Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I set mine for contextual translations after some of ARC’s research was published, and it’s basically the same. I mean, they come across as ‘conforming’ / ‘deviant’ basically. Which exact word the system chooses in each instance varies, but that’s the overall feeling I get. If it fits the Trig’s agenda, it’s ‘sobornost’, and if it contradicts that agenda, it’s ‘poshlost’.

So maybe ‘proper’ / ‘improper’… but only with regard to the Triglavian agenda?

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To be Sobornost is to give up your self interest for the good of the whole, of the community. It is to be selfless and do what is right for all. To pursue the greater good.

To be Poshlost, in contrast, is to be self-centered, egotistical and vulgar. It is to embody a lack of grace and damage the greater good for your own individual benefit.

As I see them:
Sobornost - Unity.
Poshlost - indecency / lewdery.

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I set my implants to stop trying to translate the terms as well. It probably does more harm than good to try to approximate a translation from any non-Triglavian language or culture.

I basically see “Sobornost” as “willing to submit to the will of the Collective.”
Whereas I basically see “Poshlost” as “in opposition to the will of the Collective.” Possibly doesn’t require direct opposition; simply not following their will may be enough to be declared “Poshlost.”


Except we haven’t seen that at all. We’ve seen capsuleers who set aside ego to band together for the good of the whole of New Eden be described as ‘poshlost’. So there’s definitely a bias there. It’s not enough to be ‘pro-comunity’, you have to be ‘pro-Trig community’.

And let’s face it, none of you ‘I want the shiny toys’ jackwagons was selfless. The current ‘burn Pochven’ nonsense proves that. It’s all about what you want, and what you beg, pray, and demand the Trigs do for you.

Spout all your platitudes, but your actions make it clear who you’re really trying to look out for.


Then you should be able to answer two simple questions you keep running away from, oh cowardly merc:

  1. What’s your pay grade?
  2. How much salary do you draw every month from the State?

That’s what I thought.

Even as you run away from those two questions, yet again

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Did you run out of your ductape to play with? Shall I send you another roll or two?

Isn’t that how you started this exchange? You’ve already tried to delete it once to hide your cowardice, merc. Will you try it again?

We all know you won’t answer the questions. Because you can’t. You only get paid by the State for things you blow up. No regular salary, no stipend, no formal pay grade. Just a fake, meaningless rank that doesn’t give you any authority within the Caldari Navy whatsoever.

Like every other mercenary they employ.

Go on. Prove me wrong. Answer the questions. Oh, who am I kidding, we all know you can’t.

That was deleted because it was offtopic. Excuse me, but wasting time on ones who are demented so much to consider me coward is an anti-profitable activity.

Go get yourself another tatoo, or what else you guys do to entertain yourselves.

I’m entertaining myself just fine watching you continue to avoid the questions. Anyone with any real honor would admit they’re just a mercenary, lying about being a real Caldari officer.

Spare us of your mad ravings, Sebiestor.

Mmm, tasty tasty salt while the slug squirms.

Hm. So-- I tend to completely disregard poshlost as long as the one speaking the word isn’t personally a Triglavian because I don’t assume even the kybers really have the concept down enough to use it precisely.

I’d probably feel the same about subornost if it came up more often, but, naturally, in the clash of rhetoric its counterpart comes up a little more.

As far as I can tell, subornost seems to combine the meanings and connotations of “sympathetic” and “compatible” with the Flow of Vyraj-- something to be drawn in and incorporated.

Poshlost seems like the opposite: incompatible (not by inclination, I think, but by nature?) and obstructing-- something valueless or harmful that, at best, clutters up the place, something to be removed.

It’s interesting to me that while some kybers throw the term around pretty freely the Triglavians themselves have been slow to term even opposing eggers “poshlost.” Might be they still hold out hope of talking us around. Might also be that there’s actually a lot of space between the two terms-- a sort of “neutral” zone where stuff that’s external to the Flow but not really very much in the way lives.

It was also interesting that the Intriguerre spokesguy a few weeks ago used poshlost to describe not people (ARC) but activities (evacuating Pochven residents). The way he talked about it, it was like we were busting into a boot camp and emancipating the recruits-- disruptive, obstructive, BAD. But again, if I remember it was about the activity, not so much the people.

