes a call to all the artists of New Eden to make awesome posters (digital art), that we can use to promote Caldari ideals, ideology and supremacy, as well as depict Gallente (and especially Gallente militia) as weak, incapable or monstrous, and make jokes of them.


  1. The submission shall not depict any Caldari Corporation (player or NPC), any Caldari pilot, agent or NPC actors of the present or the past, or the Caldari State as a whole in negative light.
  2. The submission shall not depict any Gallente Corporation (player or NPC), any Gallente pilot, agent or NPC actors of the present or the past, or the Gallente Federation as a whole in a positive light.
  3. The submission shall not violate Eve Online EULA.
  4. The submission shall not violate rules of this forum.
  5. The submission shall not contain indecent skin exposure or sexualized themes.
    5a. It is allowed to depict sexuality in general as a negative trait, if it will be attributed to Gallente.
  6. The submission shall not make any pilot or player-run corporation as a target of a joke.
    6a. It is allowed to make fun of NPC corporations and whole Gallente militia, Federation or unnamed pilots.
  7. Do not advertise your personal corporation (or yourself), with exception of:
    7a. Advertisement of Caldari Militia Coalition corporations and alliances is more than welcome.
    7b. Advertisement of any Caldari State NPC member corporation is allowed, with exception of: Ishukone Corporation, Templis Dragonaurs, Ishukone Watch.
  8. Memes, demotivators and similar low-effort submissions will not be accepted.
  9. Submissions are expected to be poster-sized.
  10. By posting your submission, you agree that Caldari Militia Coalition pilots might use it as a propaganda by posting it in local channel disregarding if you will win it or not.
  11. The submission shall not contain any references to gallente ideals in a positive sight, like: hedonism, freedom, democracy, individualism, etc. Making fun of these concepts is more than welcome!
  12. Putting stamps with your authorship on your submissions is allowed, as long as it won’t be a focal point.
  13. All submissions must be original, made by authors themselves.
    13a. Using in-game screenshots and game generated content is allowed.
  14. Multiple submissions per character are allowed, but only one prize can be won (edited: 23.11.2017)

Breaking rules submissions will be disqualified.

Here are examples of what we are looking for:

  • WWII-styled posters;
  • communist posters from (Russian) Civil War era (fight against Imperialism, etc);
  • defamation and jokes about Gallente militia (Keep in mind rule 6! No players and corporations shall be defamed and made targets of a joke);
  • praising Caldari for military victories, either from lore (liberation of Caldari Prime by Tibus Heth), or from militia (domination of the warzone before every other militia, defense of Hasmijaala, the capture of Nennamaila or Vlillirier, etc);
  • condemning Gallente for war crimes, atrocities, etc. (from the lore);
  • Caldari military recruiting advertisement.

The works will be rated both for their quality and the message.


  1. CPTRINGO, The Bloc, Caldari Militia Coalition Director
  2. Diana Kim, State Protectorate, Caldari Militia Coalition Director
  3. TheLastSparton, Templis CALSF, Caldari Militia Coalition Director

Caldari Propaganda

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‘Our ships’.


Thanks, running the next one though grammerly, cuz im derpy as (banned word) tonight

I hope I got no grammar errors this time.


Go home people, contest is over, we has a winner right here!!!

lulz at how the bird is shitting itself!


Proudly made using designs from Dust 514, boots on the ground /salute/


I tried?


Well, I made one poster already, but I really wanted to do something more.
I think it can be of some use someday.

Lossless file for full bleed printing (5mm bleed).


Here is my entry (to be considered as OOC submitting)


Link to the high-res (300 DPI, 3508x4961)



By unequivocal decision of judges, we are lifting the restriction on multiple submissions from one character. However, the restriction of one prize for the character will remain (only the best work will be rated).


Typo: ‘Endlessy’

Post /20/

I’ve not done this before (and neither am I involved in FW), but I’m away for the weekend so maybe I’ll come back to some decent feedback :slight_smile:


More posters! \o/
Caldari MTAC.

Made using Inkscape and Blender, I made my own 3D models.

Lossless file for full bleed printing (5mm bleed).

3D models:

Updated mech model for Blender
Scene as in poster for Blender

Mech Model and scene for Blender, if anyone in CalMil wants to make himself some propaganda or poster with this Mech. Model is already rigged and there are handles to position it as you like. You dont have to attribute me, only please dont claim you made it. Its completely free. :hugs:


This is honestly more of a joke piece than an actual submission. The original image is a Soviet ‘No to Alcohol’ poster and thus does not meet rule 13 (All submissions must be original, made by authors themselves).

However! I found it hilarious and encourage people to use it as they will.

I am currently working on my actual submission. Which will be placed below once I feel it is presentable.



Not an entry to the contest, but can be of propaganda purposes too. :wink: