Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Oh, eww. That’s gross. Those Gallente and their hedonistic, barbaric ways.

I was only referring to an old nautical term, used by the Caldari to unify forces. Better to increase the odds of survival, and thus ensure continuous service to the state.

Leave it to the Gallente to fetishize that.


I don’t know who you are trying to fool. Both your likes and posts on this forum are public record.

Your explicit support for Flavours’ defamatory nonsense is well known, and trying to wriggle your way out of it is pathetic.

If you have even a shred of honor left to preserve, I would advise you start acting like it.


Why no one, Miss Malitia.

As a matter of public record, you’re the one the derailed the thread and deliberately drew attention to that nasty propaganda. Somehow you’re the one that assumed that what I was saying had something to do with that nonsense when all I was trying to do was praise yours, and Miss Kims efforts at keeping the Gallente at bay. And merely suggested that your combined forces would be a force multiplier.

I’m no psychologist, but it seems that you’re a bit triggered by Gallente nonsense. I would be too, if a low quality, low effort, attempt to meme-amize me into some low-brow public attempt to defame my integrity. You shouldn’t let that stuff get under your skin. It allows the Gallente to live rent free in your head. And that’s the worst kind of occupation there is!

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Look at you, putting all those brain cells to the test to try and craft an almost-believable narrative to cower behind.

Seems like I was too charitable in thinking you were a man of any substance. Next time, do everyone a favor and keep my name, misspelled or not, out of your mouth, and your bizarre fantasies away from the public’s sight.

I am done here.


The warm weather means body paint is back in vogue.

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