[EVENT]Federation Day YC123 - June 20th

Fellow Capsuleers, citizens of the Federation

With great joy I announce this year’s event to Celebrate Federation Day YC123 in Luminaire.

We invite every capsuleer and Federation citizen to join us in Luminaire on June 20th Sunday, starting from 18:00 eve time, to see the fireworks and attend the festivities regarding this yearly celebration.

UPDATE: a venue has been rented for all participants to attend and enjoy drinks and snacks, all expenses covered by the sponsors. Join us at “The Gallente Lounge”, located at the Aidonis Elabon Building in Luminaire. ((ooc note, the above is an ingame channel)).

Current Sponsors

  • Inner Zone Shipping
  • Nadire Security Consultants
  • @Maira_Blackfire - 2bill donation to the prize pool of the pageant contest (funds have been secured).
  • @Durant_Aristide - 1bill donation on Behalf of United Republics of Aristidia (funds have been secured)
  • @Anataine_Deva - 4.5bill donation to the prize pool of the fireworks display contest. (funds have been secured)
  • @Jenna_Corinth - 5bill donation to the “pimp my ride” event. (funds have been secured).

Activities planned are:


Throw a display of beautiful colored fireworks, snowball or any other visual effect of your preference on the crowd.

UPDATE: thanks to the sponsorship of The United Republics of Aristidia, our fireworks display is now a showcase competition, no specifics or format defined for the event except it is for single pilots, not teams, and the goal is to create the most impressive or elaborate fireworks show.
UPDATE 2: Another sponsor has added 4.5bill to the prize pool of this contest, rewards are adjusted below:
prize categories will be as follow:
-1st place - 2000 million isk
-2nd place - 1500 million isk
-3rd place - 1000 million isk
-4th + 5th places - 500 million isk each


Bring a ship of your choice and show the audience the most beautiful or outrageous SKINs on your preferred hull.

UPDATE: thanks to the sponsorship of the Corinth Clan, we will reward the most elegant ship and skin, and the most outlandish ship and skin.
Most Elegant Ship and SKIN - 2500mill isk
Most Outlandish Ship and SKIN - 2500mill isk


A favorite of the attendees every year, we will elect again the most beautiful ladies and most handsome gentlemen in the Federation. If you wish to participate please send me an evemail, the signup process is closed by June 19th, and all candidates will be presented on June 20th, at which time the voting process will take place, announcing the winner on June 21st.

UPDATE: prizes of the pageant contest are as follow

  • Miss Federation - 500mill isk + rare collectors Hyperion Aliastra SKIN
  • Miss Federation Runner up - 250mill isk + rare collectors Incursus Aliastra SKIN
  • Mister Federation - 500mill isk + rare collectors Hyperion Aliastra SKIN
  • Mister Federation Runner up - 250mill isk + rare collectors Incursus Aliastra SKIN

Current pageants registered for Miss Federation:

  • Cruiser’s Girl - Miss Federation contestant
  • Clementine Lafleur - Miss Federation contestant
  • Sunshine Turtle - Miss Federation contestant
  • Jade Corinth - Miss Federation contestant
  • Ahlea Corinth - Miss Federation contestant
  • Mimi Hennver - Miss Federation contestant
  • Pamitha Devara - Miss Federation contestant

Current pageants registered for Mister Federation:

  • Nylsh - Mister Federation contestant
  • NVision08 - Mister Federation contestant
  • MantelGlobalindustries - Mister Federation contestant
  • J Abysser - Mister Federation contestant

Prizes for the pageant contest will be announced soon.


Help us break the previous record of most ships in a conga line!. How you make a conga line in space you ask? Simple, just use your “keep at distance of 500mts” navigation command to the last ship in the line and let the navigation computer do the rest.


We wish to recognize those capsuleers, regardless of their bloodline or nationality, who have contributed for the last 10 years in all aspects of the greater Federation Union. The fields can range from diplomacy, industry, science or military.

