Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

That can be organized.

However, I have some conditions. First, you need to have experience and theoretical knowledge in these fields:
– Closed quarters combat
– Armored assaults
– Urban warfare
– Large scale operations
– Experience of commanding from platoon to at least a battalion
– Heavy artillery
– Surface to surface missiles
– Orbital bombardment
– Nuclear bombardment

Second, you will have to give an Oath of Allegiance to Caldari State (if you haven’t done so).

And third, you will need to provide a fleet for cover. I am not saying just some sort of hit-and-run operation like destroying a citadel, but providing security of logistic chains and orbital space superiority for the whole time of our groundside escapades, which could last from couple hours to even couple months (I hope you’re ready to enjoy my company for that long!)

I hope you do realize that starting that sort of affair without guaranteed air and orbital superiority is not just unwise, but outright suicidal and dumb.

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