[EVENT]Federation Day YC123 - June 20th

Monsieur @Tiber_Brucato as master of ceremonies and host of the event, I do reserve the right of admittance to capsuleers who wish to participate. In this case, I must decline the participation of pilot @Diana_Kim on the basis of her being unable to physically being present at Luminaire without inciting hostilities from FDU combat pilots or the Federation Navy Patrols given her current standings with my nation.

Perhaps if she worked for less unsavory organizations such as the State Protectorate, and addressed her past deeds against the Federation, my opinion would change.

Regardless, thank you for showing interest in our celebrations and festivities for this important date.


Since you have brought my name and our organizations into the discussion…

First of all, State Protectorate is not “unsavory”, it’s an organization that is created to Protect State souvereign space and interests from foreign invaders and aggressors, like Gallente Federation and its allied Minmatar Republic. Our methods could be questionable, but they are applicable only to those who commit worse.

Second, Mr. Brucato has displayed himself already as a dishonorable slanderer, in the NeoCom counterpart of these forums (called the same - Intergalactic Summit) he has publically accused me in lying, which he neither could prove, nor had honor to fight me in the duel. In fact, he did agreed to a duel and we have even agreed on weapons - but after that he just began in cowardly and dishonorable manner trying to change already agreed upon rules, which I, obvoisly, didn’t allow him to do, and thus he didn’t fight in the duel with the terms he himself has proposed and that were agreed upon.

From that time I consider him wanted as a suspect in public slander and will treat him accordingly.

As for addressing my deeds against the Federation, I can answer this:

As long as the Federation keeps invading souvereign Caldari State space, as long as the Federation will be keeping committing warcrimes, will be torturing our prisoners of war, while there is Federal presence in regions of Lonetrek, Black Rise, the Forge, and as long as gallente are trying to keep under control the system with our Homeworld, I’ll stick to simple doctrine:


Stop your aggression, vacate State territories and Homeworld system, cease torture of POWs, transfer those of Federal management who are responsible for this war and operation highlander (including the whole top of Federal government) to Caldari tribunal, only after that I will consider addressing my deeds in regard of the Federation.

And I do not accept any compromises.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

It is typical of a Caldari sympathizer that such unsubstantiated fear mongering comprises the bulk of a response to legitimate concerns. The safety of Gallente Citizens is at stake, and to allow you, with a proven history of murdering innocent Gallente capsuleers and civilian spacecraft, to attend these festivities is introducing risk to life and liberty of citizens who will be present.

I must side with Monsieur Colcer in this matter. Your wanton aggression toward the Gallente Federation is unacceptable, and attempts by you to enter Luminaire during this celebration will be met with force.

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Thank you for the invitation.
If the time will allow, I’ll see if I can visit the Homeworld system to try to clean it from Federal occupants as much as I can in a given period.

This is a most exciting and humble event in which I hope to fully participate.

The Center for Techo-Archaeology and Artificial Intelligence would like to offer each Notable Capsuleer nominated, a full flight of ‘Integrated’ Gallente drones, in the size of their choice. Delivery options are available anywhere in New Eden, but preferably at the close of ceremony in the hosting system.

Please excuse any errant baby drones that escape the flagship in parade


This being could come but not stay for all the night.

Watch out for possible terroristic attacks!


Monsieur @Kalodote_Lafisques Thanks for the warning, i’ll take the necessary precautions.

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I’m honored to demonstrate my duty to the Federation this year by supporting all the beautiful Miss Federation contestants.

I am looking forward to everybody’s vote in helping me celebrate these incredibly salacious pageants by supporting me as Mr Federation.


( Full resolution picture: https://i.ibb.co/WVR82Wf/Miss-Federation-Entry.png )

I would like to express my gratitude to Monsieur Colcer for organizing these festivities and for accepting my entry into the Miss Federation competition.

My name is Sunshine Turtle, and i am a trader by profession. I should also mention that i am a Caldari citizen, and i understand and respect that in the eyes of some people someone with my background can not carry the title of Miss Federation. But during my travels, i have also learned that tolerance and looking behind the circumstances of birth and nationality are core values of the Federation. I have been privileged to enjoy Gallente hospitality many times, and i am honoured that my entry into the contest was accepted.

My carreer as a capsuleer is not a long one, and i can not impress with a long list of achievements for the Federation. What i can claim for myself is an affinity for beauty, fashion and opportunities to have a good time with likeminded people.

I wish all of you a happy Federation Day,

and please consider electing me for Miss Federation YC 123!


