I got bored and went on a Character Creation spree

lol, just what the thread title states. Also sorry for the wall of text.

A week ago I decided to mess around with Eve but didn’t really want to do anything in game, I definitely wasn’t going to sit in station and just spin ships so I decided to open some new accounts and create a bunch of characters. Gotta give due creds to CCP for their Character Creation, it’s definitely an excellent aspect of this game that doesn’t get used very much. The rendering is great, the whole process of creating characters is easy to do and the results are amazing.

Within this past week I created 5 new characters and then I customized 11 character’s total, all wearing NES Apparel items for new portraits. And I actually had fun doing it.

Now when I first started playing this game, my original plan back then was to have a male character from each Faction, basically the 4 Horseman Of Eve.

Unfortunately accounts only have 3 character slots so I just created Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr male characters. Also I didn’t realize just exactly how long it takes for a character to train up skills so I basically just stayed with this character - DeMichael Crimson. With over 200 mill SP’s now, I’ve noticed I’m starting to run out of useful sub-cap skills to train.

So in my first couple of years of playing, I only had 1 account with 3 characters on it and only used this character in-game. However I needed a Trade character so I opened a 2nd account and created a female companion character for my Minmatar main. I actually used that Trade character quite a bit for a couple of years.

At the time when I created that 2nd account, about 8 years ago, a friend of mine in-game decided to quit playing and gave me his Minmatar male character and all it’s assets. I’ve pretty much just kept that character and all it’s assets as they were in case he ever decided to come back. Course it’s been over 8 yrs now so I doubt it but hey, whenever I log into that character and view all it’s stuff, ship fit’s and names, I’m reminded of my friend that I use to fly with back when we were young and inexperienced. Had some really good times back then.

Soo, I had 2 accounts with 5 characters, of which I mainly only used this character (DeMichael Crimson) and sometimes the Trade character on the 2nd account. Then a couple years ago I decided I wanted to try out Faction Warfare so I created a male Minmatar character which filled up my 6 character slots on 2 accounts.

Anyway, I decided to finish the original goal I had when I first started this game - of creating the 4 Horseman Of Eve. However since I had already created a Female companion for my Minmatar main, I decided the other male characters also needed female companions.

So I created the last male character to complete the original group, then created female companions for all of them and ended up with a total of 11 characters on 4 accounts.

While doing that, I got an idea to create some Eve Scenes featuring my characters in Eve related location shots. I spent quite a bit of time in-game doing contracts and traveling around to fit all my Characters with appropriate NES Apparel items, then set them in proper poses with the same portrait background and then even more time creating the actual scene from their portraits.

This is my first one and I plan to make others that I’ll post in the ‘My Eve’ subforum with a short synopsis about each scene. I just wanted to share the circumstances and the reason behind the idea, plus get some feedback on the finished product.

So without further ado, here is my first Eve Character Scene:

Tribal Liberation Force

DeMatar Clan (center) with Kaeoz (left) and Karnage Inkarnate (right)


You’re a beautiful weirdo…


Interesting how one can find use for many characters completely different from the usual multiboxing and/or skillfarms and such. :slight_smile:


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Nice work!

I feel this kind of ties in to the ‘How to get more people playing EVE’ thread as well. EVE has decent character creation, but more than one more person has mentioned to me over the years that it has no ‘character’. As in, once your character is done, it’s just ships and guns and space scenery.

There’s virtually no personal interaction, no ‘human’ element, very little in the way of story or lore. This may well be by design, or lack of design, but it does keep a lot of people from getting ‘in to’ the game.

Regardless, kudos on your approach to ‘humanizing’ your accounts and story!


The first corp I was in also participated in this type of activity.

One day I logged in and everyone in chat (well, not everyone…but, certainly most of them) were all talking about having got a haircut and a shave. I had no idea what they were nattering on about. I had to have it explained to me cause…it never occurred to me you could change or alter your character’s appearance, at all, once you left the character creation screen.

It seemed fun. A fun division for those days when you log in and want to be social, and are too lazy to undock.

