Calling Caldari Milita Pilots /Anti Federation day operations

I am looking for Caldari Patriots’ and all willing Looking who are Willing to Launch an attack on the Federation day Parades Looking to see if we can bring those Smug Federation-ites down a peg.
we gather and assault all Military vessels in the area.

Anyone willing to answer the call. Please leave your callsign here if we gather Enough Forces we can move forward.

*Long live the caldari state *

Admiral Tovil-Toba Kairiola
We will never forget!


…You DO realize they have TITANS at these parades, right?

…Although I’m not sure what’s scarier, an Erebus, or CONCORD.

The Achura do not encourage anyone to take any violent actions against the Federation during holiday celebrations. We are not mercenaries or terrorist further more these abhorrent actions will be condemned by the 72th Wing and our sect of Achur people.

-Reiko Shi
WCom 72th NGL Wing


They did ‘invite’ me in the other discussion, and I think it will have a merit to paying them a visit, provided we won’t have more important combat operation at that time.

As for parades themselves, I strictly discourage touching any Federal civilians that show pride to their Federation, even if it is known as an atrocious almost criminal warmongering invading and bullying organization.

On the other hand, these parades for sure will contain people in Federal uniform or ships flying under Federal combat ID (Navy, FDU, Black eagles, etc), and they are surely legitimate targets and shall be taked down. Every single son of a ■■■■■ who will wear Federal uniform or will activate Federal combat identifier shall be found and destroyed for the crimes that Federation has committed, without mercy and regret, for they are not humans, but foot soldiers of a Caldari-hating warmongering mass-murdering torturous freedom-worshipping maniacal regime.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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Broadcasting in the clear is - interesting…
Or is the FIO so competent that it makes no matter.

I can not condone attacking celebrations, since not only are there civilians attending that have no reason to be targeted, but also it invites reprisals during the State’s own holidays. This is a needless move that no good will come from.


The primary responsibility of the State’s armed forces and Calmil is to protect our citizens. With that in mind, perhaps it would be better if Calmil concentrated on liberating the systems in Black Rise that are currently under occupation, instead of carrying out an attack that has not been authorised by the CEP.


We have a standing order to attack any hostile personnel and ship that broadcasts Federal identification.

Then do that in contested systems whilst securing military complexes in deadspace pockets. Two birds in one stone.

Are you for real going to teach me how to do my job?!
Have you even BEEN at war with Federation?
Have you seen how gallente fly and what they do?
Have you been in the gallente prison facilities yourself?
How many gallentes in these pockets you have killed, especially in percentage related to how many I did?

what was your rank?..

What a shameful conduct.


Civilians should never be targeted

the last time I checked War stops for no-one
unless does anyone have information of a discussed ceasefire?

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Generally, I disagree with your stance on things with this… initiative of yours.

That said, I can respect your stance of not targetting civilians. This in mind, attacking these parades will directly endanger civilians that would be in attendance or passing near to see the vessels.

Additionally, I may submit that The Strike Commander considers anyone that identifies as ‘Gallente’ as an enemy combatant, regardless of military or civilian status. She will deny this of course when called out directly, but has stated such things in other threads.

Would not a targeted Strike followed by Drawing people and equipment into the Fray who wish to get involved.

to make a statement Rather then senseless violence
those who do not get involve may have doubts about their loyalties to the federation

Capsuleers would likely get involved or engaged simply for the sake of engaging. We are not a class of individuals usually known for stability. I’d ask you keep this in mind when making plans of this nature. I also don’t much believe in ‘civilian’ capsuleers. Civilian baseline humans however, may be caught in the crossfire, whether due to improper targetting solutions failing and striking nearby watchers, or mistaken identity during combat. And the addition of capsuleers as a rule being unpredictable generally, makes a strike of this nature incredibly hazardous to non-capsuleers who would be simply their for the parade even without those considerations.

You can understand my stance, yes?

though it hurts me to say so, I do

Well, indeed. I just through it would be better to be stated explicitly, because some brainwashed federal propagandists already dare to claim we are preparing “terrorist attacks”.

I’d prefer to make it clear that we don’t stoop down to gallente level, who are known for their terrorism, targeting of civilian population and tortures of captives.

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