[Federation Day YC125] Poster design official submission list

Welcome fellow pilots and artists, this year’s image design competition is about creating a poster in a vertical format that entices the audience with a particular Federation-designed ship. It can be a sales advert, a tech profile, or an achievement record of some kind.

Pirate faction ships that use the base of a Gallente-designed ship are not allowed, nor ships that have been the result of collaboration between one or more nations of the cluster.

There is no limit on the number of submissions you might present, but they all need to be for public use, and no copyright or legal restrictions should be applied to the design. All submissions must be added in this thread to be recognized as valid entries.

A judging panel will review the posters and announce the winners on the 24th of June with prizes being delivered on the following days.

Current prizes are as follows:

* 1st place – 1.5 billion Isk,  300 plex, Kronos Fed Navy SKIN, Megathron Navy Issue and Moros Navy Issuee BPC
* 2nd place – 1 billion isk,   150 plex, Kronos Fed Navy SKIN, Dominix Navy Issue + Vexor Navy Issue
* 3rd place – 750 million isk, 150 plex, Talos Fed Navy SKIN,  Brutix Navy Issue + Exequrror Navy Issue
* 4th place - 750 million isk, 150 plex, Talos Fed Navy SKIN,  Brutix Navy Issue + Exequrror Navy Issue

We might add honorable mention categories depending on the amount of sponsorship secured.

Announcing the winners of this event!:

rewards will be transferred in the coming days. Congratz to all the participants.

Alain Colcer
Master of Ceremonies


Hello, hopefully in the near future you’ll update the OP with specific info… :wink:

Anyway, been a couple years since I last submitted an entry for one of these event contests. Because of that, figured it was time to jump back in.

So in my rush to create an entry, I didn’t see the original thread with specific rules pertaining to poster content until after I had submitted a more Traditional Federation Day Poster for YC125…

Traditional Federation Day Poster - Celebrating 240 Years Of Freedom

My bad but hey, sure would have been nice to have seen those rules listed in this threads OP.

Anyway, I’m now submitting this poster for the contest, hopefully it complies with the rules as a Ship Sales Poster.

Opux Luxury Yacht - Where Your Pleasure Never Ends


Hi DeMichael

Yeah sorry it took me a bit longer than I expected to set everything up, but the OP has been updated with the rules and details.

In any case, I thank you immensely for starting the submissions and adding your work to this thread, it is always great to see the imagination and talent of players when creating the posters each year.

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Hi Alain,

No problem, seems I jumped the starting gun on this… :thinking:
Hopefully my 2nd poster complies with your rules…

I would like to submit “Megathron battleship

High res on Flickr.


I would like to submit “Atron

High res on Flickr.




Increased prizes thanks to our sponsors!

Make sure to submit your posters before Saturday 23:59 eve time

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Hello, I’d like to also submit this poster for the contest…

Have No Fear, Velator Is Here.



The judges have spoken, and the winners announced!

congratz to all participants.

Happy Federation Day


Congratulations to all the winners…

And thank you very much…

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