I still enjoy changing my character’s clothing, and taking new portraits; and, I’ve kept a snap of each iteration. Some times I go back through all those snaps and remember moments in time, and smile.

It’s odd to think of apparel as a mnemonic device; but in the end, for me at least, it is.

I can certainly understand why you enjoy doing this.

Respect, DeMichael Crimson, for illuminating yet another way to play EVE.



We have an ok character creator…but not even a CQ to have them in (rip), much less the ability to show anybody else.

Yet ccp is happy to sell us cosmetics…

Well, anyway - gj with that third-party pic app, mr.


But what about the Eve Character Scene?

Thanks, I think…

Yeah, back when I started playing there were a lot of ‘Specialized’ careers that required extensive skill training, basically excluded you from training up for other activities. So with different characters created for specific career tasks on different accounts, a player could pretty much interact with and experience within a relatively short amount of time all the content this game has to offer.

I’m talking about stuff like Trade, R&D, Production, Corp CEO, etc.

Thanks, I admit there’s a role-play aspect to what I’m doing. Creating the various characters was definitely ‘Humanizing’ and helped make immersion into creating their story lore much easier.

Yeah, I agree and do the same as well with the characters portraits. Creating this group of characters and customizing all their portraits is definitely another aspect of game play.

Well, I think character creation is excellent and the results are amazing. It’s too bad it’s not utilized more within the game, definitely has lot’s of potential.


We :skull:


Approve :skull:


Of :skull:


This :skull:


so, to be clear, you just put on the forums that you have been in violation of the terms of service for 8 years by playing someone elses account?
Balls of steel.

No, never said that.

I have a character that was gifted to me from another player.

It has nothing to do with - hurrr durrr - space ships. they said

Glad you showed the TLF first
Character creation is fun. I had 8 at one point.

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Wow, the 4 horseman !!!

Nice …


Thanks, yeah actually 9 characters on 3 accounts is plenty. But since I got an extra character from my friend who quit 8 years ago, I had to get a 4th account to accommodate him and my FW character.

Actually I didn’t really plan on doing any other Faction Warfare Eve Character Scene’s. However, since I do have a male and female character from each Faction, I could feasibly do some more Faction Warfare Character Scenes. The other characters I have will be presented in Eve Character Scenes that are influenced by their careers.

The character creation in EVE really is superb. Shame that it’s mostly a waste. Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually get to see our characters and the outfits we buy for them? Maybe have some sort of small instanced area where our pilots could stretch their legs. I dunno, just spitballing here.


I agree 100%. That’s actually part of the reason I’m doing these Eve Character Scenes. Since we can’t actually see the characters in-game, doing this kinda brings the characters to life.

The whole process takes time, after fitting the appropriate apparel items, I then search for the right type of background and then spend time getting the character into some sort of action pose, also any other character that’s going to be in the Scene also needs to have the same portrait background with an appropriate pose as well. Also the portrait needs to show as much of the character as possible to get a good 3-D effect in the Eve Character Scene.

I start first by taking the portrait background and turning it into the foreground for the Eve Character Scene, then place the characters into position, fit some extra equipment onto them and finish it with an Eve space scene for the sky.

I think it worked out rather well, some of the portrait backgrounds are gonna be a challenge to turn into a foreground, might have to do a little bit of change to it for it to work.

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Wish I could remember where I saved the link to a gamer site that listed all the things you could do in EVE. It listed literally dozens. Play the markets, build a mining, manufacturing, or other commercial empire. Build fleets and conquer and hold sections of space. Run PvE missions for combat or commerce or exploring. Be a pirate. Join Faction Warfare. etc., etc.

I find that involvement in a corp can provide plenty of personal interaction. Particularly if your corp uses comm software like Mumble or Teamspeak, etc. Not to mention the “interaction” you get from combat with others – and sometimes friendly rivalries – where everyone agrees to “meet” at a certain place and time in the game or comms or message boards to have fights and/or discussions. EVE also promotes interaction through its “Community” websites and conventions.

EVE provides a platform for story lore with “World” News, histories of the races, markers for historical sites (both for NPC lore and for actual player events and battles. It’s up to you to hook up with others that have the same interests – just like real life.

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