[Federation Day YC126] Announcement - June 22 18:00 new eden standard time

Fellow Capsuleers, citizens of the Federation

With great joy, I announce this year’s event to Celebrate Federation Day YC126 in Luminaire.

We invite every capsuleer and Federation citizen to join us in Luminaire Saturday 22th of June, starting from 18:00 eve standard time, see the fireworks and attend the festivities regarding this annual celebration.

On this occasion we have 3 core events planned, here is the overview for them, further details provided below:

  1. Miss and Mister Federation pageant contest: a classic and always favorite event of the public, by popular vote the audience selects their favorite and most attractive capsuleer pilots, embodying the Federation ethnic diversity cultural richness and ideals, these individuals represent the most gorgeous pilots within Federation sovereignty. All contestants must sign up before June 20th 23:59 NEST.

  2. Ship customization and fireworks showcase: bring your most beloved ship and apply the most outrageous coat of nanites to its outer hull, while flying in “conga” fleet formation. The most impressive and impactful designs will be awarded cash prizes on the spot. Remember to bring fireworks.

  3. Literary creations: this year, a new type of event will be included, contestants must submit poetry using whatever technique, form or method of their choosing, while touching on the characteristics that define the Federation. All pieces of poetry must be submitted before June 23th 23:59 NEST. And the winners will be announced on June 29th.

Activities Scheduled for Saturday 22th of June.

The celebrations officially start at 18:00 NEST, New Eden Standard Time

18:00 - The master of ceremonies will announce the start of celebrations and begin the surprise trivia, be on the lookout for instant cash prizes.
18:15 – Start of the fleet formation and fireworks in Luminare
19:00 – Prizes awarded for ship and SKIN showcase.
19:30 – surprise trivia
19:40 – First call to vote for your Miss and Mister Federation candidates.
20:30 – surprise trivia
00:00 - Pageant voting is closed.
00:30 - Event Closure and final message.

Corporate Sponsors

  • Inner Zone Shipping
  • Nadire Security Consultants

We are seeking additional sponsorship, please contact Alain Colcer directly if you are interested in becoming a benefactor and securing your name or corporation brand in the official list.

Miss and Mister Federation pageant contest

If you wish to participate, please send me an evemail before June 20th, and publicly announce your participation by replying to this announcement. As soon as you announce your participation you are allowed to perform tours, interviews, and all sort of promotional activities of your preference, with the only requirement that you mention this is related to the Federation Day pageant.

Winners and runner ups are decided by popular choice, so votes can be casted for all participants starting the moment they announce their entry. Votes can only be counted for if they are directly submitted to the master of ceremony Alain Colcer for proper tallying and audting. Results will be announced on June 23th.

Prizes are as follows:

Ship skin and Fireworks Showcase

Throw a display of beautiful colored fireworks, snowballs, or any other visual effect of your preference while piloting your favorite ship.

Prizes are as follows:

Literary Creations

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. multicultural in nature, boasting one of the strongest representative democracy in the cluster. Any and all elements that define the Federation are topics that can be used or included in your works of poetry.

Prizes are as follows:

Surprise Trivia

Win instant cash prizes, just be on the lookout for our host of ceremonies and prepare your knowledge about the Federation history for some flash questions during the event.

DISCLAIMER: Space security and CONCORD regulations around the station do not ensure safety during the festivities, you can be attacked if you or your corporation is under the effects of WarDecs or kill rights, and even then, terrorists might attack you to sabotage the event. Take all the necessary precautions to keep risks to a minimum.

((OOC reference

This is a player event with a long tradition starting in 2007, it even inspired CCP to create an event called the Federation Grand Prix in 2019. Below you will find information from some of the past Fed day celebrations.

Also, I would like to thank Commander A9 for keeping the tradition alive while I was gone for a few years.))

I’m a bit busy that week, but I’m going to try to make it! Looking forward to celebrating the Federation!


Just appointed on the calendar.

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I can feel it, this is my year. You’re going down, Flavours.


Paraphrasing a good friend “It’s goin down like Caille town!”

Give me you best shot Francy Boy! I’m normally a Bottom but I’ll Top you anytime.

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While the boys quarrel I’ll use the opportunity to make my participation in this years Miss Federation election public.
By doing so, I ask humbly for your support and vote. I’m convinced your voice won’t be wasted because there are few who represent the ideals of the Federation like me.

