Totality Day Celebration! Updated*

What is Totality Day?

Totality Day commemorates a significant event that unfolded on October 13, 2020, in New Eden. On that fateful day, twenty-seven star systems were disconnected from their established star gates and transported into the enigmatic realm of the Triglavians. This collective transformation gave rise to Pochven, a region of space renowned for its formidable challenges and that we lovingly call Space Hell.

This year, Kybernauts Clade extends a warm invitation on behalf of all Kybernauts to capsuleers from all corners of New Eden to participate in a three-day celebration of Pochven! Prizes, skins, and hulls will be awarded for certain events.

Dates: October 13th - 15th


:small_red_triangle:Kiki Free For All: Embark on a journey departing from Jita at 02:00 EVE time, escorted to an undisclosed location for an epic battle. The fleet will be expertly maneuvered to the arena in formation, and fierce combat will commence. As the battle unfolds, the arena boundaries will gradually shrink until a lone Kiki remains victorious. Prizes:

1st Place: ZIRNITRA hull donated by Scottie Andrews,
Leshak hull, Leshak Kybernaut Clade SKIN, Leshak Scope Syndication YC122 SKIN
2nd Place:Kikimora hull, Kikimora Kybernaut Clade SKIN, Draugur hull, and Draugur Blackfire Steel SKIN
3rd Place:Leshak hull,Drekavac Hull, Kikimora hull

:small_red_triangle:Carebear’s Revenge 3: Full Triangle - PVP roam forming at 18:00 in Jita and targeting Pochven. Bring your favorite combat-fitted ORE ships for a fun-filled fleet with the goal of glorification through extirpation. -Organized by SVLI-Kylon Olgider

:small_red_triangle:ORE Battle Roam: Gather in Jita, prepare your favorite battle ORE ship, and let the revelry begin. The fleet departs at 02:00.


:small_red_triangle:Pochven Grand Prix: Embark on a thrilling race around the Triangle, with the only rule being that you must navigate through every non-Home system and emerge triumphant. The race kicks off in Otela at 17:00, with the form-up starting at 16:00 in Otela Station 2.

1st PlaceLeshak hull, Leshak Kybernaut Clade SKIN, Leshak Scope Syndication YC122 SKIN
2nd Place: Kikimora hull, Kikimora Kybernaut Clade SKIN, Draugur hull, and Draugur Blackfire Steel SKIN
3rd Place: Leshak hull, Drekavac hull, Kikimora hull

How to take part in the festivities?

Join our discord and type “Praise Zorya”.
More detailed information will follow via pings within the discord.

We look forward to seeing you in space hell!


The Triglavians are repulsive and need to find God. I will not be participating.

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Is it not your duty to save souls?

Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for you to go into Pochven and proselytize to these poor lost souls the ever redeeming love of your god?

Or are you one of the Amarr that, cherry-pick who is worthy to be saved?

I did say that they need to find God. But you’re not wrong, perhaps I should see this as an opportunity to help people. The thought of that makes me rather excited.

Praise God!

That time of year has approached us once again =)

I suspect I won’t be able to attend this one. Enjoy your party.

No prizes, no writings, no artwork?

One should not criticize those who do things for not doing more of them, if one is not willing to volunteer to pitch in.

Questions are criticisms now?

Some of them can be.

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Oh, okay. I thought for a second there that you just assumed my questions were criticisms.

Glad we got that hashed out.

There are prizes.


Unfortunately I will not be able to participate, but I hope everyone has a lovely time.

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Big thank you to Opus and Kybernauts for taking up the call to host Totality Day this year. the Kiki free for all was an absolute blast, as was the pochven race. Next year I’ll bring more fun to the party than just bubbling the crap out gates on alts. xD


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