Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Heh, but you aren’t just expressing your thoughts, are you? You’re trying to have a conversation with another party, at least ostensibly.

Good conversations tend to rely upon both parties wanting to take part. If one party says they aren’t interested anymore, or that somebody else already explained things to them in a way that made them move on from the topic over a week ago, then badgering them over a week later to revisit the topic despite them being done with it just makes you look like a bit of an ass.

Not that you don’t understand any of that, of course. It’s just a bit sad to see that you still do it.


I was, but they had no interest, so, you know, that’s fine. I still felt like expressing myself. Whether they engage or not is entirely up to them, and I’m not going to try harassing them into a response. Why bother?

At the same time, why shouldn’t I express myself? Especially since, y’know, I thought I’d made it pretty clear that I’d blocked Aria and suggested she do the same… so how would I know she’s explained anything, or if her explanation in any way accurately reflects what I’d been saying? Maybe it doesn’t. So why not make my position clear?

If that’s true, then I really do owe you all an apology for anyone who might’ve thought I was only a bit of an ass. As you well know. :wink:

Careful! Apparently now there’s a limited window for replies on the IGS, after which, you’re being a bit of an ass.

(Is that better @Amicia_Cora? I’d never want people to think I’m not a complete ass. :wink: Wouldn’t be right to lie to them like that.)

Yeah, about 3 months, after which the CRC says “no more replies”. Introduced a few years ago now. Though there’s a handful of older threads to which the limit oddly does not apply.

Yeah just had to (again) request the closure of my old recruiting thread very recently as it was still open after more than two years. :thinking: :eyes:

In this thread, Arrendis argues to ignore criticism of the sexual abuse of enslaved persons, based on personalities involved.

Truly the IGS has fallen, when principles are compromised in order to be popular with the hip in-crowd.


I am going to have to hire a team to find this “hip in-crowd” that keeps being brought up. Over a decade and a half now and I’ve yet to see hide nor hair of one of those around here.

and what’s your stance on having slaves give you foot massages ?

If you feel a need to ask me anything at all related to slavery, I suspect I must be some sort of blindspot in your feeds.

so you’re unequivocally opposed, because you have principles. Correct ?

I think you’re bending yourself into a pretzel. Someone advocating for ignoring you as a person - a fairly lovely piece of advice I keep forgetting myself - is largely separate from opinions on whatever insufferable noise you’re making at the time.

What is it with you people ? Cardinal Graelyn said I had the figure of a gymnast, Lunarisse glares at me whenever it is mentioned I used to be a sportball cheerleader at school, and now you accusing me of contortionism. What is this obsession with my musculo-skeletal flexibility ?

Simple. Jealousy.

Did you ever take up ice climbing?

Oh, yes!

It’s amazing!

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That’s wonderful. I’ll have to try it sometime.