The people can nominate their preferred choice, indicating the type of contributions and deeds of said capsuleer.

Nominations will be closed by Saturday 20th just prior to the actual celebrations. All elected nominees will receive a Brutix Fed Navy Issue in recognition of their efforts.


  • NADSC nominates @Norman_Seversky as notable capsuleer of the decade for his unwavering commitment and continued participation in the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act on behalf of the Federation

CLOSING – at 00:00 eve time

DISCLAIMER: Space security and CONCORD regulations around the station do not ensure safety during the festivities, you can be attacked if you or your corporation is under the effects of WarDecs or killrights, and even then, terrorists might attack you to sabotage the event. Take all the necessary precautions to keep risks to a minimum.

((OOC reference

This a player event with a long tradition starting in 2007, it even inspired CCP to create an event called the Federation Grand Prix in 2019. Below you will find information from some of the past Fed day celebrations, all links have been confirmed to be working at the time of this post.

Also, I would like to thanks CommanderA9 for keeping the tradition alive while I was gone for a few years.

YC109 / 2007


YC110 / 2008

No record of event

YC111 / 2009

YC112 / 2010


YC113 / 2011

YC114 / 2012


YC115 / 2013


YC116 / 2014


YC117 / 2015


YC118 / 2016


YC119 / 2017

No record of event

YC120 / 2018

YC121 / 2019

No record of event

Federation Grand Prix live event

https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8qxcrc/federation_grand_prix_guide_with_rewards/ (Fed Grand prix details)

YC122 / 2020


Note: if you have links to the events I have no record of, please send me a PM and I’ll update the info. Thanks

OOC reference))


This is such a wonderful event and I am proud to a part of the help this year.

I have yet to pick out a dress for the celebrations, and instead of trying to find or design my own I would like to offer a SKIN I have acquired as payment.

Vexor Scope Syndication YC122

I would like the design to embody the values of the Federation while also being elegant enough to be the spotlight of a party.

Sincères Amitiés,



:upvotepartyparrot: Nice to see this. :partyparrot: I can’t promise I’ll come shoot fireworks and spend billions on a frozen corpse while being in a happy drunk mood again, :shufflepartyparrot: but me being me, :shufflepartyparrot: I can’t rule out any of it either…


Wonderful news! Vive les Grenouilles!!


As the last year’s Ms Federation i would like to donate 2B isk for the Ms and Mr Federation contest. (1b for each) As I will sadly not be able to sign up myself due to entering the later stages of pregnancy, but with that said if you need a judge feel feel to contact me.


Mademoiselle @Maira_Blackfire , you are very kind and generous for your sponsorship, we will add your donation to the prize pool for Ms. and Mr. Federation this year, and add your name to our list of event sponsors.

Also, allow me to congratulate you on your pregnancy, may your coming child be healthy and beautiful.

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I eagerly await the upcoming Federation Day celebrations.

I have pulled some connections with the government of my member state, and humbly announce a donation of 1 billion ISK from the United Republics of Aristidia of the system of Amygnon in Verge Vendor. The specifics related to the donation will be forwarded to Mr. Colcer within the coming days.

Long live the Federation!


Thank you so much for your sponsorship Monsieur @Durant_Aristide , we will include your name and the United Republics of Aristidia in our event sponsors list.

Long live the Federation.

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Chapeau, Mme President, on today’s speech!

Prompted me to get ready for the celebration - too much?


Monsieur Colcer,

While our family is remiss that we’ve been unable to participate in this annual celebration in the past, we are delighted to be able to do so now. We Corinths are survivors of a Sansha attack many years ago and it was due to the courage of Gallente patrols driving off the attackers that allowed us to be rescued by a civilian freighter in the aftermath.

To help commemorate this event, The Corinth Clan corporation pledges 5 billion isk to be utilized as prizes for the ‘Pimp Your Ride’ contest, with half going to the most elegant ship and skin, and half going to the most outlandish ship and skin.

