YC123 Federation Day Propaganda Contest - The Results!

Creative capsuleers!

It’s time to announce the winners of the YC123 Federation Day Propaganda Contest. As outlined in this news item, the winners stand to pick up some awesome prizes including a Mixed Dimensions ship model, PLEX, apparel and SKINs! Medals will also be sent out to the winners and some honorable mentions as chosen by the judges.

There were dozens of amazing submissions over the 11 days of the contest and determining a winner was incredibly hard, especially between the top two with the jury’s votes being almost evenly split. Thank you for your patience while we have been hashing this out!

Without further ado, the winners of the contest are as follows:

First Place - Celes Aguard painting by Alex Yiu

Judges notes: On the outside this appears to simply be a “nice” painting of Gallente President Celes Aguard, but this is also a skilfully crafted piece of propaganda and its strength lies in its subtlety. It portrays President Aguard as a caring and nurturing leader, gently holding Gallente Prime in her safe pair of hands with her gaze firmly affixed upon it. She is surrounded by flowers and butterflies which evoke a sense peace and prosperity. Propaganda can be most effective when you can’t tell it’s propaganda!

Second Place - Gallente Federation Anthem by Ahlea Corinth

Judges notes: A stirring song that would instill any Federation citizen with pride! Not only is it beautifully composed and exquisitely sung, It celebrates the exemplary democratic society the Gallente have built, it acknowledges the diversity of the Federation as it calls out to the various Gallente bloodlines, and also issues a warning to anyone who would threaten the security of the Federation. These themes were all present in President Aguard’s dialog from the recent Federation Day trailer and so we’re sure she would approve!

Third Place - Defend Your Homeworld by Argos Kasparov

Judges notes: The price of freedem is eternal vigilance, and the Federal Defense Union is the steel beneath the velvet, to paraphrase President Aguard. This piece powerfully portrays the staunch defenders in the warzone; the members of the Gallente milita forces who are locked in a perpetual struggle with their Amarr and Caldari counterparts to ensure the borders of the Federation remain secure.

Honorable Mentions

Here some other entries that caught the attention of the judges. Each is an excellent or funny piece in its own right and the Federation will acknowledge their efforts with a special YC123 Federation Day medal. This is just a sample of the other fantastic entries though. You can see more in the comments on this Facebook post and on Twitter!

Note that some entries from Facebook are only vaguely attributed here due to real names being involved. If you see your piece here and would like your in-game character name added alongside it just drop a reply in this thread!

Load Void by Hoed Cosmere

Homeland of Freedom by Ignacio Layola

Serve and Protect by DeMichael Crimson


Mashed Potatoes by D.B.B. from Facebook

Gallente Patriot by L.F. from Facebook

Enemies of Democracy by Cpt Armarlio

One True Democracy by Okiroshi

Freedom Cats by Veskin Sentinel

Loose Lips by D.K. on Facebook

Aideron Robotics by Ashterothi

Thank you to all who participated. We will be reaching out to everyone here to get their in-game character name to begin sending rewards or medals.

We intend to run similar contests for each of the remaining factions national days, beginning with Minmatar Liberation Day which is coming very soon!

We are also going to make improvements to the submission process to speed up judging in future contests.


Holy cow! That’s just an Obelisk-load of talent in a Imicus-sized container.

Probably should create separate categories for Video, Picture and Story. I don’t think it’s fair to have all those different media’s all lumped together in the same classification.

Anyway, even though I don’t understand the judging choices for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, I can still be magnanimous…

Congratulations to all the winners…



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Don Neon - It’s me :slight_smile:

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Congrats to all the winners! :slight_smile: Was a fun contest.

And yeah. It would be really nice if posters, video and story were in distinct categories, judged separately.


@CCP_Convict and the Judging Committee…

I believe the following statement is true for all who received ‘The Federal Ribbon Of Democratic Communications’…

We graciously extend our most heartfelt gratitude and humbly accept this momentous honor bestowed upon us. This Medal will forever be publicly displayed with pride.

And to think after 13 yrs I’ve finally received my first medal… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad to hear you enjoyed the contest and thanks for your suggestions about having different categories based on the types of media.

@DeMichael_Crimson @Veskin_Sentinel Our Liberation Day contest will be starting very soon so we will be sticking to the same format for that one, however Amarr Foundation Day is a bit further away so we have more time to think about how we might implement that. :+1:


@CCP_Convict I realised a little late that I got an honourable mention; I don’t check facebook very often. I responded a few days ago on facebook with my IGN. Mine is the mashed potatoes entry. Hopefully I’m not too late to claim the medal.


Hey there! You should have your medal now. :slight_smile:

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thank you


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