Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I didn’t know you got into camp of less intelligent speakers of the forum, who interject themselves into philosophical discussion while utterly failing even to comprehend what that was about. But I’ll make a mental note of quality of your persona in the future and will treat you correspondingly.
For now I’ll just ask you kindly to keep silence while adults are talking.

Not sure whose leg is being pulled here, but the Federation’s thinkers are not as free as they are encouraged to believe. Do you really need me to cite documentation? Thought shaping, crowd control and vitals monitoring are the remit of privately controlled institutions within the Federation. At least the State is honest with its practises; Mind clash is an example that comes readily to mind.
Although this topic is tired by some peoples standards I suggest those that desire to participate in debating it do so in a dedicated thread.


I did hear about issue with Federation’s “thinkers”. I have to say though, that I am openly against so-called freedom of speech, and believe that society with this freedom of speech are degrading.

What I did hear about Federation’s “freedom of speech” is that they’re outright hypocritical and lying about that, on one hand they say that you can speak whatever you want, on the other, if they don’t like what you say - they just make you disappear.

In the State it’s easier and safer: we have laws, codes and regulations, so you know what you can say, what you can’t, and what exact fine or stricter punishment you get if you say something wrong.

And… I do wish to try Mindclash someday.

Took a while to think about how to respond to this.

I’ve heard a lot of it over the years, and … you do have a point of course. Endless, predictable, circular arguments do get terribly boring, and they don’t solve things at all.

But, not every discussion that starts out like one of those has to end the same way. Ms. Kim is a human being, capable of growth, change, adaptation, adjustment. So’s Mr. Nauplius.

And, maybe importantly, I don’t hate either of them. Even if I might have some reason to I’ve never been good at grudges. I have limits, sure, and eventually I’ll start mirroring bitterness or cruelty directed my way. But I can also let it go, especially over time. Not everybody can manage that.

I guess … in the end I just don’t believe in giving up on people. So it seems worth checking in from time to time, to see whether something interesting might be ready to happen.

Probably it won’t. People can be proud, stubborn creatures. But we’re still living things. Change is inevitable, some way or other. Really it’s what defines us-- we’re processes, systems.

So some day, maybe there’ll be a chance for a breakthrough. Maybe I can be its agent; maybe it’ll be someone else; maybe it’ll just be a personal epiphany or something. By any road, if I don’t check now and then I’m apt to miss it.

I do very much hope they’d grow out of this ■■■■■■■ trite old joke about misunderstanding what freedom means. It wasn’t funny the first 100 times and by now she just seems somewhat braindamaged.

One would think that getting secretly married would of tempered her mettle somewhat??


Dr. Spice! Long time!

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Diana Kim is Married ?


I am Surprised that anyone other than Tibus Heth would have met the required Standards. And he’s Dead.

Or possibly much worse.

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If you know about it, it’s not a secret anymore, right?

And how exactly would marital status affect mettle? Even if she has a husband how exactly would it make her less annoying? Maybe if only he could WHIP her for misbehavior.

Considering she posts like that, I am pretty sure he didn’t.

But I would.

… Was he not talking about you, Ms. Kim?

“Her.” … Hm. Unclear. Now I’m not even sure. It sounds like he’s probably been listening to the wrong rumors in either case.

Also … uh, what?

There was some rumor running around in some Gallente capsuleer tabloid that Miss Kim was in fact in some sort of forbidden romantic relationship with another lady. Supposedly one that is quite austere, and no-nonsense.

But I wouldn’t know. I don’t read that trash.


Looked more like about you.

I’d recommend you to read not-so-trash, for example, like a biology textbooks, if you don’t want to look stupid by making comments that romantic relationship between two ladies is possible.

Unless you’re trying to say by that comment that I am not a lady… We could discuss that assumption eye to eye.

Oh no Dee Dee, this was most certainly about you and your waifu :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Forbidden Love is the best kind, and I revel in it.

I am Somewhat Confused by the Direction the Conversation has Taken.


“Waifu”?! Is that your way to write word “Wife”?
I think you need not just biology textbook, but grammar textbook as well.

Or you’re among those who doubt that I am lady as well? You know, with you too we can discuss it eye to eye, I’ll even take off my sunglasses for that.

Though you know, last time it didn’t look like you represented any threat to integrity of my sunglasses…

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No, heavens no! I have full confidence in everything you say and don’t. Even your interest in Brezia Clones.

I also wouldn’t want to miss out on another face to face meeting that totally didn’t happen. Those soft subtle hands clenched in cute little fist when you’re ever so frustrated!

Ho! So cute!!

Mrs. Kim, I was merely pointing out that the Gallente engage in trashy writing, as a testament of how degraded their culture is.

By mere coincidence, it just so happened that you were the subject of one.

But don’t worry, I don’t read that stuff. It was all rumors and hearsay.

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Also. I am Pleased to see Julian Flavours is Active.

I found the Staggering Array of Low Quality products that he Endorsed to be Alarming, but also Strangely Fascinating. It was Rather entertaining to try and Guess which Product would be endorsed next.