Eve Artwork That I've Created

And this is how it was originally intended to look, showcasing the friendly Quafe Company with Crimson’s Girl and me wearing Quafe Tee Shirts and other NES Apparel items.

Quafe Company - Forever Friends - March 2019

For quite a while now I’ve had this idea to create a series of ‘Greetings Cards’ featuring the various Factions of New Eden.

Greetings from SoCT Cruise Lines - March 2019

Choice of Colours: Damn accurate!

Btw, posters and memes aren’t the same thing. : - )


Thanks, I appreciate it.

There’s actually different types of meme’s. Basically a meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture, often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme.

As for type, guess I’m actually creating Image Macro’s - digital media featuring a picture or artwork superimposed with some form of text. Image macros often feature a “witty message” or “catchphrase”, although not all image macros are necessarily humorous.

Trust The Rust - Minmatar - March 2019

DeMichael Crimson & NES Apparel Items:


Stock Sunglasses (Shaded Brown)
Men’s ‘Impact’ Jacket (dark red)
Men’s ‘Strider’ Pants (dark red)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (black)


This is the first of a series I’m working on called Eve Character Scenes.
I first posted about it in this thread here.

Tribal Liberation Force - April 2019

DeMatar Clan (center) with Kaeoz (left) and Karnage Inkarnate (right)

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Again someone else doing ccps job…
pitty :expressionless:

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I really like this one.
It’s really good, though the hand/rifle part looks … wrong?

Great poster anyway!

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Thanks, I appreciate it. That Eve Character Scene took quite a while to create. Obviously since it’s my first one there’s room for improvement. Overall though it’s definitely a good start.

Eve Online XVI Anniversary Celebration - May 2019

CCP gave all Capsuleers various gifts for this event ranging from Apparel items to Skill Points.
One of the gifts was this Permaband Tee Shirt and Hat.

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Here’s another Eve Character Scene I’m working on for Tribal Liberation Force. The location is a Dust514 Command Base.

This is a full profile character scene to showcase their NES Apparel items.

DeMatar Clan (left)


Men’s ‘Liberator’ Beret (Minmatar Republic)
Men’s Stock Vest (tan/black)
Men’s ‘Serpentis’ T-shirt (olive/black)
Men’s ‘Strider’ Pants (green camo)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (black)

Kaeoz (center)


Men’s Stock Vest (tan/black)
Men’s ‘Serpentis’ T-shirt (olive/black)
Men’s ‘Strider’ Pants (green camo)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (black)

Karnage Inkarnate (right)


Women’s Stock Vest (tan/black)
Women’s ‘Serpentis’ T-shirt (olive/black)
Women’s ‘Excursion’ Pants (matte green)
Women’s ‘Corsair’ Heels (black)

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Ok, in keeping with the Holiday Spirit I decided to go full on ‘Borg’ with this Eve Image Macro in celebration of Eve’s Halloween Horrors event.

DeMichael Crimson & NES Apparel items:


Men’s ‘Nova’ Headwear (silver)
Looking Glass Monocle Interface (right/silver)
Men’s ‘Eico Redarc XVI’ Facial Augmentation
Men’s Genolution Combat Suit
(Facial Tattoo, Piercings and Scars to complete the look)


Here’s another full profile ‘Eve Character Scene’ featuring the Tribal Liberation Force team enroute to a mission briefing at TLF Command Center.

From left to right, Kaeoz, Karnage Inkarnate and DeMatar Clan.

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You are really good. im very impressed. Would you care to do something like this for me? :slight_smile:


Thanks, I appreciate it.

I’ve been doing this in my spare time, basically learning how to work with graphics manipulation as well as experimenting with it at the same time.

Send me an Eve Mail in-game and tell me what you have in mind.


Decided to try something different with this ‘Eve Character Scene’. It’s not really an action scene per say, it’s more like a poster, a ‘Most Wanted’ poster.

New Eden’s Crime Lords - November 2019.

Due to the Triglavian and Drifter Invasions disrupting their operations within New Eden, the top Commanders of these Criminal Organizations are meeting in a secret location to formalize a non-aggression pact.

Serpentis, Sansha’s Nation, Angel Cartel, Guristas Pirates, Blood Raider Covenant and New Eden Capsuleers.

NES Apparel Items

Serpentis Commander


Men’s ‘Nova’ Headwear (Bronze)
Men’s "Mistborne Rime’ Augmentation
Men’s Genolution Tactical Googles
Men’s ‘Stock’ Vest (Tan / Olive)
Men’s ‘Serpentis’ T-shirt (Olive / Black)
Men’s ‘Commando’ Pants (Green Camo)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (Brown)
(Facial Tattoo to complete the look)

Sansha Commander


Men’s ‘Eico Redarc XVI’ Facial Augmentation
Looking Glass Monocle Interface (Right / Silver)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Jacket (Sansha’s Nation)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Pants (Sansha’s Nation)
Men’s ‘Precision’ Boots
(Facial Tattoo and Piercings to complete the look)

Angel Commander


Men’s ‘Tectonic’ Headwear (Matte Black)
Men’s ‘Bitwave Glacier’ Augmentation
GDN-9 ‘Nightstalker’ Combat Goggles
Men’s ‘Marshal’ Jacket (Angel Cartel)
Men’s ‘Mirelle’ Pants (Upwell)
Men’s ‘Trench’ Boots
(Facial Tattoo to complete the look)

Guristas Commander


Men’s ‘Dread’ Beret (Guristas)
Men’s ‘Boneweld’ Facial Augmentation
Odin Synthetic Eye (Left / Grey)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Jacket (Guristas)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Pants (Guristas)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Boots (Guristas)
(Facial Tattoo to complete the look)

Blood Raider Commander


Men’s Beret (Blood Raiders)
Men’s ‘Boneweld’ Facial Augmentation
SPZ-3 ‘Torch’ Laser Sight Combat Ocular Enhancer (Right / Black)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Jacket (Blood Raiders Extra Red)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Pants (Blood Raiders)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Boots (Blood Raiders)
(Facial Tattoo to complete the look)

Capsuleer Commander


Men’s ‘Eico Flamjaw’ Facial Augmentation
Odin Synthetic Eye (Left / Gold)
Men’s ‘Outlaw’ Jacket (Burnt Orange)
Men’s ‘Commando’ Pants (Black)
Men’s ‘Lockstep’ Boots (True Black)
(Facial Tattoo to complete the look)


“This is EVE” vector graphics icon

I make no claims upon CCP Games trademark or intellectual property.
The linked scalable vector graphics file was produced for my personal benefit to further the beautification of my Ubuntu (19.10) GNOME desktop environment.
Feel free to share in this bounty via LBRY

Umm, why did you post that in my thread?