YC123 Liberation Day Propaganda Contest - The Results!

Creative capsuleers!

It’s time to announce the winners of the YC123 Liberation Day Propaganda Contest. As outlined in this news item, the winners stand to pick up some awesome prizes including a Mixed Dimensions ship model, PLEX, apparel and SKINs! Medals will also be sent out to the winners and some honorable mentions as chosen by the judges.

We’ve seen so many awesome entries in this contest and once again you’ve given the judges an enormous challenge, but we’re happy to finally announce the winners!

If you would like to watch the live reveal of the winners with myself and @CCP_Fozzie you can check out the VOD here.

First Place: @Springs_Tsero

Second Place: @Dekallion_Tybek

Third Place: @Stelgar

Honorable Mentions

Here some other entries that caught the attention of the judges. Each is an excellent or funny piece in its own right and the Republic will acknowledge their efforts with a special YC123 Liberation Day medal.

@Jayden_Thomas :

@Hoed_Cosmere :

@Khaprice :

@Elsebeth_Rhiannon :

@Komi_Valentine :

@CPPC_T_amber :

@Xeromus_Plague :

@Sarracenia :

@LionheartTSP :

Link to the post because it’s really long (but awesome!)

@Alen_Asques :

Thank you to all who participated. We will be reaching out to everyone here to get their in-game character name to begin sending rewards or medals.

There will be another contest starting next month for Amarr Foundation Day but in the meantime the Amarr RP community is already running their own propaganda contest with some cool prizes - info here. If you produce something creative for that contest you can still resubmit it to the CCP contest when it starts.


Original contest post for posterity:

Creative capsuleers! Please submit your entries for the Liberation Day Propaganda Contest in this thread. If you can’t embed your entry directly just post a link to it.

Entries are accepted from now until 11:00 UTC on Thursday 22 July.

For details about the contest please refer to this news item.

We would love to see you share your work on Twitter with the #tweetfleet hashtag as well!



I’m going to post my hand made hurricane ship models, made out of cereal packets and cardboard boxes. No elements at all downloaded, scanned, or printed. Every element hand measured and hand made (by eye from Eve.nt’s Ship Viewer, huge thanks to the people who maintain it!) :slight_smile:

The propaganda element is that Minmatar ships are so powerful that they have broken the boundary between the New Eden cluster and the world we players live in :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S If you CCP guys are interested (or anyone else!) I have nearly finished model kits for these (and Orthrus and Nidhoggur!). Want to build your own hurricane? or CCP - you guys want to sell model kits? Totally paper/card so zero waste and no polluting plastic! Hit me up! Would love to do something with these! :smiley:


YC 123 marked a dark time for the industrialists of New Eden; with more advanced blueprint designs coming out of Hek and the trade hubs of the “lesser empires”; a need arose to transport large qualities of gas across the galaxy in volumes never before needed. In a distant system known only as E-B957 an eccentric Minmatar Industrialists known as Selenia Atrald had begun work on a new way of transporting compressed gas. The loss of yet another transport ship leaving Ennur had put her in a less than charitable mood and was seen heading down to a gas command centre within this system with an array of spare parts in tow. Even by Sebeiestor standards she was known to have a somewhat fiery temper. When questioned what she was doing, she retorted "i’ll be damned if I have to relay on any more of these overpriced slow frakin Gallente haulers, they have got it all wrong! they build ships designed to carry all kinds of commodities but they just over complicate things - its really much simpler than that - we will get there first over moving gas - why because we already have gas storage right? so why not just launch the silo into space saves building most of the ship! A sense of dread was felt by all present as they watched the ship that she had named the Drummar exit the gas giants orbit. The ship hull consisted of the gas silo from the planets command center powered with a fragile bank of solar arrays pieced together by some rusted capital construction parts. It was a wonder that it managed to leave the planets orbit. Only due to carefully placed shield generators were the environmental forces held at bay along with a new prototype warp drive. That is the true marvel of Minmatar craft that seemingly fragile looking ships conceal great survivability and a type of innovation not seen by the other empire. Unfortunately the Drummer has not yet been picked up by any of the mobile observatories on the way to Hek so it is not known whether the craft went by another route or fell prey to any number of environmental hazards on the long voyage.


Amarr, Gallente, Caldari. Your knights in shining armor. But a knight’s shining armor means their mettle has never truly been tested.

Put your faith in the battle-scarred. The worn. The victorious! Put your faith in the Minmatar Republic!


heres mine :smiley:


United we stand, divided we fall


I mean they probably don’t hate them, since they created them. And Gallente ships are objectively the best looking (after Minmatar’s ofcourse), but I get your point. Gallente only had to shoot the capitals. We have to shoot the capitals and an event with event sites and trailer. But also everyone can play in it so its not a big deal because we all play one united game on one server.


minamatr day 2021

My piece pf Propaganda Thanks!


“Pax Matari” - a Sebiestor Tribal Chant of Remembrance

We remember when our young would play
We remember when our elders could rest
We remember the times before

Pax Matari we cry as one
Pax Matari we remember

The white & gold faced dark skies this day
The white & gold now stained with Blood

Pax Matari we cry as one
Pax Matari we remember

The dark skies of nightmares wait
The dark skies of our rage now rests
in defense of Pax Matari.


Large Version (7.5MB)


Here is my piece of propaganda for the fellow Minmatars.

Not a standard poster format dimensions. The top image was the trickiest to edit, cause the clone soldiers and capsuleers had to be carefully extracted from another image and placed in the one you see, since it has better colors. The rest was easier, but not a walk in the park.

I am no expert by any means.

Happy Liberation Day, Minmatar folks! :slight_smile: :partying_face:



I exist between loyalties - I am a triangle, and a freedom fighter just the same.

Minmatar are the closest in political structure and ideology to Triglavians, and I believe we are destined to fly alongside one another against the Drifters someday.

You were our greatest opponents during Invasion, and the only empire I can respect at all. Happy Liberation Day, comrades. <3


My entry: We are Minmatar

Full size on Flickr.


Minmatar, Always, Everywhere!

Still not big enough!


We come for our own. We stand united.



Flying the hood
and feeling good
Who am I?
I am a human being
There is everything a human
being must be, know, do
Be relaxed, listen to your body,
do breath
The ghost in the shell
the player in the game
I do have a soft spot
for Minmatar
A lesson in humanity
for all of US
A microcosm of tribes
but one people
So, many are slaves
to fear, anger and hate
Irony; those who feel
they are the masters
Who claim superiority
over others
They are the lost tribe
the wretched souls
Who can not make it
without the rest of us
Their mighty so called civilization
was built by those they call inferior
They fear us
we do not fear them
The wheel of progress
will not be stopped
The wealthy may hold
all the isk
The rest of us
hold the social currency
I have experienced
Minmatar grace first hand
My work the truth given form
my dreams a mighty motor
Tread on my dreams
and I still have honest labor
The immature seek to
die proudly for a cause
I seek only to live humbly
for one
Don’t let the stereotypes fool you
history and myth tell of conflict
We humans love a good tale
a gripping story
But, in our daily lives we dream
of peace and acceptance
People feel the Minmatar take
still, they are like any tribe of human
The good, the bad and the ugly
are found in every group
The perfection of our imperfection
is that there will always be work to do
Jobs come and go as is there nature
the work will always be there
My soul is in my keeping alone
I cannot say I was told to do thus
Or that virtue was not convenient
at the time, this will not suffice
When the last slave is free,
the last defamation exposed
Then maybe we will have
The Minmatar are a fiery light
helping US get there

~ Lionheart The Studio Poet