Additionally, our female family members (excluding myself), desire to enter the pageant and hope it’s not too late to submit their entries.

Vive la Gallente!!!


Mademoiselle @Jenna_Corinth

Thank you so much for your sponsorship, I’ll update our list of benefactors with your name and corporation.

Regarding the registration for the Miss Federation pageant, please state the names of the participants so I can add them to the list of options to be voted by the public.


Is it too late to nominate potential Miss Federation candidates? I can’t think of anyone who deserves the honor more than Diana Kim.

You are most kind monsieur. The following gals from the Corinth fam are throwing their names into the hat:

Jade Corinth
Ahlea Corinth
Demeter Corinth


Monsieur @Tiber_Brucato as master of ceremonies and host of the event, I do reserve the right of admittance to capsuleers who wish to participate. In this case, I must decline the participation of pilot @Diana_Kim on the basis of her being unable to physically being present at Luminaire without inciting hostilities from FDU combat pilots or the Federation Navy Patrols given her current standings with my nation.

Perhaps if she worked for less unsavory organizations such as the State Protectorate, and addressed her past deeds against the Federation, my opinion would change.

Regardless, thank you for showing interest in our celebrations and festivities for this important date.


Since you have brought my name and our organizations into the discussion…

First of all, State Protectorate is not “unsavory”, it’s an organization that is created to Protect State souvereign space and interests from foreign invaders and aggressors, like Gallente Federation and its allied Minmatar Republic. Our methods could be questionable, but they are applicable only to those who commit worse.

Second, Mr. Brucato has displayed himself already as a dishonorable slanderer, in the NeoCom counterpart of these forums (called the same - Intergalactic Summit) he has publically accused me in lying, which he neither could prove, nor had honor to fight me in the duel. In fact, he did agreed to a duel and we have even agreed on weapons - but after that he just began in cowardly and dishonorable manner trying to change already agreed upon rules, which I, obvoisly, didn’t allow him to do, and thus he didn’t fight in the duel with the terms he himself has proposed and that were agreed upon.

From that time I consider him wanted as a suspect in public slander and will treat him accordingly.

As for addressing my deeds against the Federation, I can answer this:

As long as the Federation keeps invading souvereign Caldari State space, as long as the Federation will be keeping committing warcrimes, will be torturing our prisoners of war, while there is Federal presence in regions of Lonetrek, Black Rise, the Forge, and as long as gallente are trying to keep under control the system with our Homeworld, I’ll stick to simple doctrine:


Stop your aggression, vacate State territories and Homeworld system, cease torture of POWs, transfer those of Federal management who are responsible for this war and operation highlander (including the whole top of Federal government) to Caldari tribunal, only after that I will consider addressing my deeds in regard of the Federation.

And I do not accept any compromises.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

It is typical of a Caldari sympathizer that such unsubstantiated fear mongering comprises the bulk of a response to legitimate concerns. The safety of Gallente Citizens is at stake, and to allow you, with a proven history of murdering innocent Gallente capsuleers and civilian spacecraft, to attend these festivities is introducing risk to life and liberty of citizens who will be present.

I must side with Monsieur Colcer in this matter. Your wanton aggression toward the Gallente Federation is unacceptable, and attempts by you to enter Luminaire during this celebration will be met with force.

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Thank you for the invitation.
If the time will allow, I’ll see if I can visit the Homeworld system to try to clean it from Federal occupants as much as I can in a given period.

This is a most exciting and humble event in which I hope to fully participate.

The Center for Techo-Archaeology and Artificial Intelligence would like to offer each Notable Capsuleer nominated, a full flight of ‘Integrated’ Gallente drones, in the size of their choice. Delivery options are available anywhere in New Eden, but preferably at the close of ceremony in the hosting system.

Please excuse any errant baby drones that escape the flagship in parade


This being could come but not stay for all the night.

Watch out for possible terroristic attacks!


Monsieur @Kalodote_Lafisques Thanks for the warning, i’ll take the necessary precautions.

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