I present for your consideration my sister (Jade Corinth’s) entry for the Miss Federation pageant. With the Triglavians, Sanshas, and Caldari, this pageant is now about more than just beauty and elegance. There is no room within Gallente space for such wishful notions as tolerance and understanding of its enemies.

Miss Federation should stand for the very ideals of the Federation which include the complete extirpation of the Caldari. I ask all Gallente citizens to vote for Jade Corinth as Miss Federation, and I promise that we’ll bring strength to a role that has known little.


My full support goes to you sir. As handsome as Mr. Nylsh may be, I believe the title of Mister Federation should actually go to a Gallente, not a Caldari.


I find it utterly disgraceful that there are individuals expressing such thoughts on a day which celebrates a Federation renowned for it’s acceptance and support of all those within it’s borders. This is inclusive of how they choose to identify and what cultural beliefs they practice, free from prejudice or discrimination. We cannot allow the poison of discrimination to taint this precious and unique brotherhood of nations across the stars - least of all in an official competition celebrating the founding of the Federal Union.

The title of Mr, Miss/Mrs and Mx Federation are not awarded to one because of mere vapid concepts such as physical beauty, which is unto the beholder in any case, but that of the individuals support and furthering of the principles and values that the Federation espouses. Tolerance, equality, liberty and justice for all are but a few of these that are sacred to the heart of our union, and the day that they are not is the day that the Federation becomes unfit for purpose and the day I leave it’s service.

My title of Mister Federation for FC237/YC122 is up for challengers to take, and as apparently I have been press-ganged by a certain individual that I shall not name (out of love, my dear), I will be defending it as someone who is proud of their heritage as a Deteis, and that of a Federal Caldari in resolute support of my new home in the Federal Union and in the Federal District of Nadire.


Clearly you forget the atrocities committed by Caldari forces in their seizure of border systems as militias rose to power.

To celebrate and welcome such warmongers into Gallente space, much less offer them an opportunity to celebrate Gallentean prosperity is akin to befriending a piranha. They know only blood and death. You would see the Federation weaken itself by simply ignoring the wrongdoings of our enemies. Unfortunate.

Correct. Yet it is apparent to me that Caldari are incapable of being a shining example of the Gallente ideal, with the possible exception of a certain Strike Commander.
Federation citizens of Amarrian heritage have a better chance.

An old saying about stones and glass houses comes to mind Ms. Corinth.

I Vote for jenna corinth as miss federation
and Nvision as mister federation
Thank you all it was a nice party, first time i enjoyed such a party in eve with conga lines and lots of fireworks :smiley:

If you would like to post your Pimp Your Ride pictures here to ensure this post doesn’t get cluttered;

Thank you everybody for making this such a fun evening! I really had a blast. :slight_smile:


Nomination of noticeable capsuleers of the last decade who have helped the Federation.
Monsieur Alain Colcer

It has been said that Capsuleers is the second greatest mistake humanity ever made.
That the human mind was never made for what being a capsuleer entails in the long run.

I believe most of us have seen what used to be human minds, friends even, fade away in their pursuit of something larger than life itself. Something often destructive on a scale where the only way we can comprehend it is by viewing it as numbers, not people.

Minds that once were human seemingly becoming little else than hyper efficient operating systems for mass destruction and war, forgetting every part of their human life, their heritage and the values that once shaped them to first reach out for the stars and take those early steps out to a world so much more.

I am not sure if the one who said this was right, yet I believe there is something to it. It is therefore that I wish to nominate Monsieur Alain Colcer to be recognized for the important work he has done over fourteen years.

A work that at the surface may seem like fireworks, conga-lines and exquisite drinks.

Yet I believe what Monsieur Alain Colcer does fills a role far more important role then what first meets the eye, a role to make us capsuleers remember who we were, where we came from. What values we grew up with and held dear. To call back on the good in us and remind us why we took those steps out in to the unknown. A role to remind us of what and who we fight for.

That is why I believe Monsieur Alain Colcer is one of the most noticeable capsuleers of the decade, because a capsuleer who has forgotten everything but war is a very dangerous scary thing…
And for a decade Monsieur Alain Colcer has brought us together, to remember, and to celebrate who we were, who we still are, as long as we remember it.

For Freedon, Liberty and Justice!
Kindest regards,
Faye Nahkriin



Would also like to share with you our entry for this year’s Propaganda Contest (not sure which forum post this should go on here (we added it to Twitter)). Please let us know if there is a better place to post on the forums. This is a song entry (the visuals are just for backdrop).