Announcing TOTALITY DAY & Celebration Events: Oct 9-16. Glory to the Triglavian Collective

As is tradition, capsuleers across New Eden gather to celebrate the four great Empires each month in succession: June’s “Federation Day” for the Gallente; July’s “Liberation Day” for the Minmatar; August’s “Foundation Day” for the Amarr; and September’s “Union Day” for the Caldari.

Beginning October YC123, we add a fifth holiday to this longstanding tradition: TOTALITY DAY. Celebrated on October 13th of each year going forward, the kybernauts who call this region home are organizing a week of celebratory events in honor of the Triglavian Collective.

On October 13, YC122, twenty-seven star systems across New Eden were cut off from their existing star gates and pulled into the abyssal realm of the Triglavians. Together, they form Pochven, the newest and most challenging region of space. Totality Day thus celebrates the anniversary of the creation of Pochven and the addition of the Triglavian Collective to New Eden’s Empires.

PROPAGANDA CONTESTS - TRIGLAVIAN & EDENCOM: Entries due by October 23. Limit 1 entry per person. Winners will be announced by Oct. 30.

  • TRIGLAVIAN: Post your best creative works celebrating the Triglavian Collective, Pochven, and/or Kybernauts! 1st Prize: Ikitursa, 500 PLEX, Nestor Kybernaut Clade Skin. 2nd Prize: Leshak, 250 PLEX, Leshak Kybernaut Clade Skin. 3rd Prize: Kikimora, 100 Plex, Kikimora Kybernaut Clade Skin. Honorable Mentions: Triglavian ships and/or Triglavian ship skins.

  • EDENCOM: Post your best creative works celebrating EDENCOM! 1st Prize: Thunderchild, 500 PLEX, Nestor Eden’s Hunters Skin. 2nd Prize: Stormbringer, 250 PLEX, Leshak Eden’s Hunters Skin. 3rd Prize: Thunderchild, 100 Plex, Kikimora Eden’s Hunters Skin. Honorable Mentions: Empire ships and/or ship skins.

POCHVEN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST: Entries due by October 23. Limit 1 entry per person. Winners will be announced by Oct. 30.
Submit your most spectacular screenshot of Pochven’s terrifying beauty. 1st Prize: Zirnitra BPC, Draugur, 500 Plex. 2nd Prize: Kikimora, 250 PLEX. 3rd Prize: Triglavian clothing , 100 PLEX. Honorable Mentions: Triglavian ships and/or ship skins.

(Additional events may be added!)

  • October 9 (Sat.), 21:00 Eve Time: TRIGLAVIAN INVASION FLEET (Hosted by Rote Kapelle)

  • October 13 (Wed.), 00:00 Eve Time and 20:00 Eve Time: POCHVEN PARADES (Hosted by Stribog Clade)

  • October 14 (Thu.), 20:00 Eve Time: INVASION WAR STORIES at Delayed Local in Senda

  • October 16 (Sat.), 21:00 Eve Time: THE WIRASHODA PROVING (hosted by Stribog Clade)

  • October 15 (Fri.), 22:00 Eve Time: SKARKON WAR UPDATE (hosted by Varyazi Clade)

More information will be announced providing specifics of upcoming events, and the prizes for winners.

The events for Totality Day are open to ALL capsuleers and kybernauts, regardless of affiliation. All are welcome to Prove themselves within the Forests of Glorification.

Glory to the Kybernauts of New Eden.

Glory to our worthy opponents in Proving.

Glory to Zorya Triglav.

Glory to the Triglavian Collective.


Are entries submitted to prior contests (specifically, this one) eligible, or is this for new work only?

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Works submitted to other contests are welcome; but in the event of a close call, judges may give more weight to new works.

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But the Trigs declared Totality two weeks earlier, in September. Shouldn’t Totality Day be then, with something else for Pochven, like ‘Weaving Day’ or something?

Thank you for your. . . comment. Yes, the Collective made an announcement in September YC122 that the Pattern of Glorification reached Totality. However, Pochven itself was realized on October 13th. The kybernauts organizing this event in honor of our Triglavian comrades wish to celebrate the momentous occasion of Pochven’s appearance as the focal point of the celebration.

If you have further comments to share, perhaps you could post them in the “Off Topic” thread, so that others can use this thread for its intended purpose (i.e., finding information about the planned Totality Day events).


Always good to see another celebration event being hosted in New Eden. Will there be different categories for the contest, such as Video, Poster, etc?

In regards to the Propaganda and Pochven Photography Contests -

  1. Where do the Entries get submitted for the contest, in this thread?

  2. When is the starting date for Entries to be submitted, October 1st?

I will post more information after the Union Day events have concluded. We do not wish to distract from the Caldari Union’s events during their holiday season.


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