Seems maybe the Triglavians are practical enough to judge actions long before they judge the people behind them, though eventually if we make enough trouble we might earn the designation. If we don’t, it probably means they’ve adjusted or adapted to the opposition, and we’re just kind of part of the environment. The bank does not flow with the river, but does it oppose it, really?

Ah, so much about them that’s admirable. If only they weren’t quite so frequently AWFUL.


Ms. Jenneth, I’ve also got an impression that the Collective uses the word ‘Kybernaut’ to describe all the Capsuleers, not only those who are loyal to Triglavians. That could be a hint why they don’t call capsuleers ‘Poshlost’, offering us a chance of ‘Proving’.

Oh, they definitely do, Ms. Kim. The reason the rest of us call Triglavian loyalists “kybernauts” is because they’ve leapt to stand with those who call us that way (on which I’ll save the editorializing for somewhere else). They align themselves with the Triglavians instead of their original identities, so it seems appropriate to call them by the Triglavian name for us.

That’s all.


I quite agree. What bothers me about Ms. Kim’s usage of the term recently (and in the context of commenting on something involving me) is how ever so deep into Caldari blue she delves to put color on the word. Because of course “poshlost” to her means everything a Caldari is hung up on.


I’ll move this here cause I don’t want folks to take their minds offa how gleefully murderous the Kybers are, but Kimmy, you do realise just how many jumps it takes to get from Aridia to State space, don’t ya? I run a for-profit security outfit. I make money offa killin’ Blooders, Serpentis and such. I don’t really give a fedo’s bee-hind about yer “honor”. I do give one about all the profit I’ll miss out on by jumpin thirty-seven jumps through space owned by LowSechnaya Sholupen just to be at yer’ beck and call cause you can’t see what’s happenin’ around you.

Tell you what. I’m basin’ out of the Maal constellation over in Aridia right now. If you want to come out and fight me so bad, I’ll bring out my Curse and humour you which, shoot, I’m already givin’ you a hell of an advantage by tellin’ you what I’ll fly.

What you should probably be takin’ more seriously is the fact that there are those among your own people, such as Mr. Tsero and that one that done made a song and dance ‘bout killin’ baseliners, that are so eager to side with the force that sure done a helluva better job of rippin’ space out from under the State than the Fed’s ever done. But I can’t dictate ta’ you how ta’ spend yer own time.

Put it short, if’n you ain’t comin’ out to Aridia for it, I ain’t humourin’ your pointless request for a duel.

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Does it look like it’s my problem? You should know whom you dare to slander, so, like, turn on your brains next time before saying a word, would do yourself a favor.

Look, if you aggress other people, why do you expect we will come to you for a fight? You started your nonsence, then you come for a fight you asked for. Not the other way around. I am busy here fighting enemies of the State and I don’t have time to chase clowns all over the cluster just because they bark random delusional ravings. If you have honor, come in here and fight whom you dared to speak about. If you don’t, well, just shut up and sit like dishonorable coward in your Maker-forsaken hiding hole.

Are you kidding me? “Our own people?!” With same extent you could have called traitors like Mantel “our own people”. Those who betrayed the State aren’t Caldari anymore. Keep that in mind.

Why should I care what Mr. Tsero or traitor Mantel does?

Then you’re just a dishonorable coward who don’t worth eaten out egg. Stop wasting my time, useless disgrace.

Maybe because people like Malitia, who was the other one I done mentioned, are actively tryin’ to wed the State and Collective together? Least that’s what I gather from her intentions.

I know you might not believe this, but the Federation is a group’a humans that exist here in New Eden. Same as the State, the Empire, and the Republic. All four’a them ain’t seen fit to permanently alter stars to make 'em uninhabitable for all except those that get hopped up on their bioadaptations. The Trigs have senseless violence hard-coded in to their existence through their “proving” crap. They’re an alien, existential threat. And they’re damn annoying cause I can’t even understand a quarter’a what Zorya says when they open their mouth.

If you think that Captain Adams poses a greater threat to the State than that, then I sure hope for the sake’a the people you represent that there’s more Caldari capsuleers that disagree.

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You just keep dishonorably making up crap and attributing to me your unhealthy delusions?
Point me exactly WHERE I said that the dishonorable traitor poses a “greater threat”?..