Federation Day Celebration: 23-JUN-18, 1500, Luminaire (official announcement)

Hello, pilots!

This is your official and formal announcement for our upcoming celebration of Federation Day 2018, continuing Mr. @Alain_Colcer 's handiwork! In between races, come party with us!

Federation Day 2018, The Player-Run Live Event
Location: Luminaire VII - Battle of Caldari Prime Citadel
Date: June 23
Time: 1500 EVE Time
-Festival Launchers and fireworks will be given out upon request!

We will host the following special events:

*Ship Parade - show off your favorite ship, it doesn’t have to be Gallente, but if it looks pretty, allthebetter!

*Mr. and Mrs. Federation - submit your character portrait during the event, to be judged on the best-looking male and female attendants to win prizes!
-participation is open to ANYONE, not just Gallente citizens, in the spirit of the Federation welcoming outsiders with open arms
-submitting pilots and votes will be done via EVEmails to Commander A9 directly; one vote per pilot!

*Lightshow Contest - create the most brilliant and attractive lightshow display using fireworks, lasers, drones, remote emission modules, target painters, and other devices designed to create visual effects. The best-looking displays win prizes!

Dress in your best! Show off your best ships! Bring your fireworks, drones, lasers, and festival launchers!

Arataka Research Consortium Contribution:

@General_Stargazer on behalf of Arataka Research Consortium reports that the Consortium is contributing 6 Triglavian ships (2 Battleships, 2 Cruisers, 2 Frigates) and pilot clothing to this event! He is discussing streaming the event and holding a competition during the event to offer pilots the chance to win Triglavian technology!

I have reached out to our favorite radio stations to play music for us and run notices.

In the name of the people, I am also crediting any pilots who make contributions to funding and supplying this event.

Thank you to the pilots and organizations who have donated!:

  • @Bimbler: 55,959 Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks rounds
  • @General_Stargazer (on behalf of Arataka Research Consortium): 6 Triglavian ships and character clothing
  • @Anataine_Deva: Scorpion Navy Issue, 2 Large Skill Injectors, and 1000 PLEX
  • @Kueyen: Federation Grand Prix Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages
  • @Hano_Kuzz: Crow, 200 Wings of Liberty, and 200 Four Freedoms Fireworks
  • @Super_General: Fuel and modules to activate the Luminaire Battle of Caldari Prime Citadel for the first time
  • @z0rberg: $100,000,000 (additional $100,000,000 donated to Makoto Priano and to the Arataka Research Consortium)
  • @Candiegirl: z0rberg’s Frozen Corpse

Tentative Schedule:
1500: Event begins
1530-1545: Submissions for Mr. and Mrs. Federation
Arataka Research Consortium Competition: 1600+
1630: Lightshow Contest
1645: Votes for Mr. and Mrs. Federation Closed
1700: Announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Federation Winners
Throughout: Trivia Contest

See you all there!

-Commander A9
Live Events Marshal and Moderator



I’d like to say thanks to you and everybody else who contributed in making this event happen. I’m sure there was a lot of work involved. Looking forward to the Luminaire Celebration.

Are the Portraits only submitted on June 23 and where can we view the entries to vote on them?

Thanks again.

I think to be fair to those who show up, submissions will be on-site, in Luminaire, during the actual festivities.

Once the party starts, about a half-hour in, I’ll call for submissions. Then I’ll tally votes as the party goes on and announce winners near the end or so.

Depends on the schedule.

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Thanks for the reply.

So the event starts at 15:00 Eve Time on June 23, 2018 and at 15:30 Eve Time you’re going to ask for portrait submissions via what, local chat?

15:30 to 15:45 is portrait submissions. So players send you an Eve mail message with what, a link to their portrait? Or do they just send a message like ‘Enter me for Mr. Federation contest’?

From 15:45 to 16:45 players will send their vote in an Eve mail message to you. Is the vote just for one portrait submission or do players pick one for Mr. Federation and one for Mrs. Federation? Also how will players view the submissions?

Sorry about the questions but those details aren’t included in the OP.

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Two years ago everyone who wanted to participate did FED-up in local, got a number, and the people in local posted the number of their/her favourite. A good democratic system like the Gallente Federation itself.

But I suppose nothing here is chiseled in stone. It’s about having fun and being happy. Everything the Federation stands for. :heart:


You both pretty much got it right.

I was going to ask for participation in Luminaire local chat and accept entries via EVEmail, then create a new chat channel with a permanent listing of the participants in the MOTD, so I didn’t have to constantly link a billion names in local.

I was then going to have people EVEmail me their choices for Mr. and Mrs. Federation. One vote - one person.

Local is going to be PACKED with people racing, and for the event, as well as people passing through, so it’s going to be clogged. The best way for me to see who’s legitimate is via EVEmail. I did consider a survey, but I think it’s more official to do EVEmail voting.

Hopefully 15 minutes will be enough time for me to count everything up. If not, that’s okay, because we’ll still have a party going on!

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um i’m gunna be a few mins late for the fireworks thing

Thank you all for coming! This was a wild party!

Trivia Contest Winners:

Mr. Federation Winner:

  • @Julianus_Soter - Fully-Fit Megathron Navy Issue with 500 PLEX, Large Skill Injector, and Gallente Battleship Skillbook

Mrs. Federation Winner:

  • @Catherine_Gillot - Fully-Fit Scorpion Navy Issue with 500 PLEX, Large Skill Injector, and Caldari Battleship Skillbook
    -Note: In the spirit of the Federation, @Diana_Kim, well-known Caldari loyalist, was nominated and took 3rd Place

Lightshow Winners:

  • @Anataine_Deva - 500 PLEX and Golden Federation Grand Prix Package
  • @General_Stargazer - Large Skill Injector and Silver Gallente Federation Grand Prix Package
  • @Octoven - Full Set of L5 Learning Implants and Bronze Gallente Federation Grand Prix Package

Corpse of @z0rberg raffled off to @Anataine_Deva for $15,000,000 donated to the Arataka Research Consortium!

Thank you to New Eden Radio for playing music for us!

Thank you all for coming!


I would like to thank everyone that voted for me! The organizers! And all other contestants! (Except Diana Kim)


I’ve had tons of fun there and some dedicated people cashed in on my pod, too. :smiley:


Gratz to all the winners and thanks to everybody who shot Fireworks at me and my ‘Firework Target’ can that was sitting under the Citadel hosting the event location.


The obligatory drone cam footage:




Congrats to the winners of the events. Thanks as well to everyone who organized and donated towards the event.

Had fun watching the event and some of the shenanigan’s in game and chat, while listening to music getting into the spirit of it all shooting fireworks at as much as possible :slight_smile: See you all next time.


Here is some camera drones footage, featuring the ARC Conga Line. :sun_with_face:


Apologies for the delay in response to this win: the Federal Frontier has witnessed an unprecedented level of conflict over the past week or so. Thanks to all that voted for my candidacy.

But thanks for the Megathron Navy Issue. I’ll be sure to put her to good use.


Julianus Soter


Megathron Navy roam incoming…

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