TOTALITY DAY: Propaganda Contest Official Submissions Thread

PROPAGANDA CONTESTS - TRIGLAVIAN & EDENCOM: Entries due by October 23. Winners will be announced by Oct. 30.

CONTEST 1 - TRIGLAVIAN: Post your best creative works celebrating the Triglavian Collective, Pochven, and/or Kybernauts! 1st Prize: Ikitursa, 500 PLEX, Nestor Kybernaut Clade Skin. 2nd Prize: Leshak, 250 PLEX, Leshak Kybernaut Clade Skin. 3rd Prize: Kikimora, 100 Plex, Kikimora Kybernaut Clade Skin. Honorable Mentions: Triglavian ships and/or Triglavian ship skins.

CONTEST 2 - EDENCOM: Post your best creative works celebrating EDENCOM! 1st Prize: Thunderchild, 500 PLEX, Nestor Eden’s Hunters Skin. 2nd Prize: Stormbringer, 250 PLEX, Leshak Eden’s Hunters Skin. 3rd Prize: Thunderchild, 100 Plex, Kikimora Eden’s Hunters Skin. Honorable Mentions: Empire ships and/or ship skins.

CONTEST 3 - POCHVEN PHOTOGRAPHY: Entries due by October 23. Post your most spectacular screenshot of Pochven’s terrifying beauty. 1st Prize: Zirnitra BPC, Draugur, 500 Plex. 2nd Prize: Kikimora, 250 PLEX. 3rd Prize: Triglavian clothing , 100 PLEX. Honorable Mentions: Triglavian ships and/or Triglavian ship skins.


  • Post your entries in this thread.
  • LIMIT: one entry per person ((i.e., human player!)), per contest. In other words, a single person may enter all three of the above contests once, but may not submit multiple entries within the same contest.
  • You may submit works that have been entered into other contests; however, in the case of a close call for judging, judges may give preference to new works.

I am pleased to announce that judging for this contest will be by @CCP_Delegate_Zero and @CCP_Fozzie ! Thank you CCP, and thank you @CCP_Convict for your help making this happen!

Prizes for these contests and other Totality Day events have been furnished by these fine members of the Triglavian loyalist community: Aetra Sokarad, Beta Page, Cameron Sausage, Celltear, Clementine Lafleur, Gabriell Bemenacth, Karl Ecnal, KazenHoax, Kellico Robinett, Kynandre Sureheart, Lillith Li, Matt Dombchik, Mazzik Dobson, Micromancer, Mr Crowly, Proxay, RideMyMissile, Sahara Jackal, Squizz Caphinator, Steven Evotori, Thaddeus Stevens, Tolstoy Tsuyasa, Torvik Ironsides, Unauth TheBrown, Waka, Xackattack Avianson, Xialis

[TRIAL] Stribog Clade; [STUGH] Rote Kapelle; [LBUS] Legitimate Business; [VARY] Varyazi Clade

Thank you for making this event possible!



I’ve been “Radio Silent” for some time now, but I could not miss an opportunity such as this. Sod the lawsuit, @Sahara_Jackal and @MantelGlobalIndustries, you both will always be my muse! If this is wrong, then I don’t want to right!

I call this masterpiece “Love is only six feet under(water)”





First contest I participate in!


As this Contest is Not Considered in Character, it has been moved to the Out of Game Events forum thread.


Kybernaut Celltear reporting in Live from the Pochven Paparazzi Spaceship of Kino ! (not blown up yet)

Here is my submission for the ‘Propaganda Poster’ as a smoll Dorito from Kybernauts Sub Clade ;

And as for the Video I would like to throw in the existing Pochven Story video I made of our time from Invasions to the recent War up here in Space Hell =)
EVE Online -「Origins of Pochven」

And for the screenshots!

(IF) Photoshops are allowed ;

(Ifnot but colour overlay) on EVE is allowed ;

Or if it has to be just EVE screenshots with no affects, overlays or touchie touchie :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope I can make Intriguerre proud with my own propaganda video on behalf of Varyazi Clade and all of our brave warclones fighting on Skarkon for the Collective.