Invasions! Propaganda Contest - 118b on the line!

Hi, folks!

It’s competition time again! It’s clear CCP has something devious cooking with a potential year’s worth of creepy Triglavian Collective shenanigans coming down the pipe, from the discovery of a Triglavian supercapital shipyard to their billboard hijack and everything else to come. And, for all we know, this may just also mean dangerous happenings with the Drifters, the Sansha, the Rogue Drones…

What does this mean for you?

Time to fire up photoshop! Or gimp! Hell, even paint! Or maybe do some video editing. We’ve got two categories for competitors to try their hand at, lots of potential themes, and at least 116 billion ISK in prizes waiting.

Poster and Stills
The first category is a conventional still category, where you, the artist, create a propaganda piece related in some way to the theme of Triglavian and/or Drifter invasion. Are you a pro-Drifter pacifist, glad they attacked the Amarr? Do you think people should just leave the Rogue Drones alone? Should we orient ourselves with respect to the Flow of Vyraj and aid the Triglavians in their extermination of the Sansha and Drifters? Or should we burn all these post-humans to the ground to make New Eden safe for regular people? Whatever theme you find inspiring, interesting, or just plain fun, go for it!

  • A series aspect ratio
  • Print quality resolution (300 DPI or better)
  • Lossless file format such as .png
  • Submit via link in evemail or via Reddit to Makoto Priano

The second category is a new one for us, a propaganda video category! You, the artist, create a propaganda or informative piece relating in some way to the themes above. This could be rendered, it could be collaged stills with overlay and voice, it could be in-game footage with some light editing: whatever you think will be engaging, go for it!

  • 15 or 30 second duration
  • Resolution 720p or better
  • Audio recommended but not required
  • H264 Mp4 or similar common format
  • Submit via link in evemail or via Reddit to Makoto Priano

If you want to go for a longer-form animation or video, though, absolutely go for it! While we don’t expect documentaries, long speeches or news reports, sometimes those can be phenomenally well made. Just remember, though: it’s not about the length, it’s about quality.

Each category will be judged separately. For each category, the current first place prize will be 30b ISK; second place will be 15b ISK; third place will be 5b ISK. Honorable mentions will receive 2b ISK each.

  • First place is 30b ISK prize
  • Second place is 15b ISK prize
  • Third place is 5b ISK prize
  • Honorable mentions 2b ISK each
  • Bounties for best pro- or anti-Drifter, Triglavian, Sansha, or Rogue Drone entry will receive 2b ISK each

Yes, that means that we could very well pay out over 116b ISK for prizes. RIP, my wallet.

Fine print
We may as well cover some small details to make sure all the bases are covered.

  • Entries are allowed until end of day, EVE time, 30th June. This means we’ll start judging 1st July or soon after.
  • All entries will be public, with either a link or gallery posting made before final judging. In case that your entry isn’t linked or included in a gallery, please contact me to verify receipt and logging.
  • Entrants may submit multiple pieces. However, only their best prize in each category will be awarded a placed prize; honorable mentions we might give multiple of, however. Still, please don’t spam!
  • Awesome art may be printed to be posted at EVE events; awesome video may be integrated into Discourse news reports; in all cases, we’ll try to engage the artist to make sure this is something they’re cool with, and credit them profusely. Mostly, if we think something is awesome, we want more people to see and enjoy it!

And that’s it! I reserve the right to increase prizes, to amend rules for the smooth functioning of the contest, and so on. If you have any questions, do ask! Would love to answer, and anything significant I’ll add into the rules or announcement post.

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Interesting thread and contest. I really should browse the other sub-forums more often.

Propaganda as in what, like the style of how old WWII posters were made?

A picture with a phrase, something like this?


Or do you mean something more conventional, sorta like this?

Now about still shots, are you talking about something like this?

Those would qualify, certainly! Though with this much on the line, I’d warn that competition is likely to be fierce. :wink:

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Thanks for the answer.

Fierce competition ?


Guess I could take that as a warning… or maybe you’re actually telling me to ‘Git Gud’.


Sooo, just exactly what do you mean by a link to a gallery posting?

And entry is only done by sending that link to you in-game or posting it in just your Reddit thread?

Well, it’s been a while now with no reply to this thread or to the in-game Eve mail message I sent.


Anyway, just wanted to confirm the submission of this Pro-Drifter poster/still into the contest.

Eep! Sorry. Real life’s been slamming me. I did indeed receive it, and will be noting submissions to date in the coming days. :x

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Ahh ok, sorry for my impatience.

Nothing to apologize for! I’d been delayed in replying.

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Well, it’s August 3rd now and the last time this thread had any activity was May 9th. Was this contest canceled due to lack of player participation?

If not then how many entries were there and who / what was entered? Also who and what entries won?

Life definitely kicked me in the ass again. WELP.

That said, the following is the gallery of entries; as I got swamped not long after contest initiation, low publicity resulted in a relatively limited number of entries. Fortunately, that means you all had a better shot at it than you’d otherwise have. :wink:

Fortunately for my wallet, this also meant there were no video entries, so no prizes are awarded in that category.

SO! Onto the prizes!

Third place goes to Michael Oskold for his Crush The Invaders piece; cleanly executed, evocative, effective; 5b will be on its way in a moment. :slight_smile:

Second place goes to Fernalisms/Stamp3de for the glitched Triglavian piece. A bit more adventurous than the rest, it certainly ties into some themes we’ve seen recently of infomorph corruption, viruses, subversion, and so on. A nice touch! 15 is the formal prize there.

First place goes to MurderDeathKill, however, for the delightfully deco Might of the Clades, 30b.

I’ll acknowledge, also, that the propaganda component remains important; to that end, I’ll be bumping up Michael Oskold’s prize to 10b in acknowledgment of his having the clearest propaganda component of the winning entries, despite the brilliant work of the others. :wink:

Apologies again for real life delaying the prizes so bloody long. That was really quite unfair to you all.

Those of you who didn’t place will still find a small token of esteem in your wallet.


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Gratz to the winners.

Disregarding my own admission, I personally like this order for Propaganda Posters:

  1. spacepilot101 - Join Forces, New Eden Needs You
  2. Michael Oskold - Crush The Invaders
  3. Dredgewell - Gaze Into The Abyss

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