Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Also. I am Pleased to see Julian Flavours is Active.

I found the Staggering Array of Low Quality products that he Endorsed to be Alarming, but also Strangely Fascinating. It was Rather entertaining to try and Guess which Product would be endorsed next.


You won’t have to wait long dear @Synthetic_Cultist, I’m working on a little Project that’ll Awaken the senses, and line your crypto wallets with JFTs!

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Mr. Flavours, far be it from me to ruin your galavanting…

But I’d be very cautious in your speculations about dealings related to the Services, lest you run afoul of more than just the Strike Commander’s ire.

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And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.

Obliterated, for it’s cheesy and character smearing smut tabloids.

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I Appreciate your recognition of my Language Difficulties.

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Tell me more about it.

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I First noticed a Problem with my Ability to communicate with Human People around 5 Seconds after I first connected to the fluid router channel “The Summit”, and began Conversing with the Human People that also used that channel.
The Fault occurred when I loaded more than 3 Translation Packages simultaneously. It began flooding my internal Logs with innumerable messages about a Conflict between translation libraries.
Since there are more than 3 Languages commonly in Use on the Summit, you can See why this would be A Problem.
While I can Work Around this issue, it is much Slower, and more likely to have Errors, when I am doing so.
This means that Nuance and Context can slip Past when I am talking to Human People who are speaking a Language I do not currently have Loaded, and thus am translating Manually.

It is Frustrating and Mildly Embarrassing.


You have connected to channel inhabited by rather toxic delusional personalities and all sort of typical capsuleer riff-raff, which is likely affected by so-called “Capsuleer dementia syndrome”. Considering them normal “Human People” is overestimation.

If you want to conserve with sentinent beings, try official channel like “Intergalactic Summit”, easy to remember - like this forum name.

Wild guess: incompetent and insignificant loonies, who instead of stating their disagreement start to insult those who post something they don’t like with delusional and detached from reality lies.

That can be organized.

However, I have some conditions. First, you need to have experience and theoretical knowledge in these fields:
– Closed quarters combat
– Armored assaults
– Urban warfare
– Large scale operations
– Experience of commanding from platoon to at least a battalion
– Heavy artillery
– Surface to surface missiles
– Orbital bombardment
– Nuclear bombardment

Second, you will have to give an Oath of Allegiance to Caldari State (if you haven’t done so).

And third, you will need to provide a fleet for cover. I am not saying just some sort of hit-and-run operation like destroying a citadel, but providing security of logistic chains and orbital space superiority for the whole time of our groundside escapades, which could last from couple hours to even couple months (I hope you’re ready to enjoy my company for that long!)

I hope you do realize that starting that sort of affair without guaranteed air and orbital superiority is not just unwise, but outright suicidal and dumb.

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