A few words regarding me:
I was born in YC91 as a slave, like way too many in New Eden. But I’m honest with you, I was lucky. Most of the time my owners were good to me. Docuit ergo domina meus me inter cetera legere et scribere. - I’m a little bit rusty here. - But this wasn’t meant to last. With 16 the Farm where I grew up came under attack and everyone I knew was murdered. My mom, my friend, my family… What followed were 7 years of literally fighting for survival. - Yeah, you never forget your first one. His googly eyes, in disbelief, not understanding what is happening to him. - Damn I wish I could forget that damn face! - Anyway, I’ll spare you the bloody details. Piloting a spaceship is like a game in contrast to that. Easy.

During those years I found new friends, a loving husband and lost them again. In the end, even my tribe turned away from me. They thought, where I go, misery would follow. I don’t blame them for that. - So I haunted our enemies instead :wink:

Anyhow, that’s not very Federation like! In YC114 a visitor came to my world and took me with him. Death was it what I wanted and that he gave me. Also a new beginning.

I was a quick learner - despite my High Gallente isn’t perfect, still.
Like many other capsuleers I started piloting different Mining Barges and saved every ISK I could. I worked long enough for others, I wanted to be free again. Being my own master, like a true citizen of the Federation.

So I started investing my money on the market. Here it came quite handy, that I often was present, when my previous master made his business transactions. Valuable lessons!

The first billion was the hardest but from there it kinda went by itself.

But I’m not here to boast about myself. I haven’t forgotten my past, where I came from. My previous life that still affects me day for day.

The Federatin gave me a chance that I never had on my home planet. I came from literally nothing, wearing only a nightgown, and went to … let’s say, I won’t ever have to make my hands dirty again.

For that I’m eternal grateful to the Federation and support her with all I have.

In that spirit, my corporations are active in smuggling slaves out of Amarr space. I’m supporting Federation aligned forces with ships and money to help secure our borders. I am a strong supporter of a reunification with the Caldari, to then wipe out slavery once and for all, bringing peace and prosperity to all Empire Space.
During the last decade, I myself and my corporations donated hundreds of billion of ISK to support new capsuleers with ships and equiment. Being main sponsor of events and festivities like this as far back as I can think. Being always truthful and reliant. Helping to spread the spirit of the Federation throughout New Eden.

Therefore I think, I’m this years best candidate and would be honored being your Miss Federation YC126.

If the Federation was a person, then it would be
Anataine Aelia of Deva
Daughter of Feana
Blood of the indomitable Taezali

Thank you for your vote! - Gratias tibi! :green_heart:

Sorry, that went far too long :confused:
Also, those wings suit me… like a phoenix…


That was truly wonderful!

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Your dedication and commitment to hosting this event year after year is both impressive and awe inspiring.

I wish you all the best and may this event be a huge success…



Chances are EverMore will launch their rumored “artistic platform” aimed at Capsuleers by that date…
I’ve heard it will allow for making own ship paint designs :thinking:
…right for the ship customization showcase event mentioned in the opening post


My dearest @Alain_Colcer,

I would like to officially announce my bid to become Mister Federation YC126. As many know, I have become a household name for many, but to some, they would say I’m a goût acquis.

For those, my soon-to-be Federal Flavour Friends, I wish to unlock those untapped tastebuds! Explore your spicy side and enjoy all I have to offer.

With Love and as always

As natural as they come,

Julian “Federal Flavour Friend” Flavours

Creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!
Ex-Supreme Commander of Allied Love Militia Forces
A Meowstar of the Caldari Cats Production
Lover of Lovelovers and a strong distain of Lovehaters
The ‘First Doctor’ in Doctor Spice
Potential Proper Polite Political Posturer Professional
Director and Producer of Consort and Commander and Owner of a Loveless Heart
Mr Federation YC124


I endorse this entry! :heart_eyes:


Hmmm. Does this mean you will be free for a drink while Flavours and Franco are busy fighting for the title of Mister Federation?


Dammit, Naava.


I was there for Cieleclat going down, then Rafriules, Acruasau, Chatellerault, and even Qucrain. But wasn’t for Caille. Looking forward to fix this minor inconvenience.

Oh, you could come down with me in Caille if you want.