[Federation Day YC122] Federation Day Party and Poster Competition

Federation Day Party

Furthermore to my colleague Captain Colcier’s announcement regarding the festivities to commemorate Federation Day, I would like to add a couple more events to complement the day.

A few have asked in the counterpart thread as to where the planetside party for Federation Day is to take place - if indeed one is to take place at all. It is my pleasure to confirm that this is the case. The Federation Day party will be held at the Arcadian Strand Bar and Restaurant, anchored off the coast of the Noiplaja resorts in the Hueromont Isles. All are welcome regardless of allegiance, in keeping with the spirit of the inclusivity of the Federation. I would strongly recommend that those of questionable (read: outlaw/piratical) affiliations not commit any misdeeds whilst present on Gallentia; Arcadian security personnel will respond to any instances with swift and extreme prejudice. I hope to see you all there!

The event details are as follows:

Where: Luminaire - ‘Arcadian Strand Bar and Restaurant’, Noiplaja Coast, Hueromont Isles

When: 21:00 20th June YC122

What: A party to celebrate Federation Day away from space.

Federation Day Poster Competition

As an additional activity for our more artistically-inclined pilots in the cluster, Nadire Security Consultants will also be sponsoring a competition for Federal-themed posters to be produced for Federation Day.

Whilst the name of the event is ‘Federation Day’, I would not expect that the posters should simply be reflective of the Federal institutions alone . The Federal Union is a diverse melting pot of hundreds of thousands of cultures and civilisations across six regions - all contributing to the greater whole in their own unique way. I wholeheartedly encourage the recognition of these member nations within the artwork.

The Competition will run from today until the 30th June, with judgement and prize dispensation to be conducted within early July. A full list of the rules can be found here.

The Prizes -

1st Place - One Federal Navy Megathron or Dominix + 2,000,000,000 (2b) ISK

2nd Place - 1 Brutix Navy Issue + 1 Exequror and Vexor Navy Issue + 1,250,000,000 (1.25b) ISK.

3rd Place - 1 Exequror or Vexor Navy Issue + 5 Federation Navy Comets + 650,000,000 (650m) ISK

Honorary Mention - 5 Federation Navy Comets + 100,000,000 (100m) ISK.

This competition will be open to sponsors and prize money and ships may change depending on the level of support this competition receives.

I and Nadire Security Consultants look forward to seeing the creativity of our pilots in the cluster and wish you all a pleasant and safe Federation Day.

For Liberty and Justice~


Absolutely brilliant, look forward to admire the inspiration of great artists, and i may appear at the restaurant after finishing in-space activities for a good cognac and sharing some stories.


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A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has contributed 3 billion ISK to the prize pool. Prizes have been amended accordingly.

Parade activities throughout the Empire

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n this image i have created one for each faction this is my gallente fan art poster i use on my desktop streams videos excetra
i love eve online and the Gallente Federation i hold dear to my heart
in this image you will see on the right side of the screen the gallente political commerce area of their main world, below them in the pool is dodixie trade hub and a thanatos being reflected in the mirage of the water,
on the gree n line split to the left you have the gallente leader some may have never even see his face well you can see him now,
the planet behind them is a planet i tried to recreate from the stories of a fight where worlds were close together, beside the leader is a drifter taking a pilot because one of the first pilots to ever be taken was a gallente, on the left is the chronicles image

i hope you guys enjoy and love EvE Online as Much as i do

The Hecate King

This is my submission


Ready to be rolled out to holodisplays everywhere (no matter their quality!).


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