[CONTEST] YC124 Union Day - Inspiring Works


In celebration and honour of the YC124 Union Day the LUMEN Caldari Contingent is once again sponsoring a contest for inspiring and patriotic works. New for this year is that aside from written works in the form of short prose and classic poetry, patriotic and inspiring posters are also eligible for entry.

This event is open to Citizens of the State and non-citizens alike*. The purpose of the contest is to celebrate and illuminate the culture, history, achievements and way of life of the Caldari people, the State and the client states, remembering our past as we with strength and unity look to the future.
Entries should seek to reflect that.

Submissions of entries are open as of this announcement. Entries may either be posted as a reply to this thread or in an individual thread on these forums with a link to the individual thread posted bellow.
The deadline for submissions is the 11th of September YC124 and the results will be announced during the later half of September YC124.

Prizes for the top entries are:

  • 1st Place – 1 billion ISK as well as one Raven Navy Issue
  • 2nd Place – 500 million ISK as well as one Drake Navy Issue
  • 3rd Place – 250 million ISK as well as one Caracal Navy Issue
  • 4th Place – 100 million ISK as well as one Caldari Navy Hookbill

Individual judges may award further prices at their own discretion to works they deem deserving of special recognition, The prizes may be updated.

Rules and limitations
Posters submitted should be held to a standard of decorum where they could be displayed in public to all audiences.
Written works should be no longer than 1000 words, there is no minimal length.
Multiple submissions from the same person is allowed, however each entry will be judged separately.
The intent is that works submitted to this contest are made to celebrate Union Day YC124. As such, already existing works should not be entered (this is requirement is waivered for works published relatively recently)
The panel of judges reserve the right to disqualify any hostile or inappropriate entries or contestants.
All members of the panel of judges, including observes, are disqualified from submitting works to the contest.

Judges for this contest are from the LUMEN Caldari Contingent , I-RED and SPD

If there are any questions in regards to the contest, you may contact me.

For the State!

* Individuals falling in to any of following categories need not enter.

  1. Individuals currently or recently; supporting, associating with, loyal to, or part of, following organizations:
  • Federal Defense Union
  • Tribal Liberation Force
  • Triglavian Collective
  • Kybernaut Clades
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Blood Raiders
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Serpentis Corporation
  • Angel Cartel
  • Provists
  • Templis Dragonaurs
  1. Individuals with a repeated and violent history of major acts of aggression (Such as, but not limited to; Piracy, Subversion, Terrorism, and Sabotage) towards the State itself.

  2. Individuals who have committed high treason towards the State.

With reservation for eventual errors, clarifications, and changes.



The living culture of our people is our most precious possession. It has persisted unbroken from the time of Raata through collapse, subjugation, exile and a hundred years of bloody war.

It is a solemn privilege for all of us to continue building on the foundation of our ancestors’ sacred Way. May Cold Wind play muse through your words. Moitte.


I would like to submit the following entry: Color Bands

High res on Flickr.


I would like to submit the following entry: Service to the State

High res on Flickr.


I would like to submit the following entry: 8 megacorporations, 1 workers union, 1 country, part A and B

High res on Flickr, part A and Flickr, part B.


I hope I didn’t miss the deadline! I’ve been so caught up with Union Day celebrations this week and last week. Anyway, I present my entry, Unity in Eight Stanzas:

The Black Rise rising,
Embattled but forever
Determined to thrive.

Storm bear sleeping warm,
As Cold Wind sweeps up above.
Peace in the mountains.

Much activity -
Machine cogs forming as one,
Lonetrek stirs to life.

Ghost bird soaring high,
A screech no one can deny,
Guardian always.

Steel fortress, so strong,
The might of The Citadel
In Caldari hearts.

Emperor bear up
And ready, for the call of
A new dawn beckons.

The Forge, like others,
The heartbeats of trillions
Together as one.

Eight corps, one people,
This is and always will be -
The Caldari Way.


The contest is now closed for further entries.
Results will be announced in the near future.


The panel of judges has come to an accord.
The results are as follows:

1st Place - Mr. Ailo Koskinen with the entry “Unity in eight Stanzas”
2nd Place - Ms. Miyoshi Akachi with the entry “8 megacorporations, 1 workers union, 1 country, part A and B”
3rd Place - Ms. Miyoshi Akachi with the entry “Service to the State”
4th Place - Ms. Miyoshi Akachi with the entry “Color Bands”

Prizes will be contracted shortly.

I do wish to extend my appreciation to this years panel of judges,
Alex Carmel [SOUT]
Alexandre Hinkelmann [I-RCB][I-RED]
Henrik Suzaku [STSUO][SPD]
Julianni Avala [I-RCB][I-RED]

As well as the non voting observer and advisor,
Lunarisse Phonaga [SFRIM][LUMEN]
And to I-RED For contributing the ship prizes.

For the State!


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